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<nbathum> <- start of event script
<worldofpeace> nbathum: love this 😸
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<nbathum> people were getting weird results on the schedule widget
<nbathum> but it appears to be localizing times to me
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<nbathum> they _aren't_ shown in fixed UTC+0, at least, in firefox with javascript on
<nbathum> looks like the issue starts when the timezone is too far behind UTC
<nbathum> hrmm, well technically in that timezone the calendar dates are right.
<nbathum> The first talk [in GMT-0600 (Yellowknife Standard Time)] is at 5:00 am Friday morning.
<nbathum> well, the dates aren't right, but I am beginning to understand
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<nbathum> zimbatm: what level of nix knowledge would you anticipate from viewers?
<nbathum> this came up in our meeting, wondering whether we can mail some guidance to speakers about it
<nbathum> seems like the in-person conferences would tend to draw folks who already have some (or a lot) of nix experience
<zimbatm> yes, we can expect a lot more beginners as the entry cost is so low
<zimbatm> based on my brain interpolation of reality
<zimbatm> basically, if it's not beginner-friendly, that public will drop out really quick
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<Raito_Bezarius> How does that fit with some lightning talks assuming some Nix experience?
<nbathum> If we had contemplated this more in advance, we could have held an 'intro day' or 'first nix tutorial' session that requires separate sign-up
<gchristensen> last year it was the Discovery track
<samueldr> hi, it me, nitpicker extraordinaire about the logography of NixOS :) don't hesitate to reach out here too if you have something to say about nixcon/
<{^_^}> (by samueldr, 2 minutes ago, open): media: On dark backgrounds, the white variant of the lambdaflake should be used