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<arianvp> flokli: hmmm
<arianvp> well we set it to networkConfig.IPv6PrivacyExtensions = "kernel";
<arianvp> so if it's a regression; it's a regression in the kernel?
<arianvp> but that wouldnt explain behaviour between scripted and networkd
<arianvp> odd
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<arianvp> How are we supposed to model repeating [Blah] sections in nixos?
<arianvp> e.g. networkd can have multiple [IPv6Prefix] sections
<arianvp> I tried ipv6PrefixConfig = []; bu it seems this section isnt even exposed in the module system :(
<arianvp> ah wireguardPeers is a good example
<arianvp> coolio. it's a tad annoying we keep this module manually in sync with all the option in systemd. it's a bit error prone
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