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<Mic92> arianvp: it predates our configuration generation options.
<Mic92> these days a free form module would do.
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<flokli> arianvp: Mic92: any idea on the networkd privacy test situation?
<Mic92> flokli: I have not looked into the problem
<flokli> Yeah, same here.
<Mic92> flokli: someone bisected it however
<Mic92> But I am also done for today
<Mic92> flokli: I would give this a debugging session, if somebody has some tested code on how to reproduce this without nixos tests.
<flokli> I think it's mostly a matter of checking which ipv6 addresses are on the interfaces
<flokli> But I don't really understand what the regex is checking
<flokli> It might be useful to check upstreams' test coverage for it, too.
<Mic92> flokli: it checks probably the source address that is included ip route get
<flokli> yes
<flokli> but how to distinguish EUI-64 from private ones with grep…
<hexa-> fuzzy ff:fe matching
<hexa-> or check for a mngtmpaddr maybe, idk
<kloenk> maybe the json output of ip can help to make matching easier?
<flokli> the thing is, I don't think matching is the problem
<flokli> but this is indeed a regression
<flokli> ip -6 -br a shows me one fd00:1234:5678:1:5054:ff:fe12:{101,102}/64 (plus link-local with the same last 64 bits)
<flokli> 101 on the "client" vm, 102 on the "clientwithprivacy"
<flokli> cat /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/eth1/use_tempaddr is "-1" on both machines
<flokli> I don't understand the point of setting networking.interfaces.eth1.tempAddress = "default"
<flokli> scrolling through nixos/modules/tasks/network-interfaces.nix, this should cause the "net.ipv6.conf.$interface.use_tempaddr" sysctl to be set to "1" (not -1)
<flokli> IIRC, networkd does do some funky stuff with handling ndisc by itself, and not asking the kernel to do it, so not sure how much these still apply
<flokli> on the other hand, we have something in nixos/modules/tasks/network-interfaces-systemd.nix explicitly setting networkConfig.IPv6PrivacyExtensions = "kernel"
<flokli> maybe that part regressed in systemd
<flokli> hah, I got a fix!
<{^_^}> #107061 (by flokli, 24 seconds ago, open): nixos/network-interfaces-systemd: fix IPv6 privacy extensions
<{^_^}> #107067 (by flokli, 1 minute ago, open): systemd: 247.1 -> 247.2
<flokli> ^ pbb: you might want to review this, we maybe want to go to 247.2 directly, considering 247.1 rebuild didn't yet happen.
<pbb> flokli: thanks, I'm on it!