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<Mic92> flokli: btw when linking statically against glibc while using some features that requires nss modules:
<Mic92> warning: Using 'getpwuid' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking
<Mic92> This suggests that you cannot mix different glibc versions for nss modules.
<Mic92> It uses indeed dlopen at runtime so.
<Mic92> I am not sure how strict the version compatibility has to be.
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<arianvp> I want to table flip the entire switch-to-configuration script
<arianvp> when I change networkd config; for some stupid reason it restarts systemd-networkd.socket
<arianvp> which then breaks _everything_
<arianvp> it should only restart the service
<arianvp> and activation actually _fails_
<arianvp> systemd-networkd.socket: Socket service systemd-networkd.service already active, refusing.
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<damjan> is systemd-networkd.socket even active?
<hexa-> odd, I get the same error on the systemd-networkd.socket, but my configuration is applied just fine
<flokli> fun fun, apparently the privacy networkd test fails. use_tempaddr is -1 (?), seems to be a systemd 247 regression (?)
<flokli> this is currently blocking channels.