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<andi-> anyone able to review https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/101805 ? It is currently blocking the unstable channel and I am sorry for that :(
<{^_^}> #101805 (by andir, 46 minutes ago, open): nixos/tests: fix wrong inherit that passes on the nodes attrs
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<samueldr> 20.03..20.09: 3781 commits on master, (17.58%) 21506 total commits.
<samueldr> between those two tags, only 17.58% of commits were direct to master
<samueldr> this is accounting for rebased / not-through-github merges
<samueldr> or on other words, 82.42% of changes were at one point in a PR
<samueldr> that is way lower than my gut feeling felt
<samueldr> the counts here already exclude the merge commits
<samueldr> (--no-merges argument)
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<dhess> clever: how does this fake "PR 42" bootstrapping process work?
<clever> thats just a dummy json file, to simulate what hydra is doing
<clever> so you can test the pr generation code, without a hydra
<clever> but hydra should be generating that json for you, and you should never see pr 42 on hydra
<dhess> that's weird, we are seeing it. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
<clever> then you didnt define the github-pulls input correctly
<clever> this expects an input named pulls, to contain the json
<dhess> right
<clever> this creates an input named pulls, of type githubpulls
<dhess> yeah that's precisely what I'm doing. WTF
<clever> which contains all pulls for "cleverca22 not-os"
<clever> next...
<clever> dhess: do you see it listed on the config for .jobsets ?
<dhess> No!
<clever> then hydra isnt parsing the new spec.json
<dhess> right
<clever> is spec.json valid json?
<dhess> I'm not getting an evaluation error, so I believe so
<clever> spec.json errors wont appear anywhere in the UI
<clever> if you run `jq < spec.json`, what does it output?
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<dhess> that parses fine
<dhess> is there a limit to how many KVs that "inputs" dictionary can have?
<clever> it must contain exactly one jobset
<clever> with things like inputs and enabled as top-level keys
<dhess> all of the inputs up to the last 2 work
<dhess> vonnegutPrsJSON and haskellTemplatePrsJSON don't work
<clever> but the other ones do show up?
<dhess> yep
<dhess> and that has worked great since I set up the Hydra.
<clever> sounds like its just not parsing the new file
<dhess> it is, because it's picking up the vonnegut and haskell-template jobsets
<dhess> just not the PRs for those jobsets
<dhess> here's the default.nix we're using, it's based on the IOHK one:
<dhess> never mind that "vonnegut-pr.json" special-case, I just added that to bootstrap it with an actual PR
<dhess> which is now building
<clever> dhess: i would check the journal next, `journalctl -f -u hydra-evaluator`
<dhess> clever: yeah I posted the output of that earlier, that's where the pr-42 error occurs
<clever> youll want to ignore the pr-42 part
<clever> there should be other errors, related to parsing spec.json
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<dhess> nope no errors for spec.json
<clever> go back to the project edit page, what branch is it pulling spec.json from?
<dhess> clever: I get a 403 for that URL
<clever> only an admin can open it
<clever> youll need to open the same page on your own hydra
<dhess> yeah sorry I figured that out
<dhess> ok ok ok
<dhess> I know what's going on
<dhess> ugh this would have taken AGES to find
<dhess> I renamed the default branch for our Hydra jobspect project from master -> main :)
<dhess> clever: THANK YOU. :)
<clever> so hydra was parsing the old spec.json
<dhess> yep
<dhess> your hints led me in the right direction
<dhess> thanks so much, one of these days I'm going to buy you a beer :)
<dhess> or 6
<clever> heh, i dont drink beer
<dhess> I'll buy you 6 of whatever you like
<dhess> and there it goes
<dhess> sir, I love you.
<dhess> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 536
<samueldr> dhess: next nixcon that clever's there, bring him pepsi (diet?) from your country :)
<dhess> will do. I was actually going to see him at NixCon 2018, but ironically I just missed it because I was moving the UK permanently a week or 2 after it happened :)
<samueldr> wow, moving the whole UK?
<clever> samueldr: i never touch diet either
<dhess> moving *to* :)
<samueldr> I didn't recall if it was max or something else than "pure unadulterated" :)
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<jonringer> is anyone from infra in here?
<jonringer> @grahamc or @aminechikhaoui
<jonringer> We need your help to finalize the 20.09 release
<worldofpeace> gchristensen:
<worldofpeace> aminechikhaoui:
<worldofpeace> lol, anyways. this is like being tardy to ur funeral
<jonringer> lol
<worldofpeace> the irc bot needs like a lol counter
<worldofpeace> how many times I said lol in a public channel a day, with milestones and stats
<worldofpeace> <worldofpeace "lol, anyways. this is like being"> this carries over the tradition of releasing 20.03. which was dead in the EST night
<worldofpeace> #reasons #choices
<samueldr> (if there's anything I can directly help with, ask)
<worldofpeace> I think it's just stableBranch = true; on hydra
<worldofpeace> it seems like, somehow we confused reading our own docs to think "oh is this done at a certain point before, or does it have to have commits when hydra is green with the according stuff committed"
<worldofpeace> turns out there's no real cascading effect IIRC and it could've been done many hours ago without an issue
<samueldr> yeah, at any moment in time you want the result to show in the release name that it's ready IIRC
<worldofpeace> yep, no "beta"
<drakonis> this one should be called 20.11
<drakonis> at this rate
<worldofpeace> nooo we have few days 🤣
<samueldr> no, since it's named after the branch-out tag
<worldofpeace> worst case first thing in our morning tomorrow
<worldofpeace> oh wait, it is?
<worldofpeace> reads code again
<samueldr> the "no" was about naming it anything else than 20.09
<worldofpeace> oh lol aminechikhaoui said he just got back in ✨
<worldofpeace> I will say, FTR, I'm a good developer and claim to know what I'm doing... for now. Once I move into the night I will slowly become incoherent
<abathur> nixoween
<drakonis> i'm just pulling your leg
<worldofpeace> drakonis: I appreciated it 😸
<worldofpeace> okay, 20.09 jobset has an eval scheduled
<worldofpeace> I believe just waitin time now
<samueldr> you got someone to stableBranch it?
<samueldr> nice
<samueldr> (yes you did)
<worldofpeace> yep, amine just got back a bit ago
<worldofpeace> we also have Jon with ability to modify jobset configurations ✨
<worldofpeace> so this step won't require pinging someone to click a button
<aminechikhaoui> so it takes ~30min for the release jobset to evaluate :o
<samueldr> it's not a quick eval
<worldofpeace> well Jon and I didn't plan on sleeping until then so I guess we'll just deal with that 😂
<worldofpeace> samueldr: yep, notoriously "not quick"
<aminechikhaoui> worldofpeace++
<{^_^}> worldofpeace's karma got increased to 244
<aminechikhaoui> jonringer++
<{^_^}> jonringer's karma got increased to 7
<aminechikhaoui> thanks for all the hard work :)
<worldofpeace> we both agree that sleeping isn't a part of the release manager schedule. today was "eat release ❌sleep"
<worldofpeace> aminechikhaoui: yep, it all seems to happen naturally for me if I've mentioned that before
<danderson> question not related to the release (yay release!!!) : where might I find the list of packages that hydra builds for the cache? Or the list of excluded packages?
<danderson> I'd like to send a PR to enable building mingw cross-compilers, because they're generally useful for windows-from-linux development, and right now they're not getting built so my nix-shell takes 1h to update whenever I bump channels
<samueldr> I don't know that there is a _list_ of excluded packages
<samueldr> but for all that's included it's stuff that's in all-packages.nix, and tests, and their dependents
<danderson> I guess put another way, pkgsCross.mingwW64.buildPackages.gcc empirically doesn't have cached builds, and I'd like cached builds to exist
<samueldr> in your particular case it's not something you'd see listed at any point yeah :)
<danderson> but I have no idea what knobs to twiddle to make that happen
<samueldr> looking under 5 seconds, doesn't look like there is a precedent for such a thing yet
<danderson> it looks like some other cross packages do get cached as a side-effect of being pulled in by top-level items.
<danderson> so, that's the closest to a precedent - some cross compilers do get built and cached
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<samueldr> yes
<danderson> not exactly a ringing endorsement, admittedly :)
<samueldr> I meant I couldn't see in under 5 secs any pkgsCross member being specifically asked for
<samueldr> pkgsCross for aarch64-linux gets built mostly because of Mobile NixOS :)
<danderson> yeah, and various ARM and AVR compilers for embedded-ish projects
<samueldr> maybe open an issue or discourse post and ask for the usual suspects about cross, and maybe eelco, if there would be unforeseen issues, and how they would handle it?
<danderson> sure. I was going to create a PR adding mingw packages and see what happens, but I can start with an issue :)
<samueldr> I *guess* it'd look like adding something to the release.nix used by nixpkgs
<samueldr> as aliases under all-packages.nix?
<danderson> I figured I could just add `mingw = pkgsCross.mingwW64.buildPackages.gcc;` to all-packages.nix
<samueldr> I don't think that's the way to go
<samueldr> that's not a real package really
<danderson> then if you want a windows cross-compiler, you nix-env -iA nixpkgs.mingw and voila
<danderson> it's not?
<samueldr> well
<samueldr> yes, but I don't think that's the way to make it correct
<danderson> okay, I'll file an issue. Who would the usual cross-compiling suspects be, if you happen to know?
<samueldr> I don't think having aliases to pkgsCross in all-packages is desirable
<aminechikhaoui> probably stdenv for every pkgsX variant shouldn't be too controversial, I also thought I'd find pkgsMusl.stdenv the other day built but seems we don't do that
<samueldr> but yes, having them built I think is desirable
<{^_^}> #101814 (by danderson, 27 seconds ago, open): Build and cache cross-compile toolchains in cache.nixos.org
<danderson> and while I was doing that, my double gcc build finished \o/
<danderson> back to work :)
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<etu> ryantm: Thanks to rapid releases and that I submitted a merge request of this package, nixpkgs master is now out of date by one minor version: https://repology.org/project/php:phpstan/versions This is a good testcase :)
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<cole-h> worldofpeace++ jonringer++
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<etu> {^_^}++
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<etu> Nice
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<NinjaTrappeur> Are there any plans to backport builtins.fetchTree to the Nix 2.x lineage?
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<gchristensen> hey worldofpeace I can help later today!
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<ryantm> etu: Ah, it failed. Here's what happened: https://gist.github.com/ryantm/74b8711599633ec70195fa27643485a5
<etu> ryantm: Hmm, that attribute name "php-phpstan-0.12.49" is expected to be broken
<ryantm> etu: I messed around a bit with my setup and now it is finding it okay. I'm not sure what's different though. I think it's likely that it will figure out how to update these.
<etu> ryantm: Ok, I'll refrain from updating this specific package so we'll have it as a testcase :)
<aminechikhaoui> It's not really urgent but should I ping other people for https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/101189, I just don't want the PR to bitrot. I'm not sure who's reviewing musl related changes these days
<{^_^}> #101189 (by AmineChikhaoui, 6 days ago, open): gcc9: add patches required for target musl
<ryantm> etu sounds good. I'll keep monitoring it.
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<worldofpeace> gchristensen: amine was able to do stableBranch yesterday
<worldofpeace> though u could still help
<worldofpeace> the channel update is taking FOREVER
<niksnut> isn't that because of the metrics job?
<worldofpeace> niksnut: oh, probably
<niksnut> I've cancelled it
<niksnut> otherwise it probably takes 24 hours to be cancelled automatically
<niksnut> we probably should just get rid of the metrics job
<gchristensen> I think it has some enforcement of some rules in it, which we might want to kee4p
<worldofpeace> wait did jon push the tag...
<worldofpeace> hmm, I wish there was some way for me to get an email when the channel advances so I can merge the PRs
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<worldofpeace> looks like small advanced
<Taneb> worldofpeace: I know GitHub provides an RSS feed for the branch's commits
<worldofpeace> Taneb: yeah, I could make something that checks for commit changes basically
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* worldofpeace uploaded an image: 5e12b768bf6aff68355c1bdc9057667c.jpg (34KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/TloHGkfBpMHzTIKKoUCZjNdl/5e12b768bf6aff68355c1bdc9057667c.jpg >
<worldofpeace> still
<gchristensen> is anyone using recursive nix? cc domenkozar[m] maybe... I'm wondering if it works for you on 20.09
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<utsl> @aminechikhaoui I'm also working on trying to make pkgsMusl (and pkgsStatic) work better. I'd be happy to collaborate.
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<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I am not sure how feasible is backporting individual fontconfig commits
<jtojnar> I think switching to master, testing it on unstable for a while, and then backporting it as a whole would be relatively safe
<jtojnar> since we might not notice regressions immediately
<jtojnar> or to minimize risk, just cherry-pick mclasen’s patches to unstable
<jtojnar> so we can test them there
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<samueldr> hi, hopefully someone that is somewhat on authoritative on Hydra things can review and get this fast-tracked so it can be put in place before the next time we get a weird failure: https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/825
<{^_^}> hydra#825 (by samueldr, 1 day ago, open): Fix unhelpful error messages in aggregate jobs.
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<worldofpeace> Jan Tojnar: I'm not sure what u mean with "not sure how feasible backporting individual fontconfig commits" if the suggestion is to cherry-pick mclassen's patches? At least, that's what I thought to do, since it minimizes the change surface
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: I meant with regards to QAing the changes
<worldofpeace> Jan Tojnar: oh yeah, I think the latter is the way to go then. fontconfig seems to have issues that could be really really annoying for us if introduced into a stable release. I think there might be other bugfixes that would be nice... not sure then to just use master
<worldofpeace> lol, I've disagreed and agreed with my self
<jtojnar> the main issue is time, though
<jtojnar> #101813 sounds bad enough and going through unstable will take several weeks of builds and testing at least
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/101813 (by spacekitteh, 14 hours ago, open): Fontconfig 2.13 without recent patches makes parts of Emacs unusable
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<gchristensen> it looks like nix-build on 20.09's nixUnstable doesn't print log messages to the screen
<gchristensen> anyone seeing this?
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<jonringer> should I make a post to reddit.com/r/linux about the 20.09 release?
<gchristensen> yea!
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<worldofpeace> lol, how did fedora also release today
<supersandro2000> because it is a big conspiracy
<supersandro2000> Nix and Fedora are planning the big coupe
<supersandro2000> Fnixora is coming
<jonringer> well, nixpkgs can be installed on anything that hash a linux kernel. So you could say that any distro is a potential "host"
<garbas> you mean "FixOS" :)
<jonringer> has*
<jonringer> garbas++
<{^_^}> garbas's karma got increased to 29
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<red[evilred]> in the firefox nixpkg meta - there is a key: badPlatforms
<red[evilred]> can someone help me understand whhat that means and how/why it's used?
<jonringer> it's respected by hydra
<supersandro2000> NüchtOS
<jonringer> essentially prevent hydra from trying to build the package on those platforms
<supersandro2000> *NüschtOS
<jonringer> hydra being our CI tool which builds packages and uploads them to the binary cache
<red[evilred]> Bingo - so thaht would explain why I'm able to build it locally
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<red[evilred]> but hydra didn't build a cache?
<jonringer> correct
<jonringer> either it's really expensive to do so, or some other reason
<red[evilred]> Well, it's definitely expensive
<red[evilred]> it's firefox
<red[evilred]> it's exceedingly expensive
<jonringer> I'm assuming you're talking about badPlatforms = lib.platforms.darwin;
<red[evilred]> yes
<jonringer> there's probably some issue where the hydra builds were just taking forever, and it was cut for resource reasons
<jonringer> darwin compute is significantly more expensive than linux compute
<jonringer> legal darwin compute*
<red[evilred]> Gotcha
<red[evilred]> it's a shame I can't upload my build (once it's done)
<jonringer> problem with build outputs is that they are binary packages at that point, and you will probably want them to be built on managed hardware to avoid malware side attacks
<red[evilred]> righht
<red[evilred]> hmm
<jonringer> also, nowadays most browsers will "self-update"
<red[evilred]> so I want to upload a thing that has darwin as a valid target
<red[evilred]> let me rephrase that
<red[evilred]> I want to submit a package to nixpkgs, but unfortunately it has firefox as a dependency
<red[evilred]> I guess that means that my build on darwin in hydra will just refuse to evaluate?
<garbas> jonringer: red[evilred]: probably it would be nice to separate this 2 reasons and maybe add expensivePlatforms (or some better name)
<red[evilred]> I guess as we move towards a new flakey-world... maybe we can build those expensive poackages once in 10 changes or something
<red[evilred]> so the flake can refer to the cache
<jonringer> from hydras perspective, it makes sense (build packages for `platforms`, but not for `badPlatforms`)
<garbas> oh sorry there is broken flag that tell that the package can not be built
<jonringer> another common scenario is `platforms = platforms.linux;`, `badPlatforms = platforms.aarch64`
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<supersandro2000> and emulating aarch64 on amd64 is quite slow
<red[evilred]> ugh, afte all that - it failed on Unknown option: --disable-xcode-checks
<jonringer> that's probably why it was disabled. Not an easy problem to solve. I would just recommend installing it outside of nixpkgs
<jonringer> sometimes the fight isn't worth it
<jonringer> or move over to linux! :)
<supersandro2000> DSL - Darwin Subsystem for Linux
<red[evilred]> Well, I'm trying to port EyeWitness to OSX
<red[evilred]> (it already works on linux) :-)
<red[evilred]> brb - grabbing a snack while that compiles
<supersandro2000> See you tomorrow
<supersandro2000> red[evilred]: or Firefox is only built every X days
<supersandro2000> or when it is necessary
<supersandro2000> wait thats almost flakes
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