ChanServ changed the topic of #nixos-systemd to: NixOS <3 systemd | | Next meeting 08.12.2020 14:00 UTC (every two weeks)
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<flokli> nixos systemd meeting now!
<flokli> also, gchristensen, any chance for me to be able to update the topic?
<flokli> aanderse: arianvp hexa- kloenk Mic92 and the usual suspects ;-)
<Mic92> Sorry forgot about it
<aanderse> dang whats the room?
<aanderse> i'm here
<aanderse> i thought it was cancelled because winter break, sorry
<aanderse> trying to reschedule nixos systemd meeting which happens every other week:
<aanderse> ping Mic92 flokli arianvp kloenk etc...
<aanderse> also, anyone (flokli arianvp etc...) interested in discussing ``:
<Mic92> I am going to skip one and focurs on my existing stuff.
<aanderse> 👍
<flokli> aanderse: can you name the doodles a bit more precisely?
<flokli> Mic92: was that referring to the switch-to-configuration, or the next 2-weekly systemd meetup? it might still make sense to signal general availability, so we can pick a date that fits you too
<Mic92> flokli: switch-to-configuration
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