<samueldr> amlogic... why sector 1?
<samueldr> page 13 (as numbered in the corner) is good
<clever> samueldr: i once had an SD card, that booted on both the rpi, and x86-64
<samueldr> sure
<clever> it had a single rootfs, and a single configuration.nix file, and could nixos-rebuild on both
<samueldr> (like you explained many times already)
<clever> heh
<samueldr> but the raspberry pi is easy mode
<samueldr> :)
<clever> i could add the banana pi r1 to that image, with little effort
<samueldr> the worst offenders are those SBCs all using the same chunk of the sd card... amlogic even making it impossible to use GPT!
<clever> the banana pi, used [root@amd-nixos:~]# dd if=result/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/sde bs=1024 seek=8
<clever> Raw
<clever> 8kb into the disk
<clever> allwinner based
<samueldr> I should try
<samueldr> but in theory, my usb hard drive that boots on my pi should boot fine on my pine a64-lts due to its SPI flash firmware :)
<samueldr> with the fact that the uefi bootloader (bootaa64.efi) is different than the x86_64 one (bootx64.efi) I guess the same trick you did should work
<clever> the biggest key, is that the config file the bootloader obeys, be different
<clever> so it has a different kernel and systemConfig=
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> guessing it'd be a bother to make grub use a different file
<samueldr> just a bother
<samueldr> so one could cheese it by using systemd-boot on one
<samueldr> could maybe even do i686 with care
<samueldr> (assuming non-EFI)
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<lezed1> I'm in the process of installing NixOS on a Raspberry Pi and it looks like llvm timed out while building on aarch64. Can that package be retried, or the build item limit increased? Building these packages on a rpi is awful
<jackdk> I think builds are atomic, so if it failed the store should not have changed. What are you doing for swap? I used a USB HDD because swapping to SD is slow and probably not good for the card
<lezed1> I haven't done much so far. I was hoping mostly everything would come from the build cache like on my x86_64 laptop. I'm trying to not actually have to build this locally. (I do think I would be able to just leave it for a day or more, but that's a pretty annoying thing every time some update comes through)
<lezed1> mostly I wanted to see what could be done to make centralized builds work so it's nicer for everyone
<lezed1> It looks like the last success 20 days ago was 9.5hr (https://hydra.nixos.org/build/85390174#tabs-buildsteps) and something caused this one to be over 10h (https://hydra.nixos.org/build/87899848)
<jackdk> my (limited) experience is that hydra catches up eventually, so I tend to update channels and nixos-rebuild at different times
<lezed1> interesting, I would not have expected it to retry
<lezed1> does it just try again on later commits?
<lezed1> I guess that makes sense
<jackdk> *shrug* I have no idea, just anecdotal feelings based on what rebuilds get triggered
<clever> hydra will not retry something on its own
<clever> but when an input changes, it just blindly assumes somebody fixed the problem, and builds the new version
<lezed1> is there a way to make it retry something manually (by someone with the needed permissions)?
<clever> easily
<clever> just click actions->restart
<lezed1> I think there are too many things that depend on llvm to even be worth trying that
<lezed1> would people be open to just upping the timout?
<lezed1> I have no idea who to even ask about that
<clever> somebody in #nixos-dev should have restart perms
<clever> and some people in here too, they just arent awake now
<lezed1> I'll try asking about upping timeout tomorrow when people are awake
<lezed1> since it sounds better to try to fix it going forward rather than just this once
<lezed1> thank you both for the guidance
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