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<aanderse> jonringer++ worldofpeace++
<{^_^}> worldofpeace's karma got increased to 250
<{^_^}> jonringer's karma got increased to 12
<aanderse> thanks for another release everyone
<jonringer> :) just wished we released sooner, but that's already a discussion for next release
<worldofpeace> as a community project with the resources we have I'm happy to be a month late for all round better quality
<aanderse> yeah. i've enjoyed following your topics on the matter so far. looking forward to seeing what comes
<worldofpeace> I've heard that this and the last release have been pretty nice transitions for people
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<jonringer> I think NixOS gets away with "cheating" though
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<jonringer> most distros have to worry about the "system" coming into a "invalid" state.
<aanderse> :D
<jonringer> NixOS is just like, "FHS, what's that?" and just does nix store things
<jonringer> makes several thousand symlinks, then you have a new system
<samueldr> (in addition to the current one)
<jonringer> the only real concern is "piles of 1's and 0's" like databases which live outside of configuration
<supersandro2000> run nix on a system without sqlite wal support
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<red[evilred]> Silly Question
<red[evilred]> but in the 20.09 release
<red[evilred]> announcement - there's a link to https://repology.org/
<red[evilred]> and one of the links that comes off it is: https://repology.org/repository/nix_unstable/problems
<red[evilred]> Look like 99% of them are 404 on homepages in the package meta
<red[evilred]> chewing through those shouldn't be too difficult
<samueldr> but what are you replacing them with
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<red[evilred]> either the updated version (ie, find the new page via google)
<samueldr> most of them are not nixpkgs-specific problems; IIRC when there is a new homepage known it shows up differently
<red[evilred]> or via the wayback machine
<red[evilred]> maybe I'm just looking for cleanup where it isn't really needed and should focus on other things
<samueldr> yeah, it's not strictly needed, but wouldn't be unwelcome
<red[evilred]> if I were to do it, would it be acceptable to do say 10 to a PR?
<red[evilred]> instead of one each?
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<samueldr> tangentially related
<samueldr> they were redirects, so it was known what to change them to :)
<samueldr> took an arbitrary package from the list
<samueldr> looks like they know about other homepages : https://repology.org/project/grantlee/information
<samueldr> (scroll down)
<red[evilred]> I hadn't heard about this site before
<red[evilred]> I likes it
<samueldr> so maybe there can be some automation here?
<red[evilred]> maybe indeed...
<red[evilred]> I bet this site has an API
<red[evilred]> let me have a peek and a poke
<samueldr> it does
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<red[evilred]> We have automation that flags when packages increment versions that we don't have right?
<samueldr> yes, that's one data source that roboy-ryantm uses
<samueldr> robot*
<red[evilred]> oh - I should get back to the nixos-security channels and ask about vce tracking too
<red[evilred]> since that's related
<samueldr> if any other distro updates a package, it gets noticed at some point
<red[evilred]> is that source / process visible somewhere?
<red[evilred]> Idon't want to replicate work if there are other things that could be useful
<red[evilred]> erk, according to that site - 14% of the packages I maintain are potentially vulnerable
<red[evilred]> I should get on that
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<red[evilred]> Wow
<red[evilred]> this is insane: https://repology.org/repositories/graphs
<red[evilred]> I had no idea that we were doing so well relative to other distros
<samueldr> some of it isn't indexed IIRC
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<ryantm> Yeah, we still don't have the R pacakges, for example.
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<eyJhb> Congrats everyone on the 20.09 release! Good job everyone ;)
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<eyJhb> Is teto on IRC?
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<eyJhb> teto: Just when I was looking for you! Have you been using ns-3 to do any custom simulations?
<teto> eyJhb: I used to but I mostly hacked on the source code
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<eyJhb> Currently in a place, where I would like to compile/run some simulation, but as-is, it does not seem like the ns-3 would allow for such hacky things
<eyJhb> Or I might be misunderstanding something. I could read as far, as it was a way to compile/distribute ns-3, and not really developing using it
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<teto> eyJhb: thing is ns-3 original way is to drop your code in a "scratch" folder: ns-3 will detect these files and autobuild them. This is not possible on nixos so you should rather use it as any other C++ library. Create your C project and link the ns-3 libraries you need. Not sure it has its place here but feel free to PM
<eyJhb> teto: I hate to admit. I did not really think of that... But I am not that strong in C compiling, but I will give it a shot. Thanks!
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<ma27[m]> niksnut: just in case you have time to, would you mind taking a look at https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4180 (I'm a bit afraid that if this remains too long in the queue, the protocol version gets bumped elsewhere and will cause some weird side-effects when using this patch :))
<{^_^}> nix#4180 (by Ma27, 5 days ago, open): Allow substituting paths when building remotely using `ssh-ng://`
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<maralorn> worldofpeace: I have to say, the the moved haskell docs are not even as positive as you make it sound. As far as I can tell, they already where markdown in nixpkgs but he actually converted them to rst.
<maralorn> But his main reasoning ist, that the nixpkgs manual does not have direct links to subsections or a table of contents for the language subsections. And that is honestly quite annoying.
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<eyJhb> Anyone up to review this? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/101384
<{^_^}> #101384 (by eyJhb, 5 days ago, open): among-sus: init at 2020-10-22
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<garbas> can somebody kick this restart this build -> https://hydra.nixos.org/build/129297821
<garbas> if i understand this is blocking the 20.09 channel update.
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<gchristensen> worldofpeace: would you object to one little tiny backport to stable: changing the partition table of the NixOS AMI to be gpt? the PR isn't in yet, but I'm writing it this morning
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<garbas> gchristensen: will this change any of the format in ec2-amis.nix? just asking if I need to also adjust the download page.
<gchristensen> it should be an internal only change
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<gchristensen> hehehe, the create-amis.sh script doesn't create AMIs
<garbas> :) i think this used to be "upload-amazon-image.sh"
<garbas> gchristensen: do you maybe know how much one upload to all regions costs us?
<gchristensen> well it is like 8GB * however many regions in cost
<gchristensen> which isn't very much
<garbas> if we upload images on every successful evaluation would it be too much?
<gchristensen> oh yes
<gchristensen> unless we aggressively pruned old ones too
<garbas> that would mean 250-350 uploads per 6 months
<gchristensen> maybe weekly?
<garbas> i liked your other suggestion more, upload latest and prune old ones
<gchristensen> that requires a good bit of churn in nixpkgs itself
<gchristensen> and people who don't stay aggressively up to date on their copy of nixpkgs won't be able to provision new machines
<garbas> eg. keep images of last 3 (or any other number) evaluation per active channel
<garbas> or we move the list of amis to release.nixos.org as an artifact
<garbas> and create a redirect to latest from channels.nixos.org
<gchristensen> I wonder what this process looks like for Ubuntu
<garbas> moving list of amis would solve the issue that ppl dont have to stay on the latest copy.
<garbas> of nixpkgs
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> just thinking that ubuntu has a lot of time to figure out a really nice way that fits with user expectations in practice
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<garbas> didn't know there was a marketplace in aws
<teto> poetry2nix has troube finding tags using builtins.fetchGit ref="TAG". Seems like fetchGit looks into refs/heads/rel_1_3_1 but when I clone the repo, the tags are in .git/packed-refs. Any insight as to what to cahngeso that fetchGit can fetch source from the tag ?
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<gchristensen> huh ... path '/nix/store/01n3wxxw29wj2pkjqimmmjzv7pihzmd7-which-2.21.tar.gz.drv' is not a valid store path
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<garbas> oh there is whole team dedicated to cloud images in ubuntu -> https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/
<gchristensen> I'm not surprised
<eyJhb> How do we handle unstable packages, that do not have a version? I see soooo many different things in nixpkgs
<eyJhb> Do we do `name = 'naaame-unstable';`, or `version = 'unstable-....';`
<__monty__> Date or revision might be nice.
<eyJhb> It still has the date in the version
<eyJhb> version is 'date' or 'unstable-date' depending on which is the right one
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<hexa-> eyJhb: see the linked issue
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<gchristensen> I don't know how to fix the AMI to stop using MBR and remain backwards compatible with existing machines
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<gchristensen> since nixops and presumably other tools assume what the configuration on the AWS machine should be, I'm not sure we can really migrate to something different
<gchristensen> unless we can switch to gpt in a way where we remain fully backwards compatible with existing configs?
<gchristensen> cc clever
<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen shouldn't it only impact the build of the image so you'd only get the update when using a new ami ?
<gchristensen> yes but existing users need to be able to successfully deploy to the new and old ones without knowing what it is
<gchristensen> right?
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<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen I think it will only impact the first deployment so if you have an existing deployment that won't change anything or at least that's my understanding
<gchristensen> but they need to continue being able to update the bootloader
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<luc65r> Hi there!
<luc65r> as I want https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/89793 to be merged someday, what is left to do?
<{^_^}> #89793 (by luc65r, 20 weeks ago, open): Bump gcc to gcc10 and binutils to 2.34
<luc65r> are there Hydra jobsets on it?
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<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: or am I mistaken? like, can we switch from mbr to gpt and just keep deploying like it is nothing? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/lib/make-disk-image.nix#L27-L33
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> 20.09 is out
<drakonis> time to update the topic
<luc65r> cole-h: it seems like it isn't realy helpful
<luc65r> what can I do about it?
<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen well yeah I'm not sure about that part, didn't think about it at first :)
<cole-h> Dunno. You asked if there was a jobset for it, so I linked the jobset ;P
<luc65r> fair enough
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<luc65r> What can I do to reproduce the error?
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<luc65r> I did nix-build nixos/release-small.nix -A nixos and nix-build nixos/release-small.nix -A nixpkgs (which used up to 26G of ram+swap)
<luc65r> is that what Hydra does?
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<luc65r> the Hydra jobset should work now, need to wait until tomorrow 8 am
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<samueldr> gchristensen: about MBR -> GPT switch, what details is problematic? Is it the loss of the "unused" space, in which grub is installed?
<gchristensen> just worried that nixops would need to know about the switch
<samueldr> re-reading, if it's about the older installs using MBR; and the newer using GPT; there should be no need for it to be aware of it
<samueldr> grub undeclaratively uses the Bios Boot partition
<samueldr> everything else is configured the same
<gchristensen> hmm
<samueldr> we don't have an option that tells the system "you're on [MBR, GPT]"
<samueldr> so without converting, only thinking about it, I don't see any issue
<samueldr> I believe the only change you will have made is to the *image generation* options?
<gchristensen> so just swapping from https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/lib/make-disk-image.nix#L27-L33 from legacy to efi would be fine?
<samueldr> those options AFAIK don't ever affect a non-image-build
<gchristensen> yes this is about image generation
<clever> but you do need an option for bios-boot only on gpt
<samueldr> if it is expected that this should still boot on legacy ststems, yeah
<clever> partitionTableType = "legacy" gives just MBR
<clever> partitionTableType = "efi" gives GPT + ESP
<samueldr> you need some changes for stateful undeclarative if you want GPT+legacy boot
<clever> partitionTableType = "hybrid" gives GPT + ESP + BIOS-boot
<clever> i was thinking, partitionTableType should just be the partition table type, nothing more
<clever> legacy/gpt, thats it
<clever> then you have a seperate option for boot style, legacy/hybrid/efi
<clever> so you can ask for gpt legacy
<samueldr> right, I didn't see "hybrid"
<clever> hybrid and efi also mess with the /boot layout
<clever> which would break nixops
<Ericson2314> does `nix devlop` allow for multiple shells?
<Ericson2314> i need to make some easy way to get in the mingw shell for nix windows
<worldofpeace> maralorn: hmm, they're rst? I looked in the doc dir and I saw markdown files. Yeah, they were markdown files, I'm not entirely sure but it seems to decouple some documentation from nixpkgs, for whatever reason. And in the end, it is the infra peti maintains... I'd say as long as it links to the site in the manual we're cool
<worldofpeace> gchristensen: hmm
<worldofpeace> gchristensen: I mean, why the heck were they not already using gpt 🤣 I can think of the issue/s you can into that were annoying
<worldofpeace> I mean, because of the nature of ami's this would be okay
<samueldr> inertia!
<gchristensen> yeah I'm running on very little sleep, fixing one such issue :P
<worldofpeace> though it would be nice if there were a way to notify people?
<worldofpeace> like, the release notes changing in place isn't really helpful
<gchristensen> yeah....
<samueldr> hi, reminder to Hydra maintainers that I have a fix that will help for the next time Hydra fails to evaluate something that is used within aggregate jobs https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/825
<{^_^}> hydra#825 (by samueldr, 2 days ago, open): Fix unhelpful error messages in aggregate jobs.
<samueldr> I fully expect at least one back and forth round of review still
<worldofpeace> samueldr: I'm wondering if secretly u have a cron job for this reminder :D
<samueldr> nah, I just said to someone that I would nag until it's done :)
<gchristensen> samueldr: my brain is too incompetent these days to properly review :(
<worldofpeace> gchristensen: I would say a direct yes 🤣
<samueldr> gchristensen: no worry, I didn't expect _you_ to do it
<samueldr> I didn't even consider you "maintainer" of the deeper C++ part of Hydra
<gchristensen> maybe shop it around in -infra?
<samueldr> right
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<gchristensen> O.o hash mismatch importing path '/nix/store/md44ygxjqicc31v4vkid131qqrwdpf91-linux-5.4.72'; wanted: sha256:14q3y5i4zp0h0356x311blyvvxl48r1ir5fa9r492a4zmqvh0n0ggot: sha256:0fyjq9ihi7wmpbzvqp1xgsgv4wmfd1dvfy34ca1s0hgwbx1x7hd9
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<clever> gchristensen: was it copied from another machine? or a binary cache?
<gchristensen> I think another machine
<clever> its possible the file on the other machine was modified in the store
<clever> if you re-run the cmd, what is the full output?
<gchristensen> unlikely. maybe another machine built it and came to different hashes and they're conflicting with what is in a cache now, or something...?
<clever> FileHash: sha256:0g46nqzskxkp63xnn4nhzs5xnw0j2qwqjbg6xlgjxdw4m5vlcz77
<gchristensen> so a third option, heh
<clever> NarHash: sha256:0fyjq9ihi7wmpbzvqp1xgsgv4wmfd1dvfy34ca1s0hgwbx1x7hd9
<clever> gchristensen: ah, your getting the hash of the uncompressed nar, not the compressed nar
<clever> pasted the wrong one
<gchristensen> ah
<clever> and the other cmd...
<clever> [root@amd-nixos:~]# nix path-info --json /nix/store/md44ygxjqicc31v4vkid131qqrwdpf91-linux-5.4.72 | jq '.[0].narHash'
<clever> "sha256-qcHTQ1/8QaCDYmR4t1tornKyn349XLz/upWfCGPC0js="
<clever> nix-hash --type sha256 --to-base32 $(nix path-info --json /nix/store/md44ygxjqicc31v4vkid131qqrwdpf91-linux-5.4.72 | jq '.[0].narHash' -r)
<clever> 0fyjq9ihi7wmpbzvqp1xgsgv4wmfd1dvfy34ca1s0hgwbx1x7hd9
<clever> gchristensen: this fetches the hash from db.sqlite, and converts it back to base32
<clever> check that on the src and dest machine?
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<das_j> clever: `nix to-base32 sha256-qcHTQ1/8QaCDYmR4t1tornKyn349XLz/upWfCGPC0js=` is a bit shorter ;)
<clever> das_j: ah, still finding all of those new ones
<das_j> I always struggle to find the usage of nix-hash ;)
<clever> notice the nearly 2 minutes of delay until i showed the nix-hash example? lol
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<colemickens> I'm trying to contextualize the work that is going on in Nix to support the intensional store model. Is what's being implemented fairly close to what is described in the phd thesis?
<cole-h> I think regnat and Ericson2314 are the people most well-positioned to answer that
<supersandro2000> das_j: tbh I rpever the normal shas
<supersandro2000> the ones nix-build shows you
<Ericson2314> colemickens: I forget :guilty:
<Ericson2314> I think it is, except for the parts were the thesis is like "this makes substitutions hard"
<Ericson2314> substitutions and trust mapping GCing is a bit tricky, but for different reasons
<colemickens> ok. I'll keep this in mind while I keep reading and looking at PRs. Thanks for the note, and thanks for all the work, it's exciting seeing this done after so long.
<Ericson2314> colemickens: thanks for your interest!
<Ericson2314> there are now some issues that might be interesting
<das_j> supersandro2000: Depends on what you nix-build shows ;) I personally hate non-hex characters because my vim detects them as two words
<supersandro2000> You can change what it shows?
<supersandro2000> thats also a good point
<supersandro2000> git diff doesn't like them either
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<supersandro2000> when you realize after 40 commits that you did a typo
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<worldofpeace> reddit "Nix and NixOS are awesome and I use it on a few dev systems, but comparing it to ansible is not the best approach to describe it's benefits." nonsense and I think there's people here that found nix because ansible wasn't enough 🤣
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<jonringer> yea, I'm also super biased, and have been hitting the NixOS koolaid none-stop for like 2 years
<samueldr> depends on what angle they were going for
<samueldr> but comparing it to ansible is missing a bunch of the picture :)
<samueldr> I find their argument weird; how many lines were required for the underlying ansible toolchain to enable those 20 lines of config?
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<worldofpeace> if u tried nix and went back to ansible maybe u really didn't try nix 🤣 yeah but we're all seriously biased
<ma27[m]> ansible is the only tool where I managed to deploy a profile to a wrong server three times in a row without realizing my mistake. I'm well aware that I'm very far from perfect, but if that happens, I'm starting to wonder if something's wrong with the tool %)
<JJJollyjim> yeah, my few interactions with ansible have made me very frustrated
<JJJollyjim> managing servers is what nixos shines for for me
<JJJollyjim> still back and forth about whether i want it on my personal computers
<jonringer> being able to roll back to previous boots, pre-installation of things like zfs and nvidia drivers has really made it a best-in-class experience for me
<jonringer> I think the biggest pain point is, someone doing `nixos-rebuild` and a package fails
<jonringer> which is one of the reasons why stable channel exists :)
<samueldr> the fact that building a NixOS system from the outside-in is basically the same as building from the inside-out is great
<samueldr> thinking about image generation here
<danderson> ansible is fundamentally trying to fix imperative sysadmin within the framework of imperative sysadmin. It's barely more than a shell script that tries not-terribly-hard to be idempotent
<danderson> which is fine, and of the tools in that family, it's a nice one... But nixos is fundamentally playing on a different level.
<danderson> I've used both ansible and nixos personally and professionally. I will never go back for my personal systems, and I'm poised to nixos $work also, despite some outstanding warts in the toolchains
<jonringer> which is why i said, "But toolchains don't have to play fair and be restricted to the same set of constraints." because I think that's 100% accurate
<JJJollyjim> the biggest pain point on my laptop is the time and context-switching to get from "i want <program>" to "i am running <program>", which currently i am doing by editing my config and rebuilding
<JJJollyjim> but maybe i should just switch to nix-env
<jonringer> home-manager > nix-env
<manveru> oh, crystal is marked as broken now in 20.09 :|
<manveru> guess i really gotta fix it now...
<JJJollyjim> hmm? isnt home-manager also a declaratively-defining-config thing?
<jonringer> it nixos but at a per-user level
<jonringer> can be used on any linux distro, or mac
<JJJollyjim> does it include a cli for installing things though, or is it declarative?
<JJJollyjim> (my issue is the time and context switching for installing something i need; currently im editing my config and updating systemPackages then rebuilding, thus losing my train of though)
<JJJollyjim> *thought
<JJJollyjim> not sure how home-manager would help over that
<worldofpeace> I don't think home-manager does any imperative package management Jamie but it does have it's own tool to rebuild outside nixos-rebuild
<worldofpeace> so u can have a system config and a home-manager config. but u can also have home-manager in a nixos module
<JJJollyjim> yeah, understood
<JJJollyjim> orthogonal to my issue though i think
<Ericson2314> jonringer: Congrats!!! I can now say that sometime *after* you go on a long well-deserved nixcation :), I'd love to talk to you about nix on Windows.
<JJJollyjim> (all of my software preferences are dictated by adhd lol)
<worldofpeace> Jamie: wait, do u use nix-shell `nix shell`
<JJJollyjim> (hence my preference for nixos on servers over ansible)
<JJJollyjim> worldofpeace: no, i am super dependent on shell history (in zsh), so dropping into bash is a huge pain
<JJJollyjim> plus i'd rather just install something once and never think about it again
<worldofpeace> Jamie: there's a --run option to make it a one liner
<worldofpeace> nix 3.0 also has nix run which will just start the thing right away in a sleeker cli
<JJJollyjim> hmm
<JJJollyjim> idk, it doesnt sit right with me
<JJJollyjim> if i want a tool on my laptop now, i want easy access to it forever
<colemickens> it looks good though. I put it in READMEs even though I don't use it myself.
<worldofpeace> Yeah, I'm not sure what u mean then. sorry. Jamie like nix run will run the executable the same way if u installed it and ran the executable. or do u mean like desktop applications? if so I hope one day we have packagekit backend for nix again
<colemickens> for demos, it's kind of neat to offer a one-liner `nix ...` that can boot a VM, especially whenever NixOS/nix/pull/4189 and related land.
<worldofpeace> colemickens: I love being able to run code from someones PR entirely from the command line super easy. I'd be cool if with the flake fragment syntax it could support nixpkgs PRs 😸
<JJJollyjim> so, say i think "i want to run jq right now, and also have it available in my interactive shells forever". I'm saying I think I should switch to using `nix-env -i` instead of editing my config and rebuilding, because by the time I've done that, i've lost my train of thought.
<colemickens> Jamie: maybe using nix-direnv and a shell.nix/flake.nix could help?
<colemickens> Jamie: I've started moving more stuff out of my system config into project or "mindset" configs.
<worldofpeace> Jamie: right, nix-env is the right tool for that. I've been using nixUnstable nix profile feels so nice
<JJJollyjim> sweet thanks worldofpeace
<colemickens> worldofpeace: can you say a bit more about how you're using nix profile?
<colemickens> I've been using flakes but haven't managed to use that?
<worldofpeace> colemickens: it's just the new command to replace nix-env interface. using it feels so nice. I'd often entirely forget how to use nix-env, and u could install things with -i and it would take forever so u have to remember to use the attribute option. nix profile has a set of understandable commands info install remove upgrade. nix profile info gives each package a number starting from 0 and you can actually remove
<worldofpeace> them by position
<worldofpeace> along with attribute path or just all of them with a '.*'
<colemickens> worldofpeace: do you find yourself using multiple profiles?
<colemickens> worldofpeace: or just the default one, as a replacement for nix-env?
<colemickens> I guess there's no `nix profile load` so I'm not sure what you'd do with multiple profiles. (Also, I feel self conscious this can move to #nixos if its more appropriate.)
<worldofpeace> colemickens: oh right, nix profile has the `--profile` flag. I've never actually used it, but it's very welcome. I usually just use the default one since I don't use nix profile like crazy. I do prefer to use devShell, direnv, and nix-direnv. along with actually having .envrc export useful bash functions per project directory
<worldofpeace> I actually found a project zimbatm was is working on that has a pretty cool "MOTD" feature for dev shells https://github.com/numtide/devshell#motd
<worldofpeace> oh we can move to #nixos
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<supersandro2000> nix search takes different arguments in 3.0 so I just moved back when I noticed that
<supersandro2000> never got to the profiles etc
<worldofpeace> supersandro2000: it's just nix search $flake_name attribute
<worldofpeace> so for nixpkgs nix search nixpkgs hello
<supersandro2000> I probably wrap this in a function
<supersandro2000> just search everything or take default
<supersandro2000> and most likely all my profiles would be based on nixpkgs or are so special that I need no search for it
<worldofpeace> supersandro2000: Oh, I'm mistaken. the last arg is not an attribute. it takes an installable and then a regex which is matched against the name or description
<supersandro2000> getting rid of muscle memory is not that easy for such things
<worldofpeace> yeah, the whole "muscle memory" for nix 3.0 is different. like having to do .# as url fragment syntax for what's in the cwd is something I always mess up
<supersandro2000> It would be much easier for me without such things
<supersandro2000> also can I only search the name without description?
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<supersandro2000> Always bugged me in debian with apt that I get random results because the long description in line 50 matches