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<Mic92> But I can profile my sheit.
<arianvp> wow =)
<flokli> ^ Mic92: aanderse
<Mic92> flokli: coming
<aanderse> hey... i'm really sorry my team just scheduled a meeting this morning for now :S
<flokli> oof, these teams…
<aanderse> sec
<aanderse> i'll join and listen
<flokli> lol
<kloenk> I'm only way home (bike) so also can't join
<kloenk> Did not figure out how to mute myself, so can't even listen
<flokli> oof
<flokli> I lost you somehow?
<flokli> can you still hear/see me?
<aanderse> does anyone mind if we reschedule what time the meeting happens? at the end of the meeting i had they decided to make this a permanent meeting so i have a permanent conflict with 3-3:30 berlin time on tuesdays :\
<arianvp> for sure
<arianvp> feel free to reschedule. im ok with another timeslot
<Mic92> ideally not friday for me.
<qyliss> I'm happy to see people continuing to use the NixCon jitsi :D