<samueldr> makefu: might be useful to you for first steps: booting from the firefly ubuntu img, stopping the boot, then running `run distro_bootcmd` on the u-boot cli boots up to the nixos boot menu; can't load the dtb since it doesn't exist, thus aborts
<samueldr> but that's like 99% of the way there
<samueldr> it's likely that figuring the start and end of their u-boot build is enough since the boot command has distro_bootcmd in
<samueldr> (at least for my board)
<samueldr> (and my board has Model: Firefly-RK3399 Board
<samueldr> in the output at boot)
<samueldr> aww, your previous serial boot log doesn't have anything from u-boot
<samueldr> I stand corrected, a previous one has more
<samueldr> right, it's not the same u-boot build exactly
<samueldr> one thing I'll give rockchip, at least they have openly accessible documentation
<makefu> samueldr: ive made it past the dtb step of booting (and getting serial console) by using rk3399-evb
<makefu> https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM/Firefly_AIO-3399C#Serial_console parameters are required to show serial. i simply copied the file to the required place
<makefu> (the board prints what it wants and where it wants it)
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<makefu> samueldr: this is the image i've built for the sdcard - http://paste.krebsco.de/pLPT7AAZ/+inline
<makefu> however it does not boot beyond level1 because it cannot load the mmc card driver ...
<makefu> ive tried but failed to build the firefly kernel
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<samueldr> I made some progress that I haven't reported on
<samueldr> couldn't build a u-boot still
<samueldr> a working one
<samueldr> but I was able to massage the rockpro64 one (including the source) into failing "late" in u-boot, where it couldn't find the sd card
<samueldr> (I need to re-check, but I think the stock new_kernel image booted fine to the console for me
* samueldr is reading your wiki page on the AIO
<samueldr> wondering if the "android" boot is the boot.img format which I'm using for mobile-nixos
<samueldr> looks like the archive.org link for the AIO-3399 mirror has been taken down
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<makefu> samueldr: really? shiet ...
<makefu> let me have a look
<samueldr> I don't need it, just saying
<samueldr> if it was your own upload, get in touch with them inquiring about why this wasn't archive.org material
<samueldr> I'm thinking they thought it was abused as a file hoster
<makefu> ah a 3 too much in the link
<makefu> i've uploaded so much shit to archive.org and never even had a single takedown. this is why i found it highly unusual that it got taken down
<makefu> link should work now https://archive.org/details/AIO-3399C
<samueldr> ah, a simple case of mistaken identity
<samueldr> my board doesn't have emmc, well, it supports it, but they're shipping later :/
<makefu> you can find the complete MAME collection and all psx and ps2 games on archive.org
<makefu> if you can get the mmc working that would be nice :)
<samueldr> trying upstream u-boot, I think found a good lead and it could be working
<samueldr> I think your biggest problem will be figuring out a device tree for your board
<makefu> for uboot you will most likely need the tbl (third level bootloader) and the arm trusted firmware. which ones exactily is not so clear to me :D
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> I have reasons to think it *should* work with as upstream as possible due to a small mailing list thread
<makefu> i have a device tree from the downstream uboot, also rk3399-evb seems to be used by the "official" image
<samueldr> if it does you'll have a template
<samueldr> yeah, except it might not match for some thing, at least it might not for my board
<makefu> dang ... that may be why the mmc was not detected
<samueldr> my guess too
<samueldr> another thing I wanted to try is to extract the dtb from their u-boot, decompile it to dts and compare
<makefu> however the emmc was detected so maybe i can just burn the boot and root image onto it
<samueldr> I'm thinking our two builds differ only there
<samueldr> that's another possibiliy
<samueldr> hm, without much fuss I have *something* building, now time to figure out the missing parts
<makefu> great!
<samueldr> like, right now it sure won't boot as it doesn't have an ATF AFAIK
<samueldr> here's the thread that gave me a lead https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/819391
<samueldr> might help you too
<samueldr> first reply is saying "but this should work already" basically
<makefu> the thread looks nice, with the upgrade tool i can format the emmc
<makefu> they have the dts in their "sdk" https://paste.krebsco.de/iatToGNU/+inline
<samueldr> I'm no expert, but looks like there's only one "mmc" thing in there, and no sd/sdhc/sdhci entries
<samueldr> but it does include firefly-port
<samueldr> which *could* handle it?
<makefu> i found it, it is not part of the uboot, but it is being used by the linux kernel instead
<samueldr> I think that, as of recently, u-boot synchronizes their device trees from the kernel ones
<samueldr> (and recently might be a while ago)
<samueldr> I know that for my almost-working u-boot build I used the kernel device tree
<samueldr> and after all, a device tree is basically a representation of the hardware
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<makefu> i was surprised as well to see two different dts files in uboot and in the kernel itself. synchronization sounds reasonable :)
<samueldr> I... uh... don't have the requisite knowledge to deal with this
<samueldr> looks like upstream u-boot has issus with *something* and is not using useful names and instead uses garbage for the mmc names
<samueldr> welp, for now I'm done, can't really progress until I have a good working u-boot I can explore and see the differences :/
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