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<arianvp> Big brain idea: Make systemd.networks a list; instead of an attrset
<Mic92> I prefer a set because you can than overwrite existing networks.
<Mic92> Filtering a list is harder
<arianvp> you can still override existing ones
<arianvp> the first number always matches in networkd; nothing is merged
<arianvp> so you'd just `mkBefore` your thing you want to override
<arianvp> and make an appropriate Match
<arianvp> e.g. systemd might ship with a `` that matches Name=ens*
<arianvp> but you could then just networks = mkBefore [{Match.Name="ens*"; Network = { ... my overrides }; }]
<arianvp> but yeh that means you cant _customize_ existing ones; only override them
<arianvp> Due to networkd "units" not really being units; but really a list of match rules; I think it's neat
<arianvp> and a bit more honest
<arianvp> same goes for tmpfiles rules for example
<andi-> how does that override thing merge the configs? based on the match? I think it isn't a great idea.