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<clever> > stdenv.override { cc = gcc8; }
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/l19dm8fj3dipknzay2d7dy9vw4j13j8q-stdenv-linux.drv>"
<clever> bohan: this creates a gcc8 stdenv, then you can use that with -E or in a .nix file with -A
<clever> > gcc8Stdenv
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/796gbmj042vwjryp3cy3ry63xq604k2l-stdenv-linux.drv>"
<clever> oh, and it already exists, lol
<clever> > stdenv.override { cc = gcc8; allowedRequisites = null; }
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/796gbmj042vwjryp3cy3ry63xq604k2l-stdenv-linux.drv>"
<clever> and it was nearly identical to mine
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<pie_> has anyone looked at separating various stdenv phases into separate derivations to get greater granularity when packaging something incrementally
<clever> pie_: ive seen chromium cripple hydra before, because there was a seperate unpackPhase derivation, and the source unpacked to over 10gig
<clever> it was busy copying source around for days
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<pie_> clever, wah
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<pie_> clever, maybe we should use more hardlinks >_>
<clever> pie_: things like nix-copy-closure arent aware of hardlinks, and will still transfer dups around
<clever> symlinks would be cheaper, but harder to create/manage
<clever> it would be best if you can build from a read-only $src, but a lot of things dont play nicely with that
<pie_> the last one was my first thought but yeah
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<pie_> well, or moar overlay mounts
<pie_> though i still find them sketchy
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<clever> pie_: nix-store --optimize, will also hardlink all dups between things
<pie_> clever, right but that only helps after the fact
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<pie_> i dont suppose stdenv has some option that results in adding gcc flags to cmake
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<lopsided98> pie_: Not cmake specific, but you could use NIX_CFLAGS_COMPILE
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<pie_> lopsided98, tried that seems to break
<pie_> but i googled some and ill probably just use a cmake specific variable
<pie_> reading the changelog, " A new subcommand nixos-rebuild edit was added. " oh, cute
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<dsx> How to create GRE tunnels in NixOS?
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<pie_> huh, neat, "fish may be started in private mode via fish --private. Private mode fish sessions do not have access to the history file and any commands evaluated in private mode are not persisted for future sessions. A session variable $fish_private_mode can be queried to detect private mode and adjust the behavior of scripts accordingly to respect the user's wish for privacy."
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<_e> exit
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<trevthedev> aye, hello everyone. I'm trying to get Dwarf Fortress to run in text mode, but that requires me to hand edit the init.txt which is read only by NixOS
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<trevthedev> is there any way i can manage to hand edit that or modify the nix package to allow support for enabling text mode?
<trevthedev> i want to use text mode so i can ssh into DF via my phone so i can play it when im away from my laptop haha
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<roconnor> what sort of edits?
<trevthedev> just want to change a line that's `[PRINT_MODE:TWBT]` to `[PRINT_MODE:TEXT]`
<trevthedev> but it's in a read only file by Nix
<trevthedev> and the package doesnt allow for enabling text print or not
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<lopsided98> trevthedev: Have you tried putting it in ~/.dwarffortress/data/init/init.txt
<trevthedev> that dir doesn't exist
<trevthedev> init is in .local/share/df_linux/data/init/init.txt ^^
<jackdk_> have you tried writing your own df derivation that does some sedding of init.txt?
<trevthedev> no clue what options to add or change or anything
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<roconnor> (pkgs.dwarf-fortress-packages.dwarf-fortress-full.override { enableTWBT = false; }) could maybe give you PRINT_MODE:2D ?
<trevthedev> I entirely skipped over that option sorry, am rebuilding right now ^^
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<trevthedev> doesn't seem to work
<trevthedev> changes printmode to 2D instead of text
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<roconnor> yes. Sorry the option isn't available. In a pinch you may be able to use https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#sec-pkg-overrideAttrs to add a new patch to the derivation.
<trevthedev> alright, i appreciate it mate haha
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<roconnor> something like pkgs.dwarf-fortress-packages.dwarf-fortress-full.overrideAttrs (oldAttrs: rec { patches = oldAttrs.patches + [ ./my-init.patch ]; })
<roconnor> huge pain I know. If you are even more keen you can try to patch the nixpkgs expressions to add support for the mode you want. However DF is more complicated than your normal package.
<trevthedev> hmmmm
<trevthedev> might clone the package and add in the option myself and perhaps even push it? idk if that could be liable but idk
<trevthedev> just need to edit lazy-pack.nix i think
<trevthedev> may be wrong haha
<trevthedev> oh nope, game.nix
<trevthedev> oh ha yeah
<roconnor> in your local copy of nixpkgs and build your hacked version.
<roconnor> That's really a one-off approach. But may be good enough for whatever you want to do.
<trevthedev> yeah
<roconnor> I never could get into the DF game, though I've tried a couple times. Maybe it just isn't for me.
<trevthedev> Ah fair enough haha
<trevthedev> I've only been playing it on and off since october
<trevthedev> It's pretty fun and I'd love to be able to pick back up on my phone whenever but there's no remote app
<trevthedev> Found out i could just use screen and termux to just pop myself into it whenever though haha
<roconnor> ha nice.
<trevthedev> alright so i just run nix-build on this? i don't really remember sadly sorry
<trevthedev> it's been a while since i wrote a package, was a Daggerfall Unity package i gave up on and used a shell XD
<roconnor> so you've check out and edited a local copy of the nixpkgs repo?
<trevthedev> or sorry, an environment(via nix-shell)
<trevthedev> yup
<trevthedev> edited it to where instead of print_mode:2D it's TEXT ^^
<roconnor> you can do nix-build -A dwarf-fortress-packages.dwarf-fortress-full in the nixpkgs directory.
<trevthedev> alright thanks
<roconnor> that will make a result symlink to the nix-store
<trevthedev> nice
<roconnor> you can use the "-o" to name the symlink or put the symlink somewhare particular.
<trevthedev> so now when i edit my config.nix declaratively for Dwarf Fortress it uses this instead of nixos.org?
<roconnor> nope
<trevthedev> probably worded that poorly but hopefully you getwhat i mean haha
<trevthedev> ah
<roconnor> this is really one-off.
<trevthedev> fair enough
<roconnor> nix-build uses the default.nix file of your local directory.
<trevthedev> ahh
<roconnor> since you are in your own nixpkgs it is using the nixpkgs that you've checkout for this command.
<trevthedev> ye
<trevthedev> makes sense then
<roconnor> so nothing else about nixos, etc. is affected.
<trevthedev> fair enough yeah
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<trevthedev> so once this is done building it shouldjustwork:tm: right?
<roconnor> when you get your symlink, it will automatically be registered as a garbage collector root, so it won't be deleted until you delete the symlink.
<trevthedev> alright
<trevthedev> is still building haha
<roconnor> however you should be able to nix-env -i "the-symlink-file" to add it to your user profile, if you manage your software that way.
<trevthedev> i do it declaratively, but i can do that yea
<roconnor> well I'd be hesitant to mix declariative profiles with imperative profiles.
<trevthedev> hmm
<roconnor> I might just nix-build -o ~/dwarf-fortess and run the program from there by hand.
<trevthedev> oh dear
<trevthedev> didn't compile
<roconnor> oh ya. wanna post your git diff?
<roconnor> (assuming you used git to checkout the nixpkgs)
<trevthedev> only 2 differences is my daggerfallunity package and the one line changed from default.nix
<roconnor> did you checkout the master branch of nixpkgs?
<trevthedev> yea
<roconnor> Something that is worth a shot...
<roconnor> you are using NixOS?
<trevthedev> correct ^^
<roconnor> cat ~/.nix-defexpr/channels_root/nixos/.git-revision
<roconnor> and git checkout that hash
<roconnor> i.e. git checkout `cat ~/.nix-defexpr/channels_root/nixos/.git-revision`
<roconnor> and try building your changes from there.
<roconnor> It is a bit of a long shot.
<trevthedev> throws the error about local changes and crap
<trevthedev> ah, allpackages.nix
<trevthedev> should probably remove my daggerfallunity
<roconnor> oh could be.
<trevthedev> there we go
<trevthedev> removed it
<roconnor> you can check out your own branch for dwarf fortress
<trevthedev> hmm
<trevthedev> yea, what do i do now?
<roconnor> what's your status?
<trevthedev> Checking out files: 100% (6305/6305), done.
<trevthedev> checked out a branch
<roconnor> you have your changes to dwar-fortress/wrapper/default.nix?
<trevthedev> yup
<trevthedev> tbh couldn't i just add in an option like `enableText ? false`
<trevthedev> and then push to master?
<roconnor> you can try nix-build -o ~/dwarf-fortress -A dwarf-fortress-packages.dwarf-fortress-full from that directory.
<chrisaw> Can anyone explain to me what wrapGAppsHook is designed to do? I see GApps as google apps - guessing it's not that!
<trevthedev> error: cannot auto-call a function that has an argument without a default value ('pkgs')
<roconnor> are you in the nixpkgs directory?
<trevthedev> oh, when you said "from that dir" i thought you meant from pkgs/games/dwarf-fortress/wrapper XD
<trevthedev> ay
<trevthedev> that worked
<roconnor> worked as it is building?
<trevthedev> was yeah
<trevthedev> it has a bin/ dir now
<trevthedev> and it has dwarf fortress but running it doesn't put it in Text mode
<trevthedev> oh
<roconnor> does it have an init file?
<trevthedev> because i undid that. duh. my bad
<trevthedev> error was inbetween the keyboard and the chair, my bad
<trevthedev> i dont think so
<trevthedev> oh nice, somewhat got it
<trevthedev> it edited the ini from ~/.config
<trevthedev> sorry, local/share
<trevthedev> nowit throws the error about graphic packs not being compatible, can fix that though
<roconnor> okay, I think you are on your own from here.
<trevthedev> yeah, i appreciate the help mate
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<trevthedev> well, think my modified version of the package works:tm:
<trevthedev> though i've no clue how to test that declaratively
<trevthedev> as i added an option for enabling textmode
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<isaac1> installing nixos on yet another new build!
<trevthedev> yay! i got everything to work, thanks roconnor haha
<trevthedev> might consider actually requesting to push this
<isaac1> right now it seems no matter what I do, it boots of the usb, but not the shiny new nvme
<isaac1> I am using this guide which worked great for my laptop
<isaac1> I have tried now with grub and systemd boot
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<isaac1> yeah everyt time
<isaac1> Reboot and Select proper Boot device
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<isaac1> fucking hell
<isaac1> nothing nothing nothing
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<isaac1> ok, well I am going to pass out
<isaac1> and still no
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<isaac1> anyone out there?
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<ivan> isaac1: what happens when you boot the nvme device?
<isaac1> ivan: Reboot and Select proper boot device
<isaac1> Or Insert Boo Media in selected Boot device and press a key
<ivan> if you want to boot back into nixos, you can look at the `efibootmgr` to make sure you have a Linux Boot Manager entry
<isaac1> ivan: this is a fresh build
<isaac1> and fresh install
<ivan> also make sure you created the partitions exactly as the manual describes?
<isaac1> I followed this guide
<isaac1> which worked great for my latop
<isaac1> I skipped swap though
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<ivan> gdisk on your /dev/nvme0n1 should show something like
<ivan> Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name
<ivan> 1 2048 1298431 633.0 MiB EF00 EFI System
<ivan> you should have a /boot/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
<isaac1> ivan: gdisk?
<isaac1> it shows nothing like that
<isaac1> do you mean fdisk?
<ivan> if you want UEFI boot, you need gdisk
<isaac1> ok
<isaac1> so I ran gdisk
<isaac1> and I get the same thing I got before
<isaac1> GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 1.0.4
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<isaac1> Parition table scan:
<isaac1> MBR: protective
<isaac1> BSD: not present
<isaac1> APM: no present
<ivan> use gist
<isaac1> ?
<isaac1> I can't copy paste
<isaac1> anyway that is the kind of thing it shows
<isaac1> no Size or Code or anything like that
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<ivan> isaac1: p to print partition table
<isaac1> ok 2 partitions
<isaac1> 1 499.0MiB EFOO EFI System
<isaac1> 2 941.0 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
<ivan> mount /boot and make sure it's vfat (df -T) and has that file mentioned
<ivan> oh, I know why
<ivan> you need to disable Secure Boot in your BIOS
<isaac1> ivan: Secure boot is disabled
<isaac1> how do I use df -T ?
<isaac1> I did mkfs.fat
<isaac1> does that make vfat?
<ivan> one would hope
<isaac1> ok
<isaac1> so I think we can rule that one out
<isaac1> I sshed in
<isaac1> I can copy paste now
<isaac1> ivan: ssh DWPJYWLqJ3pqf626Cef6K8E9o@sf2.tmate.io
<isaac1> join me
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<isaac1> this is the configuration
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<ivan> isaac1: you still have grub enabled, that isn't going to work
<isaac1> ivan: oh?
<ivan> use systemd-boot for UEFI and make sure your BIOS has CSM off
<isaac1> ivan: ok I will try that
<isaac1> trying with this
<isaac1> ok I switched CSM off
<isaac1> rebooting
<isaac1> I had to switch it on before to get it to boot from the USB
<isaac1> ok that did not work
<isaac1> I just got dropped back into bios
<ivan> isaac1: Secure Boot is really off, yes?
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<isaac1> according to biod
<isaac1> bios
<isaac1> Secure Boot state = Disabled
<ivan> isaac1: what did you do after you saved your configuration?
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<isaac1> nixos-install
<isaac1> reboot
<isaac1> then I removed the usb to prevent it booting off the usb
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<ivan> which motherboard?
<isaac1> Maximus Code
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<isaac1> I just bought an i9 9900K
<isaac1> got majorly sick of my ghc compile times
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<ivan> you could try following the nixos manual for the UEFI install or see if your motherboard boots UEFI on a SATA drive
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<ivan> maybe the right Secure Boot option is elsewhere, they might be two of them
<ivan> Secure Boot State ----- Disabled
<ivan> Secure Boot Control ----- Disabled
<ivan> or perhaps Secure Boot > OS Type > Other OS
<isaac1> ivan: I am doing the "Other OS" thing
<isaac1> have not seen "Secure Boot Control"
<isaac1> currently following the manual
<ivan> should be fine then
<ivan> isaac1: oh, yeah, this might not work at all if you boot the installer with CSM because the UEFI variables won't be accessible
<ivan> but then again /boot/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI might make it work without the UEFI variables, but I still wouldn't even try
<isaac1> ivan: I am confused
<isaac1> I just got through the manual
<ivan> boot the installer with UEFI
<isaac1> how?
<isaac1> I had no success booting of the usb without CSM
<ivan> it should just work :(
<ivan> also encourage reading the nixos-install output and journalctl for any complaints
<isaac1> I did
<isaac1> no errors
<ivan> try updating your BIOS?
<isaac1> really?
<isaac1> what about not using UEFI?
<isaac1> I don't even know what the hell it is
<ivan> I guess that would work too if you don't need >2TB boot volumes
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<isaac1> install finished
<isaac1> should I reboot or just shoot myself?
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<isaac1> ivan: I don't understand what you are suggesting
<ivan> 1) if the installer doesn't boot with UEFI, your own UEFI install is unlikely to work
<ivan> 2) try a newer BIOS for UEFI or give up and use CSM/MBR
<isaac1> what is UEFI and why should I care?
<isaac1> does it matter after boot?
<isaac1> or is it just a nicer way to boot?
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<yuken> EFI is newer than BIOS, offers faster boots times and is pretty much just better than BIOS.
<ivegotasthma> hello, how do I get the fix for the firefox plugins?
<yuken> Except it has even more control over your system and can do even more, which is bad if IME turns out to be an Intel baackdoor ;^)
<ivegotasthma> the studies can't be installed on the firefox build from the nix cache
<isaac1> yuken: I think I am going to go with legacy then
<isaac1> If it wont boot of usb in uefi
<isaac1> then it's not worth the pain
<yuken> Avoid legacy if you can.
<yuken> How did you write the image to your flash drive?
<isaac1> yuken: cp nixos.iso /dev/mydisk
<yuken> Well that's probably why it didn't work.
<isaac1> yuken: ??
<yuken> Make a FAT32 partition anywhere on your system - either on your HDD/SSD, a flash drive, whatever
<yuken> mount the ISO somewhere, copy its contents to the partition, sync it, reboot.
<isaac1> I am on my laptop
<isaac1> is there a command for this?
<isaac1> I have always used cp or dd for this
<yuken> There isn't. Do you know how to make filesystems & use fdisk?
<isaac1> I use gdisk
<ivan> nixos installer should work fine when copied to a block device, no?
<yuken> Didn't work with me, ivan. And that's how I handle all my EFI media anyway.
<yuken> isaac1, use whatever you want, just make a FAT32 partition capable of holding the image on it. Then, mount your ISO or image for Nix, and copy the contents to this partition.
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<isaac2> yangm97: I am back
<isaac2> sorry
<isaac2> how can I make a usb of nixos that will boot uefi?
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<yuken> Just make a FAT32 partition, aand dump the contents of the ISO onto there.
<isaac2> so reformat the drive
<isaac2> to fat 32
<isaac2> mount the iso
<isaac2> and cp the contents?
<yuken> yep. then umount/sync is and it should work.
<yuken> If your board is modern enough, it will just show up as a bootable device, aassuming it isn't in legacy mode obviously.
<edcragg> hi, if i have the free choice to use either openssl or gnutls when packaging a project for nixos, are there any opinions on which i should choose?
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<isaac2> yuken: cp -r iso/* /run/media/isaac/NIXOS_ISO/
<yuken> sure? should work.
<isaac2> still copying
<yuken> and obviously, make sure you properly sync & unmount that
<yuken> so you don't lose everything :P
<isaac2> what do you mean by sync?
<isaac2> I usually just unmount
<yuken> unmounting will sync by default iirc
<yuken> Because when you copy files to a device, it will finish faster than it actually copies files, caching them in memory in the mean time while it keeps on copying. Or something, that might not be the way Linux does it.
<isaac2> yuken: it's not booting
<isaac2> it's cut off
<isaac2> but it says ...solinux.bin missing or corrupt
<yuken> Did you unmount & make sure all data was synced? If so, then something is messed up somewhere, not 100% sure.
<isaac2> yuken: I unmounted in gnome-disk
<isaac2> maybe I didn't do it right
<isaac2> recopying
<yuken> Just sync & umount it.
<isaac2> yuken: what is the command?
<yuken> those are the commands.
<yuken> umount to unmount it, sync to sync it. umount should sync it, but just in case.
<isaac2> this is very interesting
<isaac2> ok so it finished
<isaac2> and I ran "sync"
<isaac2> rebooting
<isaac2> same
<isaac2> ...solinux.bin missing or corrupt
<tilpner> I don't know why you're copying the ISO file-wise
<isaac2> me neither
<tilpner> Did a block-wise copy not work?
<yuken> That's all any EFI board should need to boot, tilpner.
<tilpner> Just cp nixos.iso /dev/sdx
<isaac2> tilpner: that's what I did before
<tilpner> And how did that go?
<isaac2> it would not boot uefi off usb
<tilpner> And did what instead?
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<isaac2> tilpner: it would drop me into bios
<isaac2> I could boot legacy off the usb though
<tilpner> Where you chose the USB stick as a boot device, right?
<isaac2> yes
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<tilpner> Oh, I don't remember if I have secure boot enabled
<isaac2> tilpner: I have secure boot disabled
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<tilpner> And you did a sync after the block-wise copy before you unplugged it?
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<isaac2> tilpner: yes
<tilpner> My devices never needed too much hand-holding for this, I can't help with device-specific workarounds. Can you boot other distros the same way?
<isaac2> I am going to bed
<isaac2> I have spent 5 hours now with the same error
<isaac2> I will be back at it in the morning
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<adamantium> Hey what is the difference between nix.autoOptimiseStore and nix.optimise.automatic ???
<adamantium> do i need both set to true or something?
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<immae> Hello there! What is the currently recommended way to write a derivation "with plugins"? An example derivation or a wiki-page is fine, it’s just to get started (I want to re-package nextcloud but add plugins ("apps") support to it)
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<Dema> Hi! Is there any beautifier/formatter for .nix files? I couldn't google any.
ambro718 has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-19.03-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/6e29f22551d (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-19.03-small)
<lucus16> Dema: currently, no good tools exist, however I'm working on one which I will probably release in a few weeks
<Dema> lucus16: Sounds great! Will be eagerly waiting! I'm so spoiled by JS's "prettier" formatter :)
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<Dema> I've found hnix-lsp, Laguage server for nix would be an amazing thing!
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<klntsky> How much RAM is absolutely required to run hydra, in your experience?
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<tilpner> adamantium: autoOptimiseStore just passes auto-optimise-store to Nix, while optimise.automatic calls nix-store --optimise once a day by default
<tilpner> adamantium: Either will work, and you shouldn't need to set both. I have only autoOptimiseStore set
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<tilpner> klntsky: That depends on what you want to build with it. Instantiating systems is going to need more memory than instantiating hello
thc202 has joined #nixos
<tilpner> klntsky: And the builds are going to need memory too. You would limit the number of concurrent builds to one, and then you need to consider if you want to build llvm, chromium, etc.
<edcragg> i'm having trouble building a package for which the configure script has a `usr/bin/env perl` shebang. i've included perl in buildInputs (also tried nativeBuildInputs) but i'm getting `./configure: /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory` when building with nix-build. is there anything i can do about this?
<tilpner> klntsky: 2GB might be possible, but it's not going to be fun
<tilpner> edcragg: You could try to use patchShebangs
<tilpner> Search nixpkgs for examples
<edcragg> ah, this is something i was blissfully unaware of, thanks
<tilpner> https://search.nix.gsc.io/?q=patchShebangs.*configure&i=nope&files=&repos=
<edcragg> was thinking of patching it manually
<edcragg> looks like a handy search site, too
<edcragg> seems to have done the trick, thanks tilpner :)
<klntsky> tilpner: thanks
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<tilpner> klntsky: FWIW, https://qfpl.io/posts/nix/starting-simple-hydra/ uses a VM with 4GB
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<fex42> hi there, I'm missing libgl.so in nixos 19.03 - is there an easy way to get it back into /run/opengl-driver/lib ?
<etu> fex42: What are you trying to do? Compiling something or?
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<fex42> wanted to build Haskell Gloss with cabal and it fails with "Missing (or bad) C library: GL"
<etu> ,libraries fex42
<{^_^}> fex42: Don't install libraries through nix-env or systemPackages, use nix-shell instead. See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/Libraries for details.
<ambro718> fex42: NixOS now used libglvnd, a single OpenGL library that dispatches to the appropriate vendor library. You need to link to libGL which is part of the libglvnd package.
<fex42> I already found this, but have no clue what todo: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/40001
<{^_^}> #40001 (by tiramiseb, 1 year ago, closed): libGL.so missing in the mesa-drivers package
<ambro718> or better, use the "libGL" attribute which I think on Linux just points to libglvnd
<ambro718> (it's not exactly the same things but a separate package with symlinks and some other stuff, anyway this is what stuff should depend on and link to)
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<ambro718> fex42: nix-shell -p libGL <other libs...>
<ambro718> I'm not sure if using cabal is the right thing, someone else here probably has haskell experience
<fex42> Ok, I try that nix-shell command, thank you!
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<fex42> (I guess it's not cabal related, but on arch linux I could compile the gloss stuff with cabal, so I try to do the same with nixos now)
<ambro718> fex42: just compiling things on NixOS doesn't work well, you almost always need to integrate with nix in some way so that it solves dependencies for you
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<kshaa> Is there a way to add some extra output for nixops deploy? I.e. if I have some service which will auto-generate a key and I want to see it right in the nixops deploy log.
<kshaa> By service I mean a systemd service.
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<JaakkoLuttinen[m> How do I add packages to buildInputs with an overlay? I've only found examples about how NOT to do it.. https://blog.flyingcircus.io/2017/11/07/nixos-the-dos-and-donts-of-nixpkgs-overlays/
<pie_> is there a tutorial on doing basic overrides of say a .src on a mkderivation that i can just link to people?
<pie_> writing a simple .nix file or something
<immae> JaakkoLuttinen[m: package = super.package.overrideAttrs(old: { buildInputs = (old.buildInputs or []) ++ [ self.your self.additional self.dependencies ]; })
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<eliasp> struggling with overlay-based overrides as well... all I'm trying to do, is to use a different version for a pkg, e.g.: http://ix.io/1I62 - the expression is definitely evaluated during `nixos-rebuild build`, but it seems it doesn't result in anything being built. Am I doing something obvious wrong here?
<tilpner> > xorg.xorgserver.src.override
<{^_^}> attribute 'override' missing, at (string):253:1
<LnL> eliasp: override is for dependencies / flags, you want overrideAttrs for this
<tilpner> There is no such attribute. You are trying to re-call xorgserver with different arguments, and it doesn't take a src argument, so this doesn't errrr for you
<tilpner> *error
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<eliasp> LnL: thanks a lot - I'll give this a try - makes ense
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<LnL> since it's a nested attribute you also want to make sure to extend the xorg set instead of replacing it
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<eliasp> ok, this is most likely what previously gave me weird issues of completely different pkgs (e.g. gtk+) not finding xorg components, such as libXinerama etc
<eliasp> still, using your gist results in no build results... :/
<LnL> if the references to xorgserver don't go trough the fixpoint nothing except the attribute itself will change
<eliasp> hmm, so I'd have to check how xorgserver is referenced by other pkgs and then have my override follow this "path"?
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<eliasp> hmm, still only xorg-server-1.20.4 in my store...
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<LnL> you're not using ~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays for a nixos system right?
<eliasp> using system-wide overlays in /etc/nixos/overlays
<LnL> hmm, that's a thing?
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<talqu> hi, i a.nix and i install it to my system `nix-env -i $(nix-build a.nix)`. How should I include the same via my configuration.nix environment.systemPackages?
<pie_> aswanson, i ran into something weird, if I use pyStuff = (python3.override { self = enableDebugging pkgs.python;} ).withPackages (p: with p; [ Keras tensorflow ]); instead of pyStuff = python3.withPackages (p: with p; [ Keras tensorflow ]); i get a different error https://bpaste.net/show/ed6d269724f6
<pie_> im not sure if thats an improvement , but i dont know why enabling debugging should have changed that...
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<pie_> oh maybe i messed up the python version i passed...rebuilding
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<pie_> (gonna take a while)
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<pie_> when I try to rebuild any (?) python 3 version with enabledebugging i get:
<pie_> output '/nix/store/jn3w518ahhj6jj3bcas09nd5vbxk00vj-python3-3.7.3' is not allowed to refer to the following paths:
<pie_> /nix/store/w93v7dqbl5glbggwgr77zayp9z5qn8a9-openssl-1.0.2r-dev
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<eliasp> LnL: could it be, that the problem I'm seeing is caused by the fact that I have `services.xserver.enable = true;` in my cfg and the corresponding module (nixos/modules/services/x11/xserver.nix) pulls in `xorg.xorgserver.out`, not `xorg.xorgserver`?
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<ambro718> @flokli, could you give some more info on those virtualbox tests? They run virtualbox in quemu expecting it to work?
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<ambro718> I am trying to run them now but I am getting a kernel recompile (might be because of my other changes).
<ambro718> Do they run under software emulation or KVM?
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<flokli> ambro718: they should run in kvm
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<ambro718> yeah I see
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<ambro718> flokli: it makes quite some progress booting the kernel inside virtuabox and the the host panics, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2tqFrXVrXt/
<ambro718> I saw that in the other PR
<flokli> yes, some tests seem to succeed, or at least get very far
<jakkn> Hi, any advice on managing nixos config files? I've looked around at Google/reddit/HN and only found opinionated alternatives that required file copying and chowning and whatnoot. Any semi-official recommendations around?
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<gchristensen> jakkn: NixOS doesn't care where you put it. for al ong long time I kept it in /etc/nixos, now I keep it in ~/projects/nixos
<gchristensen> ~/projects/nixos-config that is
<ambro718> flokli: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=90831 does not say anything about running VirtualBox inside KVM, only KVM inside VirtualBox or VirtualBox inside VirtualBox...
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<flokli> ambro718: true. well, it used to work (tm) with 5.2.x
<ambro718> maybe the new nested virt features actually broke it
<flokli> yup, that might very well be the case
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<flokli> but I don't really feel confident enough to start reading that code…
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<flokli> maybe try to find an easy repro and update an create a bug report upstream about it?
<ambro718> ah it says "on host systems that run AMD CPUs", my CPU is Intel and the checkbox in the GUI is disabled even
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<jakkn> gchristensen: then you symlink those files to /etc/nixos/, correct?
cfricke has joined #nixos
<pie_> is it sufficient to put a library in buildinputs for dlopen to work?
<pie_> i think its not sufficient but i dont remember how this is supposed to work
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<manveru> ryantm: you around to talk about adding gem support to nixpkgs-update?
MmeQuignon has joined #nixos
<pie_> ok i temporarily fixed something with ld preload.... nix packages need a dev mode that contains checks for dlopens that ultimately dont find a result :P
<ambro718> flokli: so I am assuming that in these tests virtualbox runs without HW virt support, can you say that's true?
<ambro718> and this is the reason that a 32-bit VM is started
<ambro718> flokli: if you look closely at the error (https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2tqFrXVrXt/) you see it happens just as the kernel is initializing the serial port
<ambro718> flokli: it must be the same bug as https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=91974 !
<flokli> ambro718: not necessarily, it might also do something after that, but dies before being able to spit out the log
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<ambro718> in this report, virtualbox is using SW virtualization, and they get that same guru medidation as a program opens the serial port
<flokli> hah, nice catch
<ambro718> we should just disable the serial port in the guest
<flokli> the weird part: for some vms, I get serial output
<flokli> so maybe it's just the vm tests that enable usb, too?
<ambro718> what do you means serial output
<ambro718> are these vms supposed to put something to serial?
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<ambro718> I'm not sure over what channel those kernel logs from the guest are shown anyway
cosmo_ has joined #nixos
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<flokli> ambro718: virtualbox vms are initialized with com port and proper console= params
englishm has joined #nixos
<flokli> grep for vboxtestlog in nixos/tests/virtualbox.nix (and above)
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<ambro718> flokli: but /run/virtualbox-log-${name}.sock lives on the kvm machine right, not inside the vbox guest?
buffet has joined #nixos
<flokli> ambro718: that's the file socket living in the nixos vm. on the other side, it's attached to the serial port of the virtualbox vm (which is running inside the nixos vm)
<ambro718> vmFlags in createVM are plassed to qemu?
<flokli> yes. sub createVM_… calls modifyvm with these flags
<flokli> L219
<ambro718> ah I see
<flokli> commented out the uart options from vmFlags, and rerunning tests… let's see
<ambro718> well it might not fix it if the uart hardware exists by default (not sure)
<flokli> well, most of the things are failing again with that Details: code VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80bb0005) error I posted on your PR
<ambro718> I never seen this error
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<ambro718> time to find a 32bit VM *somewhere* to try just running with SW virt, outside of tests
nD5Xjz_ has joined #nixos
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<jnetod> how do I chroot into an arbitrary distro from nixos?
nD5Xjz has joined #nixos
<jnetod> I have an existing fedora installation and I want to chroot into it.
<gnzh> hello everyone, i have a small question. was trying to make swapfile work for hibernation with nixos, is it even possible? I did try to manually add resume=/var/swapfile and set remuse_offset in kernel options without any luck. I saw in init script that there is a section that cleans swap partition on boot, might this be cause of issues for me?
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<jchia_> which nixos setting can be used to set the console font size in text mode?
npmccallum has joined #nixos
<gnzh> @jchia_, i18n.consoleFont
<gnzh> @jchia_, https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#i18n.consolefont
<jchia_> gnzh: I tried Lat2-Terminus16 and Lat2-Terminus32 and there seemed to be no difference
<gnzh> @jchia_, interesting, i never actually checked if this works :)
kreisys has joined #nixos
<gnzh> @jnetod, to chroot afaik you need to mount dev proc sys and then it should work
ardumont has joined #nixos
<__monty__> gnzh: Those @'s are super confusing. Makes everyone look like ops. IRC custom is to just not.
dsiypl4__ has joined #nixos
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<DigitalKiwi> also @ is likely to trigger bots
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<eliasp> jnetod: `systemd-nspawn -D /root/of/your/distro` - you can also "boot" it by adding the `-b` param
<jchia_> gnzh: I suspect the problem is because I don't have Lat2-Terminus32 on my system or there is no such thing. I wonder how I can list all the available console fonts.
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<jchia_> It's also unexpected that nixos-rebuild didn't give an error or warning about a missing font.
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<AlexRice[m]> Does anyone use spacemacs and use the nixos layer on it?
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<infinisil> ,ask AlexRice[m]
<{^_^}> AlexRice[m]: Just ask your question. It's the best way to know if anybody can help. Or look at other ways of getting in touch with the Nix community here: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Get_In_Touch
<pie_> AlexRice[m], i dont but ive been meaning to set it up, ping me if you get anything cool :)
<AlexRice[m]> I guess my question was whether there was any magic you needed to add to configuration to get indentation working
<AlexRice[m]> it currently wants to force no indentation anywhere in a nix script
<manveru> AlexRice[m]: i use nix-mode, but indentation is all kinds of broken here as well
<manveru> definitely no auto-indent :(
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<AlexRice[m]> manveru: that's a shame, I'm sure the mode claims to indent stuff nicely so I assumed I had just failed to turn it on
<jnetod> gnzh: I've tried this already, no success.
<jnetod> eliasp: systemd-nspawn worked out. thanks!
<manveru> AlexRice[m]: yeah, it definitely has indentation support, it's just not very smart i think
<manveru> no clue why
<manveru> matthewbauer: ping :)
<AlexRice[m]> manveru: just looked in the customize options, and there is a nix-indent-function option, I might give the option that's marked smart but buggy a go
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<manveru> godspeed!
<isaac2> I am back up
<isaac2> err awake
<isaac2> I still have an Maximus Code motherboard that I can't get to boot a nixos USB in UEFI
<jchia_> "sudo nix-collect-garbage -d" cleans up stuff from the filesystem, apparently, but at boot time, I still have many generations and the early ones no longer work. (I get kernel panics if I selecet them, presumably because the necessary files have been deleted.) How can I finish the work of the nix-collect-garbage command and remove the options that no longer work?
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2 is that an asus one?
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: yes
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: I had a similar problem with an asus motherboard but I did get it to work
<gnzh> __monty__, sorry, my bad. havent used irc for couple of years now. slack took over in most of the communities
<manveru> jchia_: the boot entries are removed on the next nixos-rebuild
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: unfortunately cannot remember what I did, but could look through irc logs if you want
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: is it giving an error to mount something then fails stage one problem
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: I wish
<jchia_> manveru: I see, and I notice that if the config didn't change, nix-rebuild doesn't add a new generation.
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: isolinux.bin missing or corrupt
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: Have you got a different computer you can try the usb on?
<qyliss> Where does nix-shell get its environment variables from?
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: yes
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: Ah I have found what fixed it for me, try downloading the nixos-unstable install image
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: ??
<isaac2> That sounds bad, why please
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<AlexRice[m]> https://releases.nixos.org/nixos/unstable/nixos-19.09pre178260.190727db4ea , It's just the install iso but build against the unstable channel
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<AlexRice[m]> My only guess is that it had some sort of extra kernel module that my motherboard needed
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<AlexRice[m]> Your error sounds different but it is probably worth a try
<AlexRice[m]> You can always change back to stable channel once installed
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: how so if its a kernel module?
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: Good point, I haven't really investigated as I use unstable anyway
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: well lets see if it boots
<AlexRice[m]> manveru: from my 3 seconds of testing nix-indent-line seems a lot better
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: ok it just booted the USB in UEFI
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: great
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: so now I have the choice of running unstable on this build
<isaac2> or accepting that the problem was nixos all along
<isaac2> and using legacy and stable
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: it might be that stable with latest kernel works or something
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: or it could be only a problem with the install iso, I really have no idea
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: how would I obtain an install usb like that?
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: what is the risk of using unstable?
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<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: I don't think you would obtain an install image with stable and latest kernel, but you could install your system like that using the unstable usb iso
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: how? Do tell!
<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: you want to help out? I can send you a one time ssh!
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: Just install it as you normally would
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: wont that install unstable?
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: It might do but you could boot into the new system, change the channel and rebuild
<ajs124> isaac2, building an iso like that is pretty easy, do you want a .nix file that builds one?
<AlexRice[m]> or do that ^
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<AlexRice[m]> as for using a more recent kernel I believe you want `boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest;
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<AlexRice[m]> ` in your config
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<AlexRice[m]> also fwiw I couldn't get the archlinux iso to work either so I believe this is an asus problem not a nixos problem
<AlexRice[m]> <isaac2 "Alex Rice: what is the risk of u"> The risk is that packages have a higher chance of breaking
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: https://pastebin.com/GcVWi6hJ
<isaac2> how's this look?
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<AlexRice[m]> I'm unsure if commenting out the hostname and timezone bits is a good idea but other than that it is what I was thinking
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-19.03-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/a177da6b86e (from 6 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-19.03-small)
<petercommand> anyone know how I can lookup network manager logs in nixos?
<manveru> journalctl -u network-manager.service
<ambro718> Where can I find old nixos releases?
<petercommand> manveru: thanks! it worked!
<manveru> ambro718: like this? http://howoldis.herokuapp.com/
<ambro718> yes, thanks
<AlexRice[m]> ambro718: or https://nixos.org/channels/
<ambro718> what kernel parameter to add to see full kernel output in the console?
<ambro718> never mind
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<talqu> I have a.nix and I can install it into the system `nix-env -i $(nix-build a.nix)`. How can i reference this local file in configuration.nix, to get the same effect as putting the package name in environment.systemPackages?
<ambro718> Can I change a 64bit system to 32-bit just with nixops, or will horrible things happen?
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<immae> talqu: environment.systemPackages = [ (import /path/to/a.nix) ]; ?
<immae> or environment.systemPackages = [ (callPackage /path/to/a.nix {}) ]; depending on how your a.nix is written
<talqu> thank immae
<talqu> *thank you
<ambro718> what do I set in nixops machine to make it 32-bit?
<ambro718> I know I did this a while ago, it must be a simple option one sets to "i686-linux"
<immae> talqu you’re welcome
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<fyuuri> Hi. After upgrading to NixOS 19.03, my fish shell (which was upgraded to 3.1), does not load my fish_prompt anymore. It load the one user /nix/store/.... How can I change the bahaviour back?
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<aswanson> fyuuri: you can define the fish_prompt function in config.nix under `programs.fish.promptInit`
<aswanson> configuration.nix, sorry for the abbreviation
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<fyuuri> @ aswanson thx! Did that change in the last upgrade?
<fyuuri> Also, it does not load functions that are defined in .config/fish/functions/ before loading .config/fish/config.fish
<ambro718> How do get the ssh public key generated by nixops so I can add it as an authorized key on the target machine
<jchia_> After I "nixos-rebuild switch", "nix-collect-garbage -d" and then "nix-store --gc" as root, I see a directory "/nix/store/fwvfi3shxx71fzk5igwbqcynjbxf5ndy-terminus-font-4.47/share/consolefonts/" but terminus-fonts is not in my config's environment.systemPackages. How can I track down why this directory exists?
<jchia_> Am I doing the garbage collection wrongly?
<ajs124> jchia_, you can try using "nix why-depends"
<aswanson> fyuuri: no idea how recent that change was, but I found it the last time I tweaked my prompt/greeting/aliases about 3 weeks ago
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<aswanson> I share pieces of my configuration.nix between my desktop and laptop so having fish stuff defined there is really convenient for me
<fyuuri> aswanson: That was after the 19.03 upgrade most likely
<fyuuri> I have a config git repo... so for me its really annoying right now... I just wanted to do a quick upgrade..
<fyuuri> Do you also have the rest of your fish config there? I have a quite long fish config file
<fyuuri> Is there a list with all the things you can define for fish.* `
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<ambro718> https://nixos.org/nixops/manual/#idm140737320383856 how do I actually get the nixops ssh keys?
<ambro718> is says "You can access the generated keypair by using the following options.", what does that mean?
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<isaac2> ok!
<aswanson> fyuuri: you can check `man configuration.nix`, everything available for fish.* will be in there
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<isaac2> AlexRice[m]: I installed and it booted no problem :)
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<isaac2> I loaded up my old configuration.nix and modified it a tad for the new computer
<AlexRice[m]> isaac2: good to hear
<isaac2> and updated the version number (as its a fresh install)
<isaac2> but the build failed
<isaac2> could not build etc
<isaac2> never seen that one before
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<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-19.03-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/a177da6b86e (from 7 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-19.03-darwin)
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<fyuuri> @aswanson thx!
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<fyuuri> When I start urxvt via i3, it loads a fish with my prompt...
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<fyuuri> How can you install pluging via fisher now?
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<ambro718> Why would nixops keep "waiting for the machine to finish rebooting" if the machine is online and reachable? nixops ssh works even.
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<dmj`> ambro718: is it that same machine? Are you using --include
<dmj`> s/that/the
<ambro718> no include, but never mind, I don't care about it anymore (it was a temp thing)
<ambro718> In a VM test, can I specify certain qemu options, like -cpu ?
<ambro718> Is there any documentation for makeTest?
<deadloko> ambro718: testing not documented yet (or i can't find it), but see nix_cmake_example on github for reference
<deadloko> !rules
<deadloko> is it allowed to post links here?
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<dmj`> ambro718: yea you can define the vm settings, like memory amount and such
<MichaelRaskin> Links relevant to the ongoing Nix-related discussions are definitely OK
<ambro718> dmj`: setting config.virtualisation.qemu.options will work in makeTest?
<dmj`> ambro718: virtualisation = { diskSize = ..; memorySize = ...; cores = ...; };
<ambro718> dmj`: I want to add qemu-kvm options, specifically -cpu
<dmj`> ambro718: is definitely possible, I would summon @clever
<dmj`> ambro718: he is the god of nix
<m1cr0man> Hey folks, where would be the best place for me to start learning how the nixos filesystem is structured?
<gchristensen> m1cr0man: possible the PhD thesis?
<ambro718> well figured it out already :) virtualisation.qemu.options = ["-cpu" "xxxx"];
<deadloko> ambro718: accoarding to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/lib/qemu-flags.nix you may want to override qemuBinary soomehow
<{^_^}> thesis redefined, was defined as https://nixos.org/~eelco/pubs/phd-thesis.pdf
<gchristensen> oh hehe
<m1cr0man> gchristensen, Oh cool! I assume it is pretty accurate as to the current way nixos works?
<gchristensen> m1cr0man: the file structure Nix uses hasn't changed since :)
<m1cr0man> class ok :D thanks. That's a LOOOT of pages but it should be a fun read.
<gchristensen> oh my
<gchristensen> https://nixos.org/~eelco/pubs/ there are other shorter ones :P
<simpson> m1cr0man: Do you perhaps have a more specific question? Many folks want to know stuff like "where are all the packages?" or "can I get a list of what's in my profile?"
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<joepie91> m1cr0man: I usually link people to https://nixos.org/~eelco/pubs/nspfssd-lisa2004-final.pdf
<{^_^}> thesis redefined, was defined as https://nixos.org/~eelco/pubs/phd-thesis.pdf
<m1cr0man> simpson, "Where are all the packages?" is kind of what I'm wondering, but at a higher level. I've had this notion recently that the fact that most deployment strategies nowadays involve packaging an entire operation system to run a single binary is a bit barbaric. I'm wondering does NixOS (even partially) solve this problem in the way it structures packages and runs containers. My logic is that if 2 pieces of containerised software need the
<m1cr0man> same version of a dependency, it should only be present on the system in one place to make the updating process less daunting
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<gchristensen> yeah Nix does that
<joepie91> m1cr0man: to be clear, NixOS does not use containers at all, unless you explicitly configure it to
<gchristensen> m1cr0man: https://grahamc.com/blog/nix-and-layered-docker-images might be relevant & interesting
<m1cr0man> joepie91, yeah I noticed that
<joepie91> m1cr0man: a lot of deployment strategies conflate dependency isolation and runtime isolation, and they apply runtime isolation (Docker etc.) to get dependency isolation as a side effect
<joepie91> Nix only provides dependency isolation
<joepie91> (which is /usually/ what you want)
<joepie91> if you want to also have runtime isolation for some reason, then you can either use declarative containers (in NixOS), or your favourite other containerization technology
<simpson> m1cr0man: Ignoring NixOS for a moment (or, at least, treating it as nixpkgs + systemd), the packages are in a heap, much like spare dynamic memory allocations in a process. This heap, the "Nix store", is garbage-collectable, has roots, etc.; the analogy is quite complete.
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<simpson> You have whichever packages are currently at your fingertips.
<m1cr0man> Oh right, yeah that makes a lot of sense.
<simpson> Nix treats your disk like Firefox treats your RAM~
<simpson> > firefox
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/05vqbafvsdr0zlrfwdryy3zsmnqc6q7c-firefox-66.0.3.drv>"
<gchristensen> lol.
<m1cr0man> This is all super helpful, thanks folks! I am going to do some more experimenting and if I have more questions I'll be back here again :)
<joepie91> :)
<joepie91> enjoy!
<gchristensen> yeah, good questions! have fun, come back
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<edcragg> is there any advantage to declaring a list as singleton in Nix? i see a number of packages using `users.users = singleton { }`, but presume that it's not compulsory
<tilpner> edcragg: singletion is defined with: singleton = x: [x]
<tilpner> edcragg: It's really just a function that returns the element in a list, nothing special
<tilpner> edcragg: The comment above the definition says this can be more convenient for indentation
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<edcragg> ok, cool. thanks
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<edcragg> so it's not something to do with adding an extra user to users.users in a module?
<gchristensen> nope
<gchristensen> > :p lib.singleton 1 == [ 1 ]
<{^_^}> true
<edcragg> hmm
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<lambda-11235> Is there a way to get appimages to run?
<ivan> lambda-11235: appimage-run
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<edcragg> gchristensen, tilpner: seems to me that https://pastebin.com/raw/Kk71GxAN is entirely redundant, though
<gchristensen> yes, I wouldn't recommend using the first version
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<bifunc2> Did anyone manage to successfully complete "12.5. Completing graphviz with gd" ?
cyris212 has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.5+deb1+deb9u1 - http://znc.in]
<bifunc2> I keep getting the "Format: "png" not recognized" error no matter what. I tried on both Linux and macOS.
<bifunc2> Any ideas?
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<JaakkoLuttinen[m> If an executable is wrapped with setuid using `security.wrappers`, does this wrapped setuid executable appear somewhere in `/nix/store` or only in `/run/wrappers`? I'm asking because I'd like to create a script which uses this setuid'd executable with a fixed path without relying it being in PATH.
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> It would feel "wrong" to use `/run/wrappers/bin/foobar` in a script instead of `${pkgs.foobar}/bin/foobar` but so that this latter would be just the setuid'd executable..
<maurer> JaakkoLuttinen[m: My understanding is that /nix/store is intended to be mountable from a nosuid source
<maurer> (and that we don't want suid bits showing up in .nar etc)
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<gchristensen> a NAR doesn't have the ability to store the suid bit
<maurer> JaakkoLuttinen[m: Can you give more context on where you want to be able to call "the suid version of foobar"?
<gchristensen> and SUID bits are prevented from being set on macOS and Linux during builds, and are stripped after the build completes
<maurer> If it's just a personal script or something, just call the one from wrappers/bin. If it's packaged, you may want to contrive for yourself to be root, then exec the script
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> maurer: I'm creating my i3 config file with nix and there I want to define key binding for locking the screen with slock. For this, I need to use the wrapped slock executable.
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<maurer> JaakkoLuttinen[m: Ah, I do the same thing for xmonad. I just call the slock in path
<maurer> Doing /run/wrappers/bin/slock is totally clean there, fear not
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> ok, thanks!
<maurer> gchristensen: And given the shenanigans e.g. calibre has engaged in in the past, I think that is a good decision
<maurer> gchristensen: Too easy for a suid to slip past the package maintainer otherwise
<gchristensen> :o what'd calibre do? :o
<maurer> They made a "mount helper" binary to make it possible to autoconnect to kindles and such
<maurer> but they are not exactly low level systems people
<maurer> and it had lots of vulns
<maurer> and they made their mount helper binary suid so they wouldn't need to ask for permission
<maurer> etc.
<maurer> 2011-4124,4125,4126 at a minimum, I think there was another batch reported at some point
<gchristensen> my word
<maurer> I mean, I see how they got there, but this is why it's good to have processes to help guard against this kind of thing
<gchristensen> yeah.
<gchristensen> I am definitely +1 on revoking their privilege to do such things by default
<maurer> (I'd also say this is an argument in cap-based perms if any of you are making a new kernel :P
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<gchristensen> yes please
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<gchristensen> it is a shame that capabilities based CPU never went anywhere
<clever> something ive thought of, is that you can pass open file handles over a unix socket
<maurer> gchristensen: Look into CHERI-MIPS
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<maurer> gchristensen: They are getting a bit of momentum
<clever> what if the filesystem was just an open handle you get passed as fd#4 ?
<clever> and you ask it to open files over an rpc
<gchristensen> oh my good grief clever that is a cool idea
knupfer has joined #nixos
<clever> then it returns handles to you
<maurer> clever: Yeah, you can emulate caps that way using seccomp
<gchristensen> maurer: link?
<maurer> clever: this is one of the intended uses of seccomp
<clever> and chroot can be done without root, by just pulling off a mitm attack on the fs channel
<clever> setuid binaries become an issue though
<maurer> gchristensen: It's a combination of a BSD port and a hardware design, but still in academic world
<MichaelRaskin> Wait, if we are talking of mounting Kindle, the correct way with Linux would be just to allow the FUSE helper to get the USB device FD as #4
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: That doesn't let them scan for the kindle
<maurer> This wasn't a fuse helper
<maurer> it was a thing that scanned USB/bluetooth etc and then executed an appropriate "mount" command
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<maurer> gchristensen: If you are further curious about it, I know one of the postdocs on the project and can forward questions or make an introduction
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<MichaelRaskin> I think unprivileged process can learn enough of USB to ask the helper for a specific device
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: this may be true
<maurer> I'd have to go reread exactly what thye were doing
<gchristensen> maurer: oh dear I am not educated enough :)
<gchristensen> thank you though
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<MichaelRaskin> But yeah, all these crap devices are not a well-specified enough problem, so the solutions tend to be hacky and with holes in other directions
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09 advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/8b166e50073 (from 10 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09)
<maurer> As much as I dislike a lot of Android system design, I think their vendor/system split was actually pretty genious
<maurer> *genius
<zeta> is this error talking about home.nix or do i need to create this default.nix directory ? error: getting status of '/home/wolf/default.nix': No such file or directory
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<maurer> zeta: Context? It sounds like you ran nix-build or nix-shell in your homedir
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> I enable xss-lock: `programs.xss-lock.enable = true`, but still there's no xss-lock systemd service found with `systemctl status xss-lock`.. What could be wrong?
<MichaelRaskin> maurer: I have a feeling that the proper vendor/system split was called «BIOS Interrupts»
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: So, the vendor/system split in this case allows the vendors to have userspace daemons as well, which provide generically specified APIs
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: And then enforces it with SELinux
<MichaelRaskin> I will believe it when phones get routinely upgraded to new Android versions without any vendor action
alexherbo29 has joined #nixos
<MichaelRaskin> Android is a graveyard of good design decisions that are never actually allowed to serve any useful purpose
<maurer> So, the split is already there in the architecture. I can't comment on whether you will be able to do independent upgrades in the future
<sphalerite> mumble mumble chrom(ium|e)os
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<zeta> i am setting up cachix, the last command(nix-build) is throwing the error, if you guys could take a quick look at the instructions, thanks
<maurer> My point was mostly that I think the notion of having a split between hardware-related daemons and general daemons both in privilege and design is smart
<clever> MichaelRaskin: i liked that you need a special gid to use network, but modern android doesnt even bother asking for net perms when installing
<maurer> zeta: That last command is not an installation command
<maurer> if you've gotten there, cachix is installed
<MichaelRaskin> clever: just one more example
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/c2a6501db03 (from 4 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-19.03-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/0ee4b21b13d (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-19.03-darwin)
<MichaelRaskin> I mean, intents are also great
<MichaelRaskin> Would be great if they were actually used
<maurer> zeta: It is an example command, e.g. if you go into a directory with a default.nix and run nix-build, it will use cachix
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<maurer> (assuming the previous commands completed successfully)
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: I can't really fully endorse intents - in an intensely privacy relevant context, it makes it very hard to know where information will go
<clever> i also like how you can serialize the state of an app and terminate it
<clever> then restore it later
<clever> but few apps actually use it properly
<maurer> zeta: tl;dr whatever you were configuring cachix for, go try to do it, and cachix *should* be invoked
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<maurer> clever: Yeah, I'm hoping that Optane + some clever libs may bring that to general purpose computing
knupfer has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<maurer> clever: Basically, if your data structures are designed in a semi-position-independent way, you could imagine being able to essentially "warm-boot" an application that was closed if you kept some of its data in optane rather than main memory
<zeta> oh, that makes sense, i am setting up cachix for the haskell-ide-engine, so does that mean i need to create a `default.nix` for this or will it be done automatically ?
<MichaelRaskin> maurer: that would be fixed by asking to confirm intent handler even if there is only one
<maurer> zeta: Run the command it tells you to run on hie-nix after configuring cachix
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: Only kind of - it would be a usability nightmare if I always had topick a browser to open links, for example
<maurer> MichaelRaskin: but at the same time, that very ability (opening links in a browser) is one of the way an app can leak data
<clever> maurer: many years ago, i made a program that used shm to share some cache structures between many procs, and the pie structures where fun to work with
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<MichaelRaskin> (I actually don;t have a default PDF handler set on my smartphone)
<clever> eeeh, without the e on pie, lol
<maurer> clever: Yeah, you'd probably need some fancy support libraries to make everyone not need to personally write everything that way)
alexherbo291 has joined #nixos
<maurer> e.g. you could imagine a rust proc macro that converted a datastructure that used boxes/arcs etc into one that used offset based pointers
alexherbo29 has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
<maurer> it would require some ninja voodoo from the library maintainer, but then you could allocate one of those in the pseudo-nvram space, and be able to get it back later
<maurer> which would be pretty cool
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<zeta> maurer: thanks, i'll give it a try
<zeta> maurer++
<{^_^}> maurer's karma got increased to 3
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
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<das_j> ,locate gnustep-config
<{^_^}> Found in packages: gnustep-make
fenedor has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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<parsnip> hmm, i have ~/.nix-profile/Applications/Emacs.app, but not sure the idiomatic way to make this available to Spotlight, etc
<parsnip> i guess i could add that to the very few locations i let spotlight index
zeta has joined #nixos
<parsnip> (i only let spotlight index /Applications/, to avoid cpu usage on dumb things like Maildir, git repos, etc
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
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<zeta> i am still not sure `where` and `when` i need to do the last command(nix-build) ? https://hie-nix.cachix.org/
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<zeta> i am doing this for `haskell-ide-engine`:
<maurer> So, cachicx is a generic service for nix binary build caches
<maurer> *cachix
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
<maurer> The instructions on cachix.org are generic for cachix - the hie-nix you see in the subdomain is just filling in which cache to enable
<maurer> Many people adding a cache to nix are doing so to facilitate builds of some project, which is usually done via nix-build
<maurer> Since you're just installing HIE, you are unlikely to run nix-build in a way that will need cachix
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<mog> can i see easily whats taking up space in my /nix ? like which derivations are fat?
kshaa has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
<zeta> well it says if i do not use cachix, hie will take a long time to compile ?
<clever> mog: du -h --max=1 /nix/store/ | sort -h
<maurer> zeta: Yes. That nix-env -i command I pointed you at is the one that would have taken a while
<maurer> That describes a way to *build* hie - but since you enabled the cache, it sees that the build is cached, and just downloads it instead
shibboleth has joined #nixos
<maurer> zeta: If you really want to see what the nix-build it's talking about is, you can clone https://github.com/domenkozar/hie-nix , cd into that directory, and run nix-build
<maurer> but it will just create a results/ directory symlinked to the thing you just installed
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<zeta> so would recommend me to just remove cache and just compile hie, or to keep using it, is it worth the hassle ?
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
<maurer> You've already enabled the cache, why disable it?
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<maurer> Unless you're worried about trust issues, in which case you shouldn't just be blindly typing commands anyways
<infinisil> zeta: Fyi, https://github.com/infinisil/all-hies is there to replace hie-nix
Guest14210 is now known as fgaz
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<asdf__> hi can some one help me i'm trying to uncrypt disk that is a root device
<asdf__> that isnt i mean
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<zeta> infinisil: thanks, i did not know hie-nix was outdated
trevthedev has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.4]
<infinisil> all-hies is rather new :)
<lambda-11235> For packaging, what should you do if an open source game is bundled with non-free libraries, secifically the discord and steam APIs?
<pie_> cut out the cancer? :P
<lambda-11235> Can't. Not without rewriting the game.
<maurer> lambda-11235: Are they just depending on those APIs, or actually shipping libraries?
<mog> clever, doesnt work very well because of hard links id think?
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<lambda-11235> maurer: It has the .so and .h\ files included.
<lambda-11235> Would the solution be to just add a nonfree license to the meta?
<maurer> lambda-11235: I don't even know if you're allowed to redistribute those
<maurer> Even "nonfree" in nixpkgs has to at least be redistributable
<manveru> maurer: but we have discord and steam?
andreas303 has joined #nixos
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<maurer> manveru: It is frequently the case that those kinds of things are licensed in such a way that you can redistribute them for running their app, but not separately, etc.
<maurer> manveru: I do not know the licenses for the libraries in question
<maurer> So, I would advise lambda-11235 to go read the licenses before uploading them
<MichaelRaskin> I would say that if it cannot work without bundled Steam, the package as a whole is unfree
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<MichaelRaskin> Which is still acceptable for submission to Nixpkgs as an expression — won't be built on Hydra, of course
<asdf__> what is the best way to decypt a drive after boot during systemd
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> nixos doesn't seem to restart a systemd user service after `nixos-rebuild switch` although `ExecStart` of the service has changed. I need to manually run `systemctl --user restart foobar`. Is this right or can I make it restart automatically?
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> `xss-lock` service in particular
kshaa has joined #nixos
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> I suppose it should reload automatically: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/29146
<infinisil> JaakkoLuttinen[m: NixOS doesn't restart user services by defaut
<{^_^}> #29146 (by akamaus, 1 year ago, closed): Systemd user services are not reloaded on nix-rebuild
<infinisil> JaakkoLuttinen[m: Reloading /= restarting
<JaakkoLuttinen[m> infinisil: ah, true. thanks!
<infinisil> Somebody would have to implement a smart restart script for user sessions, but I'm not sure if that's even possible
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/c2a6501db03 (from 5 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09-small)
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<zeta> infinisil: so just to make sure that i am doing this correctly, i need to remove hie-nix file: `rm -rf hie-nix.nix`, then: `cachix use all-hies` ? after that do i still need to clone: https://github.com/infinisil/all-hies and do a `nix-build` in that directory ? or do i continue with your instructions instead ? if i understand correctly: your instructions show how to clone `all-hies` within a nix file ? i'm
<zeta> confused !!!
<zeta> infinisil: so just to make sure that i am doing this correctly, i need to remove hie-nix file: `rm -rf hie-nix.nix`, then: `cachix use all-hies` ? after that do i still need to clone: https://github.com/infinisil/all-hies and do a `nix-build` in that directory ? or do i continue with your instructions instead ? if i understand correctly: your instructions show how to clone `all-hies` within a nix file ? i'm
<zeta> confused !!!
<zeta> sorry i accidently pasted more than once
<infinisil> zeta: I'm not sure why you have a hie-nix.nix file to begin with, it shouldn't have been needed. For all-hies you just follow the instructions in the readme
<infinisil> zeta: There's a section on installing with NixOS and one for installing with nix-env, choose whichever you prefer
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<ambro718> While updating VirtualBox I stumbled across this issue in NixOS VirtualBox tests, the mount.vboxsf program which is copied into the initrd fails at runtime because it cannot find library libcrypt.so.1. This is the line which copies the program into the initrd: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/7a47ebd84c48e00a4a0d1f7add0c23ae78eed237/nixos/tests/virtualbox.nix#L67
<ambro718> Does someone have a clue why this library fails to be copied (apparently)?
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<ambro718> My understanding is that the initrd generation code will automatically include linked libraries.
<infinisil> zeta: Let me know if the instructions are unclear
<infinisil> (specifically what is unclear in that case)
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<clever> ambro718: yeah, it will try to copy the libs into the initrd, and if it cant copy just the libs, it will just copy the entire closure
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<Ralith> is there an easy way to get a 19.03 system onto kernel 4.20?
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<zeta> infinisil: ok, like i said, i was reading outdated instructions, so i think i need to just remove the old `hie-nix` and just continue with your instructions on `all-hies`
<infinisil> zeta: Yeah that sounds good
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-19.03 advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/a177da6b86e (from 11 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-19.03)
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<zeta> infinisil: i was talking to rycee a while back and he said currently there is not a way to install and configure haskell-ide-engine with home-manager(`home.nix`) so i have to use `nix-env` instead. so your instructions are on how to install and configure haskell-ide-engine globally in `configuration.nix` ? is this correct ?
<infinisil> zeta: Ah, actually the instructions for NixOS can be used for home-manager the same way, by just using `home.packages` instead of `environment.systemPackages`
<colemickens> firefox is out, is someone racing to send the PR already?
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<{^_^}> #58471 (by colemickens, 5 weeks ago, open): cloud-utils: use `qemu-utils` instead of `qemu`
<colemickens> /topic
<ambro718> How could it happen that RUNPATH stripping fails to run? I don't see it disabled.
<ambro718> the package defines installPhase and buildCommand
<zeta> infinisil: sounds good, i'll give it a try, thanks !!!
<zeta> infinisil++
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 96
<{^_^}> #61008 (by colemickens, 1 minute ago, open): chromium: add useOzone and 'chromiumOzone' variant
<infinisil> zeta: Cool let me know how it goes :)
<ambro718> What is buildCommand supposed to do when specified for mkDerivation? I do not find documentation in the manual.
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<symphorien> buildcCommand overrides all the phases
<sondr3> I just updated my nix-channels and now I cannot install Emacs because it fails when installing emacs-rust-mode, anyone else experiencing this?
<symphorien> For derivations so simple you only need one phase
oida has joined #nixos
<sondr3> nevermind, there's a few others, now helpful doesn't want to compile
<sondr3> I get a 403 from the download apparently
<sondr3> err, nevermind again, now it worked
<sondr3> when in doubt run nixos-rebuild thrice
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<sondr3> in any case, I think you might get rate limited from GitHub now
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<sondr3> I get the occasional `curl: (7) Failed to connect to codeload.github.com port 443: Connection refused`
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<sheeldotme> I'd like to use a derivation available in the nixpkgs/unstable repository, is there a standard way to do that?
nD5Xjz has joined #nixos
<sondr3> sheeldotme: through configuration.nix or just via nix-env?
<sheeldotme> I'd like to add it as a nativeBuildInput in my derivation in default.nix
<sondr3> oh, whelp, out of my league then, sorry
<sheeldotme> that's ok, thanks for your help :)
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<sheeldotme> excellent, just what I needed. Thanks symphorien!
<Ralith> what's the proper way to override the version of mesa used to build the intel video drivers?
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<sheenobu> i miss nixos and i miss this channel. waddup
<gchristensen> hey sheenobu!
<sheenobu> hey gchristensen it's been a long time
<gchristensen> you can come back any time (◕‿◕✿)
<sheenobu> haha. my work machine has gotta be something more posix-y but i've had a new surface pro for awhile
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<sheenobu> aching to get something a bit more custom than stock fedora+gnome
gentauro has joined #nixos
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<Ralith> overriding mesa/mesa_noglu in configuration.nix has no effect :/
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<sondr3> huh, yeah, I cannot use the latest nix-channel because I get 403 from GitHub, had to rollback
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<Ralith> has anyone got a recent mesa building on NixOS at all?
<Ralith> seems like the build has changed a lot
<qyliss> I've been doing a bunch of playing with mesa fairly recently. Has been fine.
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<Ralith> well, the nixpkgs build sure doesn't work on git
nD5Xjz has joined #nixos
<Ralith> so far I'm up to stripping out the patches and adding meson and ninja to native deps
<qyliss> What nixpkgs commit are you trying?
<qyliss> oh, sorry, you're meaning a newer mesa than is packaged?
<qyliss> there are in progress PRs for that IIRC
<Ralith> yes
<Ralith> good to know
<Ralith> any idea how much is necessary to get an overridden build's drivers installed in the system?
<qyliss> #56199 might be of interest
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/56199 (by eadwu, 10 weeks ago, open): mesa: build with meson
<qyliss> Yeah, that should just be hardware.opengl.package
<Ralith> no such option is documented
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<clever> its an internal thing, so the docs omit it
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-19.03-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/0ee4b21b13d (from 5 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-19.03-small)
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<Ralith> that does not sound like the right way to override it, then
<qyliss> oh lol I didn't even notice
<qyliss> I found it by reading the module source
<clever> Ralith: ive set that option before to use a variant of libGL with debug symbols
<qyliss> I've used it to use a custom set of drivers
<Ralith> overriding mesa_drivers is getting the dep in somehow but it's unclear exactly how
<qyliss> I have an in-progress branch for making basically every mesa dependency optional
<clever> Ralith: if you only put your override into hardware.opengl.package, you can avoid the mass-rebuild it would otherwise cause
<qyliss> I believe mesa_drivers is the default value of hardware.openGL.package?
<qyliss> Possibly through an alias
<clever> i think its a buildEnv of drivers and something else
<Ralith> I don't have a lot of stuff in my systemPackages, so hopefully not a huge deal
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<Ralith> turning off all the drivers I need in the options annoyingly seems to have had no effect, leading to a very slow build
nD5Xjz has joined #nixos
<Ralith> (i.e. it's still building them)
<Ralith> probably the switch to meson that did it
<sheenobu> building nix v2.2.2 on fedora. should build fine but i'm not sure what to do after that.
<Ralith> and of course it fails at the last step
<Ralith> argh
<sheenobu> setup nixpkgs and switch my desktop to something nix-based while keeping my fedora base system... or start hacking together some things on top of the fedora base sysstem
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<lopsided98> Is there any way to make a setup hook refer to its own package?
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<sheenobu> lopsided98: i'm a little rusty. what are you trying to accomplish?
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<m1cr0man> Hey again quick question. Trying to build a netboot image. I'm running nix-build from an install I made in a VM. Where do I find the "nixos/release.nix" file?
<gchristensen> you have nixpkgs?
<gchristensen> in nixpkgs/nixos/release.nix
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<sheenobu> alright since i'm waiting on nix to build i'll go ahead and checkout nixpkgs. but i won't be happy about it =P
<e_linq> hi
<sheenobu> hullo
<m1cr0man> Hm I don't think I do, will read some more :P
<e_linq> what is it?
<e_linq> it may first time in irc
<e_linq> its fucking amazing
<lopsided98> sheenobu: I have a package that needs to set an environment variable that points at itself
<lopsided98> Mostly for nix-shell purposes
<colemickens> do you just need $out ?
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<lopsided98> colemickens: Normally setup hooks are defined in another derivation, so that doesn't work
<lopsided98> I guess I could manually create $out/nix-support/setup-hook
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<qyliss> that's not unheard of
<qyliss> Ruby does it, for example
<clever> i think mkDerivation also accepts a setupHook = ./hook.sh;
<clever> and it will be copied to the right spot for you
<clever> > cmake.meta.position
<{^_^}> "/var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo/pkgs/development/tools/build-managers/cmake/default.nix:114"
<clever> check the cmake source
<clever> > cmake.setupHook
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo/pkgs/development/tools/build-managers/cmake/setup-hook.sh
<clever> ah, there it is
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<e_linq> hey
<e_linq> sorry guys
<lopsided98> clever: yeah, that's the standard way, but since the setup hook is in a different derivation, you can't reference the package itself
zeta has joined #nixos
<e_linq> u a see my msgs?
<gchristensen> yep, e_linq
<clever> lopsided98: the thing with setupHook = ./foo; will get @out@ replaced by $out's value, when its copied into $out/nix-support/
<m1cr0man> wow..nixpkgs is a massive repo
<sheenobu> it really is lol
<lopsided98> clever: oh cool, I didn't realize you could do that
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<e_linq> nix is better a debian?
<clever> lopsided98: i belive the stdenv runs substituteAll over it
<sheenobu> hrm. i've got a thumb drive sitting here. wondering if i should just break down and blast away fedora for nix on here.
<lopsided98> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 127
<zeta> infinisil: could i a see a configuration of `all-hies`, every time i try to use: `let in` in configuration.nix i get a syntax error, is it better to create another nix file for `all-hies` and use it as a submodule ?
<sheenobu> if so, i mostly need to make sure my drivers work and my LUKS/LVM doesn't get destroyed
<infinisil> zeta: Can you show your nix file?
<zeta> infinisil: sure, let me pastebin it, one second
<sheenobu> how is wayland support?
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<qyliss> I can only speak for sway, but it works perfectly, and is super easy to set up
<sheenobu> cool. i'm not using sway now because 1. no out of the box touchscreen. 2. no wayland redshift for fedora. but nixos is a little easier for me to fight with
<zeta> something like that ?
<infinisil> zeta: Remove the { # ... }, I only put that there to try show that's where the rest of your config goes
<sheenobu> gchristensen: mind if i DM?
<gchristensen> not at all, though I'm semi AFK due to dinner prep :) (and then AFK for dinner)
<sheenobu> gchristensen: tomorrow, then =)
<gchristensen> sure!
<sheenobu> well i'm DM now and then yuo can get back to me whenever.
<Ashy> qyliss: there's a patched redshift fork on GitHub with sway support
<sheenobu> Ashy: i've seen it!
<Ashy> no screen sharing is why I'm still swapping back and forth between i3 and sway
<gchristensen> when I need to screen share, I start individual programs in X11 mode
<Ashy> no screen sharing in the particular vc service my work uses anyway
<gchristensen> for example, firefox: https://gist.github.com/grahamc/d4c9923be6901eca9317baf80849e8e4 or for sakura, GDK_BACKEND=x11 sakura
<zeta> infinisil: will that work ?
<maurer> So, out of curiosity, what are y'all trying to use wayland for? Has it grown improvements over X? I know X is kinda legacy, and wayland will probably *eventually* succeed it, but I've not actually heard of benefits to using wayland.
<infinisil> zeta: Yeah, just add the version you want to home.packages like in the NixOS section of the readme
<Qubasa> Does someone know how to get the original installPhase if you are trying to override a derivation? I am trying this but it doesn't work sadly: pkgs.lib.overrideDerivation pkgs.firefox (oldAttrs : { installPhase="${oldAttrs.installPhase}"; })
<simpson> maurer: Wayland explicitly *cannot* succeed X11, as it doesn't replace every use case. Most notably, Wayland isn't network-transparent and everybody involved has accepted that.
<maurer> simpson: by succeed here I mean become the default display server in linux distros. I use X forwarding sometimes, but I'm aware that most people don't
<maurer> It would need to offer some kind of other benefit though, and I'm not sure what that is beyond "the code doesn't smell as bad"
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<simpson> maurer: Okay. However, since Wayland can *host* an Xorg server, I imagine that Wayland supremacy would mean that we all still run Xorg for a few applications which haven't/won't migrate, as well as any network-transparent needs.
<Ashy> maurer: probably the most noticable improvement is no screen tearing
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<maurer> Ashy: What's an example of an application where I'd expect to see screen tearing?
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<maurer> (I may just be missing this because I'm a luddite who spends pretty much all his time in either lilyterm or chrome)
<zeta> infinisil: ok sounds good, also the terminal is telling me some cabal commands are outdated and do not work, why is that ?
<infinisil> zeta: Read the full message
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<bepvte> is the correct way to set musl as libc '--arg crossSystem '{ config = "x86_64-unknown-linux-musl";}''
<simpson> Ashy, maurer: Note that for many applications that can tear (Firefox and mpv come to mind for me), a bare-bones compositing manager like compton can do the same thing for Xorg.
<maurer> Oh, I'm running xcompmgr
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<maurer> so maybe that's why I do not see tearing
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<simpson> (Same codebase, different fork name. compton is a fork of xcompmgr.)
<maurer> simpson: So uh, are there benefits beyond the code being nice to wayland? I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm genuinely curious, since I frequently run fun cutting edge software on my machine, but never understood the pull of wayland
<colemickens> it actually works *well*? performance is consistent. hidpi and mixed dpi monitors works *well*
<bepvte> x11 lets any window read any windows contents, so theres a security boost, as well as VSYNC stuff never being a problem
<simpson> maurer: IMO there aren't really any benefits other than the memes: clean-slate, homesteading opportunities, every frame a painting, etc.
<simpson> The rendering model's certainly nicer than X11's! But it's not like that wasn't already known.
<Ashy> simpson: a compositor can help, but with 4k monitors screentearing is still fairly bad in say youtube in firefox
<maurer> colemickens: I thought mixed DPI problems were usually due to the apps not X?
<maurer> e.g. if I ask X about DPI of my two monitors, it does correctly register them as different numbers
<maurer> but applications can only seem to understand a single DPI, for whatever reason
<simpson> bepvte: Don't worry too much about that; without ARB_robustness, any (E)GL user can read GPU memory! (Even with ARB_robustness, security is not exactly a GPU driver priority.)
<colemickens> No, X fundamentally isn't setup to support it. Even in a model where it could, Xorg still needs to change to adapt. KDE folks are working on it because it's needed for XWayland and mixed DPI to work properly as well.
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<maurer> Not to mention without selinux or something similar, anything executing on your X already has full permission to act as you
<maurer> and go poke other things
<colemickens> It might know the *monitors* are different DPI, but the screen definitely isn't.
<simpson> Ashy: Sure. It's all down to the rendering model. Wayland's every-frame-a-painting model is very nice when the expected FPS is consistently above, say, 20 frames/s.
<simpson> maurer: We have a traditional analogy for this. DPI settings are like babies.
<bepvte> is there a way to set localsystem permanently without having to --arg every time i use nix-env
<simpson> You can't just pick one baby. You can't mix-and-match babies. You can't try to reinterpret one baby as another.
<Ralith> apparently overriding src on mesa doesn't work
<Ralith> just one thing after another
<maurer> Yeah, if I can put two different DPI monitors next to each other, and then move chrome from monitor A to monitor B and have it not look fucky (either way to big or way to small), that'd move me to wayland immediately
<Ralith> and hours of build in between
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<maurer> Ralith: does it perhaps use srcs?
<maurer> No, it uses src
<colemickens> maurer so, that's the case today, except Google kinda forgot to invest in Wayland at all, oops
<colemickens> so Chromium is basically the only thing that doesn't work well in Wayland.
<zeta> infinisil: will the import work locally in home.nix or does it have to be placed globally in configuration.nix, i am just curious ? https://hastebin.com/lomehusiso.bash
<colemickens> and thus all Electron apps too. Otherwise, what you described is exactly what happens with Sway.
<maurer> colemickens: Will Firefox work?
<bepvte> there is a lot of work going on on wayland but it is not built
<qyliss> firefox has good wayland support
<bepvte> firefox has a wayland port and its pretty good yeah
<colemickens> Yes.
<maurer> I specifically mean the DPI thing, not general wayland support
<colemickens> I actually switched back to stable today too.
<Ralith> or it did work and then the old version just got built anyway???
<colemickens> maurer yes
<colemickens> I specifically am saying mixed DPI works well with firefox and sway, as a daily user of all three
<qyliss> (make sure you use the firefox-wayland package though)
<infinisil> zeta: The `let in` syntax defines a variable for use in that file only, so you can reference `all-hies` within that file but not outside
<colemickens> qyliss wait what
<qyliss> It's the same, except it forces GDK_WAYLAND
<qyliss> GDK_BACKEND
<qyliss> whatever
<colemickens> Oh, right on.
<infinisil> zeta: Did you manage to install it?
<qyliss> So if you have an X11 program that tries to spawn firefox, you won't get X11 firefox
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<ambro718> How do I get NixOS test logs (including machine screenshots) if the test fails?
<ambro718> I see this in the output: machine: sending monitor command: screendump /nix/store/dhsn4sryl7w8dlxa9xxqy01aajl7q8ci-vm-test-run-virtualbox-simple-gui/gui_manager_started.png.ppm
<ambro718> no idea how to get to that picture
<zeta> infinisil: i'm almost done, i just finished configuring cabal, now back to all-hies, i'll let you if i got it to work or not
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<zeta> infinisil++
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 97
<infinisil> Alright :)
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<zeta> infinisil: it did not work, maybe i am supposed to put it in the `hpkgs` set of packages instead ? here are my pastebins:
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<infinisil> zeta: Where did you put the `let all-hies = ...; in`?
<infinisil> Because it's not in the file you're showing
<infinisil> But that's where it's supposed to be
<_d0t> hello! I got pipenv broken on the latest unstable. Can anyone confirm?
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