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<colemickens> Is there a way to express flakes overrides in a file and then specify that file to a nix command?
<colemickens> I've got a "nixup" script that is mostly around to manage adding --override-input for all of my local checkouts of various nix repos. I'd like to have an overrides.nix file that specifies overrides. I might file an issue, curious if anyone had thoughts or if I'm missing an obvious problem or better option
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<aminechikhaoui> domenkozar[m] I didn't find a musl Github team as mentioned in the RFC and only see you from that team here :-).
<aminechikhaoui> example. Do you know if there are any concerns about adding those patches in general ?
<aminechikhaoui> So I'm told in #musl that some of the patches in https://github.com/richfelker/musl-cross-make/tree/master/patches/gcc-9.2.0 are critical so that things work correctly. This was triggered by a bug I encountered which needs https://github.com/richfelker/musl-cross-make/blob/master/patches/gcc-9.2.0/0014-fix-gthr-weak-refs-for-libgcc.patch for
<cole-h> If somebody has a moment, please merge https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/101098
<{^_^}> #101098 (by 9999years, 4 hours ago, open): ytop: Add "ytop" to ytop's error message
<cole-h> arianvp: btw, I found another issue that reliably unicorns :) https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues?q=is%3Aissue+wicd+is%3Aclosed
<siraben> What's the bootstrapping process for Nix?
<cole-h> By bootstrapping, do you mean building Nix without Nix?
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<samueldr> I think it's about bootstrapping gcc, extrapolating from questions from yesterday
<samueldr> I don't know *how*
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<samueldr> but I don't know what is the "mother" of it all, how the first bootstrap was made
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<zimbatm> samueldr: probably by eelco, manually
<zimbatm> tarballs.nixos.org is a S3 bucket where things get uploaded manually
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<raboof> when some software without a version number is packaged, https://nixos.org/manual/nixpkgs/unstable/#sec-package-naming says to append "-unstable" to the name.
<raboof> Is there consensus about that? I also see a lot of packages with "unstable-" prepended to the version.
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<samueldr> zimbatm: yeah, though I meant more in a general sense, when and from what :)
<zimbatm> ah I see. only niksnut probably knows
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<niksnut> it should be appended to the pname, not the version
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<zimbatm> niksnut: sorry, I was refering to the previous discussion about how the bootstrap tarballs on tarballs.nixos.org are being generated
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<LnL> the stdenvBootstrapTools jobs on hydra
<samueldr> and what about the first bootstrap LnL? ;)
<infinisil> ryantm: Nice!
<LnL> samueldr: ah back in time, at some point you'll end up in a nixpkgs that didn't have it's own compiler yet :)
<samueldr> niksnut: to rephrase the question as a whole: how was our current root of trust seeded bootstrap-wise?
<samueldr> LnL: yeah, exactly
<samueldr> I'm tangentially curious, I think it was siraben that wanted to know more, not sure if it was about the historical facet or the current implementation
<siraben> samueldr: Yes, it's related to the "trusting trust issue" as it pertains to the Nix ecosystem.
<LnL> to be fair nothing that's in the current bootstrap tools ends up in the next so having a previous influence the new one seems pretty impossible
<niksnut> they were generated by me on suse linux
<samueldr> LnL: I guess there's always the thought experiment about having the compiler trojaned deeply enough that it will always produce compilers that produces tools that will bypass logins in a specified pattern
<samueldr> but that's, as far as everyone knows, a though experiment :)
<samueldr> I wasn't sure if it was directly "reflections on trusting trust" or an extension of it, looks like it might be an extension of it
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<LnL> also, I doubt many other distros can trace the chain back to 2006
<samueldr> yep, though it'll be neat to have a from-nothing bootstrap whenever that'll happen; and would be extra-neat if it ended up being bit-for-bit equal :)
<LnL> oh right, if it's completely reproducible you could tie the loop
<das_j> I hope this is the right channel for that, but what's up with the header of https://status.nixos.org/ ?
<samueldr> still unfixed casualty of the website redesign
<samueldr> it was (and still is) directly including styles from the nixos.org domain
<samueldr> rather than wait until we eventually get to it, https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage/pull/626 fixes it
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#626 (by samueldr, 26 seconds ago, open): Revert "css: Remove now unused nixos-site css"
<samueldr> (will merge once it passes)
<samueldr> das_j: fixed, might need some persuasion in refreshes
<das_j> nice, thank you
<gchristensen> ...hrm error: assertion (((args) ? localSystem) -> (! (((args) ? system) || ((args) ? platform)))) failed at /nix/store/byfyjgsd2rjk51mr2idsnrm8d6wk15gw-nmgajpfwdws68hb99bciq73nz8jvw7vi-nixexprs.tar.xz/pkgs/top-level/impure.nix:82:1
<das_j> I thought this was lisp at first
<das_j> sorry I mean (((((lisp)))))
<gchristensen> I wonder why nixos-rebuild is failing with this
<gchristensen> ehhh I can't seem to build my previous version either ...
<gchristensen> nixos-rebuild isn't pure -- using an old version uses my system's PATH, and doesn't change the Nixversion in the PATH. maybe we can resholve that ... :)
<gchristensen> :/
<gchristensen> I don't understand
<LnL> the assert output isn't very nice, but at least it shows something now :)
<gchristensen> yeah... I'm just not sure why it is tripping the assert after an nixos-rebuild switch
<gchristensen> and now I can't undo it
<LnL> not exactly sure but seems like the assert is trying to prevent conflicting system definitions
<LnL> I know you can specify some of those in your configuration
<gchristensen> ah ha I had an unstaged diff in my config
<gchristensen> heh
<gchristensen> this caused that error! environment.etc.nixpkgs = pkgs.path;
<LnL> hmm very strange
<gchristensen> interesting way for that mistake to materialize
<LnL> I think that should be environment.etc.nixpkgs.source since it's a path
<gchristensen> yeah
<LnL> almost seems like it tried to import that or something
<gchristensen> yeah...
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<arianvp> the mother is a snapshot from a SUSE box by eelco I think
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<samueldr> [07:29:13] <niksnut> they were generated by me on suse linux
<samueldr> arianvp: seems you're right :)
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<jtojnar> raboof, niksnut see also https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/100833
<{^_^}> #100833 (by ryantm, 3 days ago, open): doc: update version and pname package naming conventions
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<siraben> So looks like at the current moment, there is no minimal bootstrap for Nix?
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<siraben> Or would it just amount to being able to bootstrap GCC?
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<raboof> jtojnar: ah, bad timing on my part I guess :D
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* aminechikhaoui thinks `nix-info` should be part of the new nix command
<aminechikhaoui> random thought based on the pain of investigating stuff with coworkers :D
<cole-h> Would need to support flakes then (aka not rely on NIX_PATH / <nixpkgs>), but I'm also +1 on that
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<andi-> would need to support *also* flakes not just flakes :)
<niksnut> aminechikhaoui: maybe it could be integrated into nix doctor
<niksnut> or just part of nix --version
<aminechikhaoui> niksnut right, I actually thought nix doctor already did that at first then discovered it doesn't
<LnL> is there some way to define a flake as a standalone file?
<LnL> I often work in repos where I don't really want to commit nix stuff but still use project specific expressions for development
<cole-h> I thnk `nix --version` would be good place. `nix doctor` doesn't seem like the right place, IMO (though I did think of that, as well)
<cole-h> andi-: :P
<aminechikhaoui> did anyone ever succeed in fully statically linking protobuf including protoc using musl, I can't make libtool and friends behave so far :/
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<aminechikhaoui> so libtool basically insists on adding /path/to/gcc-lib/<..>/libstdc++.so and throwing away my -static from g++, if get into the nix-shell and fixup the g++ command it produces protoc as I expect
<aminechikhaoui> don't know if libtool or the complicated protobuf build setup, although maybe that's not complicated and it's just me lost inside :D
<cole-h> Does anybody have any idea on what's going on with / how to resolve https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/100863
<{^_^}> #100863 (by cole-h, 3 days ago, open): `nix eval` cannot evaluate any package
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