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<qyliss> zimbatm: hey, I'm just getting ready to head out. puck is your point of contact for getting set up with the stream and stuff.
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<hl_> Hello!
<puck> heya
<zimbatm> alright!
<zimbatm> puck: I'm all good with OBS but should we also try the streaming from Jitsi out?
<zimbatm> or just generate some load on Jitsi overall, would that be useful?
<puck> the jitsi setup is not complete, so that's not entirely useful right now. jitsi streaming will require building a custom jibri, which is a bit of a pain; primarily i think testing the RTMP ingestion is useful rn
<zimbatm> yeah, apparently they only support forwarding the traffic to YouTube
<puck> that changed recently! but they're not great at doing releases
<hl_> are you guys presenting at nixcon?
<puck> i'm doing infrastructure, may end up doing a talk on that
<nbathum> hl_: hello
<puck> nbathum: fixes compat with iOS, and updates DASH.js
<{^_^}> nixcon/ (by puckipedia, 19 seconds ago, open): live.html: update dash.js, fall back to HLS
<puck> both tested locally
<nbathum> :) thanks
<hl_> do you guys need help on the website or so?
<__red__> @gchristensen - I dropped you a /msg a few days ago - just letting you know if your client didn't notify you.
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<nbathum> hl_: we're always happy to have more help. although I don't know of any immediate needs
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<hl_> which irc client do you use? I'm using irssi but not so fan of it
<nbathum> one thing that would be nice is if we added something to show people localized times on the schedule, along side the UTC+0 (event timezone)
<hl_> nbathum: ok! reat
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<zimbatm> please all go to to help load-test the server :)
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<gchristensen> I got brief audio
<puck> gchristensen: yeah, zimbatm changed resolution, which OBS takes a bit to pick up on
<puck> oh no, hold on
<puck> oh no. what
<puck> this should not have happened everrrrrr
<gchristensen> I mean to say I got audio for only about 2 seconds and
<gchristensen> s/and//
<puck> so sorry about this
<puck> the page will have to be reloaded..
<gchristensen> no worries!
<zimbatm> I think we're missing a loading screen
<puck> yeah
<puck> i might drop in a better player, or try to fix the latency either way
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<{^_^}> nixcon/ (by puckipedia, 30 seconds ago, open): live.html: move the m3u8 to the video object's src
<NinjaTrappeur> nice llama :)
<zimbatm> it's supposed to be an alpaca :)
<zimbatm> ttyl all!
<NinjaTrappeur> :)
<puck> phew, that worked better than expected
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<nbathum> puck: good to hear!
<nbathum> wish it didn't overlap with my Friday meetings
<qyliss> did it work?
<qyliss> I ohpe it worked
<puck> qyliss: it did, mostly!
<qyliss> :D
<qyliss> fab
<puck> i had to restart obs once, which requires a browser reload
<qyliss> thanks for handling everything
<puck> and i very much need ldash, i think
<qyliss> what's ldash?
<puck> low latency dash
<qyliss> oh that's a thing?
<puck> yeah, i tried it but it caused some issues
<puck> i think i'll try to make it work soon
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<nbathum> does anyone know where Fridh hangs out? I want to ask them about moving their schedule slot
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<qyliss> nbathum: usually on IRC but they seem to be offline right now
<nbathum> thx
<hl_> what are you using to broadcast the event?
<qyliss> nbathum: In my logs the last time they were seen was 7 September though so maybe you want to find some alternative way
<qyliss> hl_: we're running our own livestreaming infrastructure
<nbathum> qyliss: oh, good to know. thank you
<puck> it's mostly obs, ffmpeg, and a little bit of duct tape
<hl_> great! I registered for a talk :)
<ikwildrpepper> will there be a 'meta' talk, about how to run your own live streaming infra in nix/nixos?
<ikwildrpepper> ;-)
<puck> was thinking, yes :p
<nbathum> needs submitting :)
<nbathum> the schedule is becoming full...
<hl_> do you guys know if there gonna be nixos merch for NixCon ?
<ikwildrpepper> nbathum: regarding sponsorship etc. did you already spend some of it?
<nbathum> people are discovering that all of the times shown are UTC+0 and needing to fix their availability
<nbathum> The only spending I've done is for the CfP VM and a month of limesurvey hosting
<ikwildrpepper> nbathum: ok, in case some bigger amount need to be paid, let me know, then we can handle it directly from nixos foundation accounts / creditcards
<hl_> do you have an idea of the amount of people present for the event?
<nbathum> n people
<nbathum> 100 < n < 10000
<nbathum> closer to the '100' side I suppose
<nbathum> schedule wise we have 5 hours both Friday and Saturday, and each day has a 2-hour gap
<nbathum> what does you all think about increasing the time a bit?
<hl_> the two hour gap is like huge
<hl_> people may leave
<nbathum> hrmm, I agree. perhaps one hour is more appropriate?
<hl_> between an hour and an hour and a half
<hl_> are you gonna make communication on the event?
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<nbathum> MichaelRaskin: hello
<MichaelRaskin> Hello
<hl_> hello
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<nbathum> hl_: what kind of communication do you have in mind?
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<hl_> promoting the event on twitter, linkedin, or any other social network to make sure we have a big attendence
<nbathum> if you have ideas about that, are you interested in helping?
<nbathum> communication, especially marketing or advertising is not currently a very high level skill for me
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