<samueldr> ouch, my contact for the renegade basically doesn't have the u-boot source either
<samueldr> they were about to work with it tonight, too
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<samueldr> got some more info about libre.computer; they're not one entity, they have zero employees, it's a couple different companies and bussinesses working together
<samueldr> (so this kinda explains that weird situation)
<samueldr> firefly being their partner for rockchip hardware
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<makefu> samueldr: as we discussed a couple of weeks before, your hardware should be identical to http://wiki.t-firefly.com/en/ROC-RK3399-PC/ (pictures in http://shop.t-firefly.com/goods.php?id=85 )
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<samueldr> enough differences to be an issue AFAIUI
<samueldr> here I'm waiting to at least not have a 2014 u-boot
<samueldr> or a random u-boot which is not targeting the right system
<samueldr> especially given the comments the engineer gave
<samueldr> looks like their build is a bit... bad
<makefu> oh oh
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<gchristensen> looking out samueldr, flokli is thinking about mobile nixos
<samueldr> uh?
<samueldr> [citation needed] :)
<samueldr> though he's got that fancy keyboardly MTK phone
<gchristensen> <flokli> Btw, @graham or anybody else, did you order a librem5 phone? Might be quite easy to get NixOS running there, Purism seems to be very interested in getting everything upstreamed
<samueldr> I have some interest in the librem phone, but I need to re-check everything with regards to north american bands :/
<samueldr> which AFAICT is still an open question
<samueldr> though it's likely to be good for here since they're california based
<samueldr> though, there is *one* thing the librem cannot do, that mobile-nixos aims to do
<samueldr> re-use existing hardware :)
<samueldr> don't e-waste it, install mobile-nixos (whenever I can get some work done on making it useful)
<gchristensen> :)
<gchristensen> how about mobile nixos on the iphone
<samueldr> apple are the worst
<samueldr> no way to boot your own software
<clever> gchristensen: that reminds me, i saw a video where somebody jailbroke an iphone, installed android, and they showed it to noobs, claiming it was the next version of iOS
<clever> gchristensen: and all the apple fanboys where saying how much better it was :P
<gchristensen> lol
<clever> yeah
<gchristensen> android is great until you use it
<samueldr> though, if it was possible, yes, I'd want to get mobile-nixos working on iPhone hardware!
* gchristensen has tried many times to like android
<clever> i use android on all of my mobile devices
<clever> i also have a custom android app for controlling my heating system
<samueldr> gchristensen: was it related to the google ecosystem?
<samueldr> I think the only reason I'm fine with android is because I don't try to drink the google kool-aid
<gchristensen> I preface this with I tried really. hard. I used android for over a year, trying to like it
<samueldr> I don't do any kind of PIM, except using the gmail app to get the notifications on my phone so I can consume it elsewhere (ideally)
<gchristensen> inconsistencies like having a custom keyboard but it only works in 70% of the places a keyboard is used -- how bizarre is that
<clever> gchristensen: ive confirmed UI bugs i had in android, by reading the source code, and seeing where the problem was
<clever> i couldnt rebuild it, due to lacking the drivers for that device, but i did confirm the cause
<clever> gchristensen: can you do that with iOS?
<gchristensen> I don't need to be sold on open source software
<samueldr> clever: I can "not build" an iOS version due to the lack of drivers ;)
<clever> samueldr: funnily enough, it was the gmail app that triggered the above error :P
<clever> gmail is using undocumented parts of the notification tray, to say how old the email is
<samueldr> I'm curious about the keyboards woes
<clever> but, amazon messed with the undocumented code (its not a public api, who cares?)
<clever> so, the amazon fork of android crashes hard every time gmail tries to render a notification
<gchristensen> also, no I can't do that, but also I've never really needed or wanted to do that
<samueldr> before iOS added the possibility, imho it was one of the major feature of android, keyboards like the (some would say spooky) swiftkey
<samueldr> I'm basically bilingual, and it's still the only keyboard that can handle it
<samueldr> especially given the writing style among friends where so many english words or idioms are used peppered through french
<clever> yeah, the keyboard is basically a custom app, and you can just install whatever you want
<clever> ive forgotten all of the french i learned in school
<samueldr> and never have I seen the keyboard not being used
<samueldr> clever: de toute façon c'est pas comme si tu habitais la seule province bilingue
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<clever> i know a few of those words, but not enough to get a feel for what is being said
<samueldr> :) not like you're living in the only bilingual province
<clever> this region of NB is mostly english, but yeah, there are some french heavy areas
<samueldr> (which is the case, Québec is not bilingual, neither is Ontario)
<clever> the funny thing, is that for grades 1&2, all of my classes where in french, with english on the side
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