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<maralorn> Was there some decision about the hacktoberfest tag, yet? I know more people who are actually motivated by it, than those who spam us with low quality PRs. If someone makes one PR which is 15 minutes of effort extra we can close at least 30 spam requests in the saved time. (And we had two or three so far.)
<infinisil> maralorn: Not sure if this is a good idea, not because of the spam, but because nixpkgs already has too many PRs and not enough mergers
<infinisil> and reviewers
<infinisil> People are already frustrated about their PRs not getting merged fast enough
<maralorn> Well, I think the work needed to be done does not get decreased by people not doing it. It is just invisible.
<maralorn> But for every PR not done, some one, potentially a possible reviewer or merger, needs to do it at one point.
<maralorn> Also, btw. regular nixos contributers might think it's a bit unfair, that others can participate by fixing some typos in some readmes, while they pour hours of work into nixpkgs and can‘t.
<maralorn> And by regular nixos contributors I mean at least a little bit me.^^
<drakonis> motivated by a free tshirt?
<hexa-> it's gamification
<hexa-> if it works for people, I don't mind
<drakonis> i'd prefer if hacktoberfest meant people spending a month working on something big
<drakonis> things that generally matter
<drakonis> rather than being something to fill some quota
<hexa-> sure, but why aren't people rewarded for big things done in the remaining 11 months of the year then?
<maralorn> It's really not so much the T-Shirt. It's the Achievement. The Goal. And yeah, it's not a very good goal. But I am pretty sure it motivates people.
<ashkitten> i'd prefer a nixos tshirt
<maralorn> That is true.
<ashkitten> yo.... i want a trans colors nixos bandana?? i don't wear bandanas but i might start..
<samueldr> and now I'm thinking we need "I was release manager for NixOS and all I got to show is this lousy shirt" kind of shirt
<drakonis> glorious
<drakonis> but i suppose it is something people volunteer to do
<drakonis> might be a very different reason, as nobody wants to be a release manager because of a shirt
<samueldr> yes, it was mostly as a joke I thought about it
<samueldr> and I was RM, so I know the motivations :)
<drakonis> hah
<drakonis> i know it is a joke
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<risson> Mmmh hydra is throwing queue monitor: error: --- Error --- hydra-queue-runner
<risson> And saying error: --- UsageError --- nix-daemon not a content address because it is not in the form '<prefix>:<rest>': /nix/store/80w2wvc7rn4h0waia483k0hhlcdlvhax-lua5.1-compat53-0.7-1
<risson> Is this maybe because I set nix.package to nixFlakes?
<risson> Yup, that seems to be it
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<worldofpeace> hahahaha 😂
<worldofpeace> samueldr: I appreciated reading that hours later
<worldofpeace> "nixos lousy merch" - for the overextended regular contributor
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<makefu> hi all, hacktoberfest has started, can we get nixpkgs to participate? This seems to have been made explicit this year: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/hacktoberfest-update /cc domenkozar[m]
<makefu> oh wow, should have read the backlog
<makefu> so the consent is "no"?
<cole-h> (consensus)
<MichaelRaskin> Maybe if enough people argue in favour…
<infinisil> Tbh, I wouldn't be opposed to opting in, to see how it plays out
<makefu> actually i've prepared a couple of PRs just for hacktoberfest so it is somewhat of a bummer
<makefu> i've submitted them in any case ofc
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<makefu> however i'd be reluctant to do the same for next year and rather keep the software bumps package inits in my nur repo next time. so hacktoberfest is definitly an incentive for me
<infinisil> niksnut: garbas: samueldr: Since you're part of the marketing team, what do you think of opting into hacktoberfest?
<infinisil> I think I'll give it a +1
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<cole-h> In order to get back to 3 ofborg evaluators, we will be temporarily shrinking the number of active evaluators to 1 (to destroy the broken evaluator), and then growing them back to 3. Updates will be forthcoming.
<maralorn> I am also in favor of opting into hacktoberfest. (As voiced before).
<makefu> obviously +1 from my side as well
<drakonis> hacktoberfest with rules maybe?
<drakonis> incentivize people to do stuff that isnt trivial
<infinisil> trivial things are fine
<infinisil> As long as its an improvement overall
<abathur> I don't know if it's feasible to actually implement, but only considering hacktoberfest PRs from existing contributors might be a way to split the baby?
<MichaelRaskin> I don't think we can do this
<drakonis> doing that seems unnecessary though
<MichaelRaskin> We can have a counter of «spam» PRs labeled as a deterrent, I guess
<drakonis> the most that would happen would be sullying the sanctity of our hundreds of thousands of PRs
<hexa-> I refuse to belive that the SNR will be that bad
<abathur> I don't know that I fully understand what directs the spamcannon
<infinisil> SNR?
<hexa-> spam vs non-spam prs
<hexa-> signal/noise ratio
<infinisil> Ah
<cole-h> ofborg update: Currently provisioning the 2 additional machines to get back to 3 evaluators. This may take a while.
<hexa-> cole-h++
<{^_^}> cole-h's karma got increased to -2147483648
<drakonis> lmaoooo
<hexa-> oops, sorry!
<cole-h> hahahah
<drakonis> abathur: the spam cannon is directed by the indian and brazilian culture
<abathur> some people are tweeting inboxes with one, or two, or four spam PRs; other people are tweeting inboxes with 50 spam PRs in a few hours; I don't know if that's being driven by external parties (i.e., someone doing a YT video of how to win your free t-shirt...), or by your spot on a list of OSS projects by stars/forks? etc.
<drakonis> people trying to get ahead by any means
<abathur> I mean, I get that part from trawling a few PRs, I just don't get why it's a spray bottle for some projects and a firehose for others
<drakonis> because of the barrier of entry
<drakonis> there's a dozen hacktoberfest videos right now on the matter
<MichaelRaskin> I mean, our spamtoberfest PRs were also README changes, but maybe our churn and a ton of labels look like a sign of spam PRs having a high chance of labelling
<makefu> when a PR is filed as invalid twice towards an account the said account will be banned. so there should be some incentive to not create bullshit PRs
<drakonis> wait we've had spam PRs this year?
<MichaelRaskin> If I were doing such a video, I would create some magnet repos for such PRs and ask for stars. Then force-push whatever I want to promote later and have a ready repo with a hundred stars
<MichaelRaskin> Yes, we had spam PRs before opt-in announcement
<drakonis> huh i didnt see those
<MichaelRaskin> Well, they were closed and labeled invalid
<drakonis> some brit lol
<hexa-> two even from the same person
<drakonis> 2 this year 1 last year you mean
<hexa-> oh right
<hexa-> huh odd
<hexa-> I wonder if people actually deleted pull requests
<drakonis> you can do that?
<cole-h> Org/repo admins can, probably-maybe.
<hexa-> this was one of them
<drakonis> its gone huh
<hexa-> so filtering by invalids doesn't yield the real number
<infinisil> drakonis: Those weren't spam though
<drakonis> i can see
<infinisil> There was #99185 and #99190, both closed by author, seemingly because they renamed the package to dnadd instead, so they opened #99248
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/99185 (by JoeLancaster, 4 days ago, closed): nixadd: init at 1.0.0
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/99190 (by JoeLancaster, 3 days ago, closed): Joelancaster nixadd 1 0 0
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/99248 (by JoeLancaster, 3 days ago, open): dnadd: init at 1.0.0
<infinisil> I do count like 20 PRs with the "status: invalid" label in October 2018 though: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues?q=label%3A%222.status%3A+invalid%22
<cole-h> ofborg update: provisioning is done, deployment is done, and we should be back to 3 evaluators soon™.
<V> \o/
<abathur> I guess that's one way to fix the opt-in problem...
<makefu> not on my watch
<cole-h> Final ofborg update: back to 3 evaluators :)
<makefu> fantastic!
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<{^_^}> jonniedie/SharedMATLABEngine.jl#5 (by KristofferC, 2 days ago, merged): fix readme
<{^_^}> jonniedie/SharedMATLABEngine.jl#6 (by pedrominicz, 19 hours ago, open): Fix grammar errors.
<makefu> i think the opt-in is a good way to manage spam. because in the end there will be two types of repos: repos which care about contribution via hacktoberfest and spam repos
<abathur> nod
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<pinpox> Is this the right place to report bugs found in nixos packages?
<cole-h> Better would probably be in the Nixpkgs issues.
<cole-h> So you can cc the contributors (there's a non-zero chance they aren't on IRC)
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<pie_> is there a way to notify a user when they "install" a package of some information?
<pie_> i added a trace around a package but ofborg doesnt like that
<pie_> "This PR does not cleanly list package outputs after merging. " https://gist.github.com/GrahamcOfBorg/9796e4b25c9bd9854bc556ec55c9ebd3
<cole-h> AFAIK, no. ofborg disallows traces, warnings, throws, etc.
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<pie_> yeah so why arent we providing a different mechanism that _is_ ok?
<pie_> is there an issue for this somewhere?
<infinisil> Oh imo that should be allowed
<infinisil> Relates to rfcs#33
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/33 (by Infinisil, 2 years ago, closed): [RFC 0033] [WIP] Deprecation
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<pie_> well. thats good for this
<pie_> i think generic notes would be good
<pie_> or at least something like "trace: please look at the packager notes for ..." would also be a start
<samueldr> there's a fine line here, we don't want to end up spamming the console
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<cole-h> ^
<cole-h> I, personally, think it's a good thing.
<samueldr> we need it for deprecations IMO, but I don't think other messages are helpful
<samueldr> and "it", I mean, we need something
<gchristensen> traces fire on nix-env, too
<samueldr> yeah
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<julm> hmm, nix querying on binary caches can become quite slow, and I've only 5 binary caches, seems like queries are done over multiple network requests instead of fetching a big catalog like in Debian. I using nix through a flake.nix not a channel, I don't now if it's relevant
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