ChanServ changed the topic of #nixcon to: Nixcon 2020 Online is happening Oct 16-17!
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<NixBridge> U​biq[discord]: @NobbZ please try the iCal export again:
<NixBridge> N​obbZ[discord]: Thanks @addict3d, it seems to work and I added it to my personal calendar. Though due to changed real life conditions I probably won't be able to attend. I have a certification next week and I have to dig through the courses material within a week rather than in a month as planned…
<NixBridge> N​obbZ[discord]: I expect talks beeing recorded and made available eventually?
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<nbp> Is there a backchannel for question during the event?
<nbp> I do not see anything mentionned on the website.
<NixBridge> D​rakonis[discord]: this is the one
<nbathum> nbp: yes what they said. #nixcon on IRC/discord. I'll be putting up a FAQ with some info about this later
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<detran`> does nixcon start today or tomorrow? The program listing says tomorrow, but the schedule shows today
<risson> Depends on your timezone I guess?
<risson> It starts at 2020-10-16 11:00:00 UTC
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<Henson> Is it okay if my presentation isn't 20-25 minutes long, more like 15 minutes long?
<nbathum> detran`: It is tomorrow, the 16th
<nbathum> Henson: yes sure
<Henson> ok. I'm putting it all together into a video file so they can stream it instead of me sharing my desktop. To whom should I send the file?
<Henson> when I go into my speaker channel, presumably to answer questions that people might have, should I also stay in the main channel to hear people's questions?
<nbathum> Henson: ping puck on irc or
<Henson> ok
<nbathum> Henson: for the time during your presentation, that is up to you.
<nbathum> If you're willing to be more interactive and respond to questions as they come-in that is okay
<Henson> the questions will have to wait until the end if I'm putting everything into a video. I assume puck will be in control of the video playback.
<nbathum> oh right
<Henson> but when they ask questions, I assume they'll be asking them in the main Jitsi conference channel, as well as possibly on IRC?
<nbathum> I really need to post this FAQ...
<Henson> and I assume I should stay in the speaker channel to answer those questions, but I'll also have to be present in the conference channel to hear people's questions
<nbathum> yes this IRC/discord channel is where viewers will ask questions
<nbathum> there won't be any viewers in the jitsi room with you
<Henson> so they won't ask questions on Jitsi, only on IRC?
<nbathum> yes
<worldofpeace> and I'll feed those questions to the speaker
<Henson> will the Discord conversation me mirrorer here, or should I monitor that, too?
<nbathum> they are bridged
<Henson> ok. So just hang out here and in the speaker Jitsi channel.
<worldofpeace> we have nick as the mod so he's gonna watch questions and then collect them in a way that I can see in real time
<worldofpeace> (that mod benig nbathum too 😸)
<ikwildrpepper> can the twitter post be reposted with the full info when things start?
<ikwildrpepper> then I can retweet it on the nixos_org account
<ikwildrpepper> or, if you want to write a tweet that we can post, feel free to send me a full text for it
<nbathum> 'full info', as in date+time+timezone?
<ikwildrpepper> yeah, the latest tweet are not really retweetable, as the the date is not in the first one
<nbathum> got it. <- twitter noob
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<puck> seems the kiwiirc iframe works, huh :p
<edef> ^_^
<worldofpeace> we meeting at this time?
<risson> apparently yes!
<worldofpeace> okay I'll be in that room 🤣
<puck> heh
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<puck> i seem to have broken my dbus, lmao
<risson> :/
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<drakonis> haha soon
<Raito_Bezarius> puck: :D
<Raito_Bezarius> it would be funny to have a broken NixOS on the day we present the NixCon
<puck> thankfully a reboot fixed it :p
<Raito_Bezarius> nbathum: I wanted to ask for lightning talks, how much hidden extra time can we afford beyond the 5 minutes?
<Raito_Bezarius> :D @reboot
<Raito_Bezarius> I don't plan to do a full-length 10 mn, but I could get 6 or 7 minutes
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* nbp despair after reading the last line of the talk on Nix modules … “[…] for the modules in a flake.”
<Raito_Bezarius> actually, I think I'll make the talk in 5 minutes and make an optional demo so that it can be watched optionally
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<drakonis> nbp: why despair though?
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<nbp> drakonis: because flake do not provide the single feature which made me love Nix in the first place, which is the ease to override anything within a package, as a standalone config which extends an existing one.
<drakonis> uh
<drakonis> hold up
<drakonis> this should be roughly what eelco will talk about tomorrow
<drakonis> it will still have those features
<edef> can we keep the flakes discourse out of here
<drakonis> sure
<nbp> drakonis: These are not flakes, this is the module syntax that Eelco suggested a few years ago.
<nbathum> Raito_Bezarius: a demo video
<Raito_Bezarius> exact, nbathum
<drakonis> i'm not sure why it matters
<nbp> edef: The discourse came as a comment on one of the talk abstract for NixCon 2020. (which I think is the topic of this channel)
<drakonis> flakes are a delivery method
<NixBridge> D​rakonis[discord]: the point of the talk is to make it easier to override it
<NixBridge> D​rakonis[discord]: let's just watch it tomorrow
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<worldofpeace> Yeah, I really don't think it's kind to the speaker to begin a meta discussion changing or altering anyone onlookers perspective on "what and what isn't this talk about". That is the speakers job to communicate and there will be breakout rooms for discussion to continue after the Q.A session. So I would also ask to please not have any meta discussions, at least, in this channel until the actual event.
<worldofpeace> I hope that makes sense
<worldofpeace> The focus is just "this channel", I can't control how anyone congregates privately
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<drakonis> fair enough
<drakonis> how will nixcon be structured?
<drakonis> there'll be an opening talk and then the scheduled talks?
<drakonis> ie: state of the nix union talk
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<edef> nbp: i understand that you have plenty to say on the subject, and so do i, and we probably share most of our opinions there
<edef> nbp: but i think those discussions are best left for when we actually kick off the conf, and until then a bunch of us are doing our best to make sure we have a conf
<edef> nbp: and i find the latter stressful enough without bringing discourse on controversial features in
<nbathum> drakonis: is a good idea. we have the schedule mostly solidified, there will be an opening monologue then talks will begin
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<Henson> puck: what format would you prefer to a pre-recorded talk? I've put it together in kdenlive so I can export it to pretty much anything.
<Henson> to a -> for a
<puck> Henson: anything should be fine, mkv/h264 should work fine
<Henson> ok. I can put it on my own web server and e-mail you a link for it.
<puck> yeah, that works fine
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<Henson> puck: hmm, kdenlive doesn't come with any canned mkv container options. Would you prefer a WebM VP8/Vorbis video, or an MP4 x284/AAC format?
<puck> err, either works for me
<Henson> puck: ok, I guess your streaming system isn't picky about what it plays?
<puck> no, and i can transcode it locally either way :p
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<worldofpeace> If anyone hasn't tested yet (maybe u didn't just see the email) plz speak now or you will be doing it on the day of your talk
<NixBridge> M​axwell[discord]: Kdenlive can output mkv, you can just change the file extension on an MP4 output format. Though going from H264 in an MP4 container to H264 in an mkv container doesn't even need a transcode.
<fzakaria> @worldofpeace ping
<fzakaria> I got few minutes before walking the dog, i'm on jitsi otherwise I can sound check in ~2 hours
<Henson> worldofpeace: can I do a sound check?
<worldofpeace> Henson: let's go
<NixBridge> s​etheron[discord]: me tooo