ChanServ changed the topic of #nixcon to: Nixcon 2020 Online is happening Oct 16-17!
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<balsoft_> Hi! I'm Alexander Bantyev and I'd like to know with whom I need to coordinate my talk (e.g. the jitsi room name, and general imporant info)
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<nbathum> balsoft: Greetings Alexander. I can help with general info
<nbathum> in a few hours (after orga meeting), can also say at least some info the jitsi room for speakers/logistics
<balsoft> When and where is the orga meeting?
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<puck> nbathum: (fwiw, i could hear you before)
<qyliss> as could i
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<zimbatm> puck: should I order a Hetzner machine or boot a GCP instance for an extra Jitsi server?
<zimbatm> I was thinking, if people are swarming the Jitsi, it might go tits-up
<zimbatm> so we could have a speaker/orga jitsi
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<puck> zimbatm: the plan is to have it be sorta-hybrid
<puck> zimbatm: we can force people onto a specific videobridge
<zimbatm> ok
<nbathum> I know I said "don't bridge IRC&discord" today in the orga meeting, but I haven't posted it yet and want to reverse it.
<nbathum> zimbatm: please bridge them
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<worldofpeace> yeah, our disposition was to go with what the mod wants so there's no objections