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<worldofpeace> testing. I can never trust matrix sometimes
<qyliss> hi worldofpeace!
<worldofpeace> I got word on this place from edef. It all seems exciting and at the same time ex-per-i-men-tal which is always my gig
<edef> glad to have you on board ^_^
<worldofpeace> u kno, I was kinda dreaming of a digital nixcon, it's kind of an aesthetic that's fun. who'd thought such circumstances would make it come true 😸
<edef> yeah, i'm super curious (and a bit nervous) about what attendance will look like
<edef> i'm a bit sad i won't get to hug a bunch of people
<edef> i'll have to buffer some graham-hugs
<worldofpeace> aww sameee. and I wanted to turn looks. which is a very funny thing to do at a software conference but yeah. I think attendance might surprise us. and maybe in one way or the other
<puck> yeah
<hexa-> don't remind me about hugs
<hexa-> I'm very sad about not being able to hug a certain person :<
<ekleog> huuugs :( just curious, what does “turn looks” mean? I can't find it on either the wiktionary or the urban dictionary
<hexa-> like to turn heads? :D
<worldofpeace> it's a term frequently used in LGBTQ+ spaces post house-ballroom culture
<worldofpeace> to turn a look is when u bring out an outfit, and as per the linked article u "stunt pretty"
<worldofpeace> And I'll have u know that worldofpeace f*cks it up best. without even trying.
<ekleog> Interesting, I knew nothing of this whole part of US culture, got quite a bit of reading done, thank you :)
<snajpa> + we need joint routing protocol .. over IP :(
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<snajpa> but at least it's a remote-something, better than nothing - and actually, quite often the actual videos that come out are better, because people are less nervous when in their natural habitat :D
<worldofpeace> ekleog: yep, no problem. and interesting films to watch (that I could consider essential) are paris is burning and the death and life of marsha p johnson. and any info on the stonewall riots is important history out there
<ekleog> Paris is burning? interesting for a paris-living person like myself :D I'll add that to my to-watch list, thanks
<worldofpeace> lol, it's not really about paris. But a documentary about ball culture in nyc in the late 80s that's still very relevant.
<worldofpeace> and marsha p. johnson was an outstanding activist still held in reverence to this day
<ekleog> 'k, I'll have a look :)
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