<thefloweringash> only for darcs, which you might not need
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<samrose_> thefloweringash: hmmm I will take a crack at that
<samrose_> I always liked darcs, but yeah I don't think I need it
<samrose_> thefloweringash: do you use that against 18.09 ?
<thefloweringash> Yep
<exarkun1> Did I imagine the existence of some aarch64 EC2 AMIs?
<samueldr> for nixos, definitely, I'm 99% sure we don't build any (especially considering how recent aarch64 ec2 is)
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<clever> samueldr: one min
<clever> samueldr: this may be of interest to you, bbl
<samueldr> I was specifically saying *AArch64* builds of it :)
<samueldr> I know there are AMIs
<samueldr> (and it would be exarkun1 who might be more interested into that)
<clever> this is the script for generating the AMI
<samueldr> I have zero experience with the whole amazon ecosystem so I sure won't be the one fixing this :)
<samueldr> (not with that attitude!)
<gchristensen> you don't need to, samueldr
<gchristensen> its a pretty simple nix expr / standard system definition
* samueldr should have kept quiet
<makefu> i cannot believe it, it seems the eval board from firefly made it through the customs and maybe i even get it tomorrow!
<gchristensen> nice!
<samueldr> makefu: :< really jealous as the board that should have been shipped by end-of-october still hasn't shipped
<makefu> it only took ~5 mails to customs and to deutsche post. now i have a eori number which i will probably use exactly once
<exarkun1> I think my conclusion for now may be that EC2 does not allow the import of any ARM images.
<exarkun1> Possibly this isn't completely true and if you are an absolute EC2 Wizard and/or a upstream AWS channel partner it is possible but I am neither.
<gchristensen> what happens when you try?
<exarkun1> The import-image task fails with "StatusMessage": "ClientError: Unknown OS / Missing OS files."
<gchristensen> probably some shenanigans about bootloaders
<exarkun1> without any details of what it is inspecting to come to that conclusion and I cannot find any documentation that explains what it might be looking at
<exarkun1> but I did find a page with a whitelist of supported OS
<exarkun1> I assume there are some lies going on here but I can't see what they are
<gchristensen> my first step, if I was debugging this, would be to clone a standard aarch64 image and then download it
<exarkun1> Also found a page that says "Imported Linux VMs must use 64-bit images. Migrating 32-bit Linux images is not supported." (and I am actually trying to import an armv7l image)
<samrose_> ooh it's working thefloweringash!
<samrose_> whelp, it worked http://nanobuild.holo.host/
<gchristensen> yayy!
<samrose_> now, to figure out how to convince this thing it will be a good idea to build my image and channels .. :-D
<samrose_> hydra built with sqlite here for some reason (maybe postgres doesn't work on aarch64? i don't know)
<gchristensen> I think it requires sqlite for nix?
<gchristensen> mayb not
<samrose_> like when I was trying to run 'hydra-create-user' hydra errored with sqlite User table not found
<LnL> did you configure it to go to postgres?
<samrose_> LnL I'll check it out
<samrose_> thanks
<LnL> all the hydra-* cli commands will use those variables AFAIK
<samrose_> ah, it's been a while. I forgot about this step
<LnL> never thought about it, but hydra uses a web framework so there's a chance you could run it with sqlite
<gchristensen> you can, its test and dev env do :)
<LnL> nice
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<clever> samueldr: ah, i linked the wrong thing for ec2 images
<clever> samueldr: what happens if you just stick aarch64 into here? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/maintainers/scripts/ec2/create-amis.sh#L26-L27
<samueldr> clever: I'm not involved in EC2 shenanigans so I probably won't :)
<clever> samueldr: ive heavily modified this before, to generate a zfs based image
<exarkun1> clever: I didn't try aarch64 but my guess is the image is built and then the import fails
<clever> the import happens in a few stages, first it gets upload to s3, then an api call is made, to turn an s3 object into a snapshot
<clever> then an ami is created from the snapshot
<exarkun1> I guess I don't know how `aws ec2 import-image` differs from `aws ec2 register-image`
<exarkun1> I know that "aarch64" is not an allowed value for `--architecture`
<exarkun1> at least ... not via `import-image`
<exarkun1> it would be pretty sad if `import-image` and `register-image` had different supported architecture sets. but I guess not impossible.
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