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<lukegb> Does going from cgroupsv1 to cgroupsv2 work "properly"?
<lukegb> i.e. if they had a system booted before the cgroupsv2 switch or something
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<damjan> i've seen errors similar to that when systemd can't bind mount something
<damjan> so maybe the mountpoit missing
<{^_^}> #106834 (by charvp, 1 hour ago, open): systemd: 247 -> 247.1
<aanderse> Mic92, flokli, arianvp, andir: any chance we can move the systemd meeting we plan to have every 2 weeks either an hour earlier? (8am instead of 9am Berlin time)
<aanderse> right, kloenk joined too :-)
<kloenk> On which day is that meeting scheduled? if its a weekday, I probably have to be in school
<aanderse> the plan was every other tuesday
<kloenk> That's school day. So could only join on holidays, free days
<aanderse> sorry i said the wrong time
<aanderse> i was using my time zone
<aanderse> i meant to say 2pm Berlin time, an hour earlier than the planned 3pm Berlin time
<kloenk> So just on my way home at that time xD
<flokli> kloenk: is there even school these days? ;-)
<kloenk> kinda true xD. But yeah. my next school day is Tuesday xP
<aanderse> does wednesday work better for everyone? thursday?
<kloenk> Wednesdays not, Thursdays I should be home at 1500 Berlin time
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