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<Mic92> andi-: does it not match your network profile?
<Mic92> i.e. is unmanaged
<andi-> Mic92: I don't think that is the case. I've a network file that matches and works as soon as I manually set the interface to up..
<flokli> andi-: what does networkctl status $iface say?
<andi-> configured an dup right now
<flokli> is link file pointing to a .link file?
<andi-> I have to break it again
<flokli> or n/a
<flokli> shouldn't break anything
<lukegb> Hmm
<lukegb> I'm experimenting with using systemd LoadCredential to pass acme certs into a systemd unit
<lukegb> It mostly works, but... systemd seems to have a bug where if you refer to ${CREDENTIALS_DIRECTORY} and have something that requires mount namespacing then it explodes :P
<lukegb> oh hm, maybe it's just ExecStartPre in combination with LoadCredential
<andi-> the networkd issue seems to be yet another case of the startup race that I saw a few months ago on some Hetzner VMs... Rebooted the exact same revision a few more times and couldn't reproduce now. Maybe that depends on how busy the host is or whatever..
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