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<nbathum> hello
<puck> hewwo
<nbathum> Did you start a room? Is anyone else here
<puck> edef's around at least
<puck> no room yet
<worldofpeace> heyyyy
<qyliss> I'm here
<edef> i'm rather anxious and having a little bit of difficulty
<nbathum> its likely just us today, I don't think any speakers said they would join
<puck> we're fighting some computer stuffs rn
<nbathum> :+1:
<puck> sorry for the delay
<qyliss> nbathum: pretty sure issue is on mine
<qyliss> hang on
<nbathum> puck: no worries
<nbathum> worldofpeace: hi
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<worldofpeace> um lol, what's happening rn?
<qyliss> worldofpeace: in theory a rehearsal, but it's just orga here (no speakers)
<qyliss> worldofpeace: are you available to join us?
<worldofpeace> not at all atm I'm afraid. full schedule today and I still need to meet with garbas etc.
<puck> ack
<zimbatm> should I bridge the discord and IRC channels together? we're already doing this on the #nix-community channel
<nbathum> zimbatm: yes IMO. please wait until tomorrow though, we can discuss it at the orga meeting
<zimbatm> +
<zimbatm> it takes 2 seconds to setup so it can be done any time
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