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<worldofpeace> colemickens: ooh didn't know u could do builtins.getFlake
<worldofpeace> erm, I still feel like the inputs in specialArgs feels more elegant
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<cole-h> andi-++
<{^_^}> andi-'s karma got increased to 42
<andi-> hu?
<samueldr> was that an off-github contribution?
<cole-h> I've run into that in the past, but not frequently enough (or recently enough) to have changed that
<andi-> yeah
<samueldr> I had assumed so
<samueldr> (which is another reason for not disallowing pushes)
<andi-> A while ago I created https://lists.sr.ht/~andir/nixpkgs-dev and whenever someone wants to send patches I redirect them there.
<samueldr> oh
<andi-> I am happy to take care of them since the discourse based workflow breaks patches
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<jtojnar> andi-: would not it be more suitable for it to go to `defaultPackages` instead of `requiredPackages`
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<niksnut> aminechikhaoui: well, you can already have flake jobsets
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<rnhmjoj> i'm trying to make an activation script run before another one, which i don't want to modify directly. is there a way to "override" its deps to specify mine?
<rnhmjoj> the type of system.activationScripts is "attrsOf unspecified"
<rnhmjoj> it looks like i'll have to make a PR to change this type
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<NinjaTrappeur> niksnut: is there a --list-generations equivalent for nix profile?
<niksnut> not quite, but 'nix profile diff-closures' does show the generations
<eyJhb> Not entirely a dev thing, but I am trying to do a nix copy, but it just stucks at 2.1 mb each run. I have tried to verbose it as much as possible, but does not seem to give any meaningful - https://termbin.com/x0uaa . It is a ssh server which is behind a VPN, on a non standard port. I can scp to it without any issues
<eyJhb> Not sure if this is known. It will just be stuch here forever. `nix copy -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv -s --to ssh://nix-deployer@srtoffee-build /nix/store/xj11my95snfjvm1g9c4g8w1s8s20a7dp-rsync-3.1.3 /nix/store/slh0pryq6blabhwvicr8azfsyxfv4hrc-nixos-system-toffee-20.09pre-git /nix/store/l99w581ii4z2ghkjdc9mjka3lbs730m8-switch`, engouh v's to ensure all the debug!
<NinjaTrappeur> ack
<eyJhb> ack ?
<NinjaTrappeur> ack about the answer I got 2 messages above, it was not related to your message, sorry :(
<eyJhb> NinjaTrappeur: Damn it :( Open for any good answer :p
<NinjaTrappeur> Apart from setting up gdb, which might be pretty tricky provided all the moving parts (nix/ssh) here, I don't. Sorry :(
<NinjaTrappeur> I'm sure there's a better way though
<eyJhb> Hoping I can do it when I come home.. But weird that there is no more output :)
<regnat> eyJhb: might not help at all, but you can try ssh-ng:// rather than ssh://. Maybe it'll work or at least give more infos
<eyJhb> regnat: https://termbin.com/fist got this instead
<eyJhb> Somewhat more helpful, but I don't see why it should not have a valid signature
<eyJhb> Tried where the to (ssh) is root user, same thing :(
<regnat> eyJhb: Well unless you explicitely signed it, it won't have any. If the remote side is a trusted-user, you can use --no-require-sigs to bypass it
<eyJhb> regnat: well, I would assume it to be OK, but I am using Nixus atm. to deploy - https://github.com/Infinisil/nixus . Signing is used each time one generates a package/derivation?
<regnat> eyJhb: Nah, signing is a manual process. But actually it might be a bug to require signatures with nix copy, I'm not sure 🤔. Is this a stable Nix version or something more recent ?
<eyJhb> Well, my OS is on the latest unstable channel https://status.nixos.org/ ( 5d0e2dedd559 ), so fairly new but the the newest. I was able to deploy to a machine yesterday on the previous unstable
<eyJhb> Maybe a little rollback
<eyJhb> Rollback does not seem to work that well from a nixos-rebuild switch --rollback
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<regnat> eyJhb: Nah, unless you installed nixUnstable explicitely you should be on a stable release of Nix. I'm afraid I don't really know how to help you more…
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<regnat> Well you can always work around the problem by setting require-sigs = false in the remote machine's nix.conf file, but that's not really a proper solution
<eyJhb> regnat: Maybe I will just do that once, and then hope for the best in the future. I haven't really had that issue a lot
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<aminechikhaoui> niksnut right there is flake jobsets, but say I have a project with a default.nix that exposes a couple of arguments enableTests/enableDebug/.. and I used to have multiple jobsets to turn those on and off. With flakes my understanding since it's a pure eval that kind of arguments won't work and have to be defined in flake.nix instead.
<aminechikhaoui> but why not define the whole hydra project through a flake in that case
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<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: there are people doing pretty clever things with declarative jobsets that I'm not sure flakes would work for
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<gchristensen> and probably not all declarative jobset users would want to switch to flakes for all their use cases
<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen yeah perhaps both can co-exist like for jobsets (legacy and flakes)
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<worldofpeace> Yall today's the day
<worldofpeace> lol, almost a month delayed.
<aminechikhaoui> \o/ \o/
<stigo> :)
<worldofpeace> I do hope we could align these dates to be more convenient like jonringer suggested on discourse
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<NinjaTrappeur> nix 3.0 is breaking home-manager which depends on nix-env. I started to conditionally replace the nix-env calls with some nix profile ones, but I am now wondering: can we expect the daemon API to be stable?
<NinjaTrappeur> IE. is writing external tooling directly talking to the daemon with the current protocol a good idea?
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<andi-> aminechikhaoui: What is the benefit of flakes in that case? Isn't hydra already enforcing pure eval model?
<regnat> NinjaTrappeur: It should be, yes. But the protocol isn't really nice to work with, so I'd rather not go that way unless I have a really good reason to do it
<regnat> (besides, the daemon is kind-of an implementation detail as it's not guaranted to be there)
<eyJhb> worldofpeace: on the 46 of septomber! :D
<regnat> NinjaTrappeur: wait… nix-env isn't removed in Nix 3.0, is it?
<eyJhb> Is there a link to what Nix 3 brings to the table?
<regnat> NinjaTrappeur: Ah, indeed, you can't mix nix-env and nix profile :)
<NinjaTrappeur> ^ once you migrated your profile, there's no way back
<NinjaTrappeur> (my nix profile is empty)
<regnat> I didn't know nix profile was usable at all :D
<aminechikhaoui> andi- here is an example, I have a project repository `foo` that depends on repos bar, baz. I want to use flakes for better multi-repo management, but also `foo` exposes certain arguments { enableDebug, enableTracing, enableTests, variant ? "variant-1", (etc ..) } that we currently use to define multiple jobsets that generate different builds based
<aminechikhaoui> on those arguments.
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<aminechikhaoui> so I'd like to both use flakes and also be able to manage those configs in hydra but since nix arguments afaik would prevent pure evaluations it wouldn't make sense in the case of flakes
<aminechikhaoui> so what I thought of is perhaps a wrapper flake can be defined to declare the jobsets under a certain hydra project
<aminechikhaoui> and that's where we inherit the foo flake and create various variants based on it
<V> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/101127 would anyone be able to take a look at this? it's been hanging around for a bit and I figure it's something a bunch of people would like
<{^_^}> #101127 (by deviant, 6 days ago, open): nixos/defaults: init
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<V> (ping adisbladis infinisil)
<qyliss> > This covers every single text editor in nixpkgs
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected IN, expecting ')', at (string):345:38
<qyliss> wow!
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<V> if I missed any, they either weren't in GNOME and KDE, or weren't in pkgs/applications/editors
<V> But I tested every single one I could find
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<cole-h> worldofpeace: I'm planning to submit a PR fixing https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage/issues/416 -- should the "recommended for most users" label go beside the Plasma ISO, or the Gnome ISO?
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#416 (by worldofpeace, 25 weeks ago, open): Download Page: Link to GNOME ISO
<supersandro2000> cole-h: the default until now was plasma so my guess would be to point to this
<cole-h> That's what I was planning on, but wanted input from an RM :P
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<worldofpeace> cole-h: ooh I think garbas already did in a bigger PR
<cole-h> Oh, in the -> 20.09 PR? Sweet
<worldofpeace> feel free to review https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage/pull/619 cole-h
<{^_^}> nixos-homepage#619 (by garbas, 1 week ago, open): 20.03 -> 20.09 bump
<cole-h> Ye OK, nvm
<cole-h> :P
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<samueldr> hi y'all, I think this should get somewhat high priority in reviewing and handling, considering it'll help us the next time Hydra is having a bad time with aggregate jobs https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/825
<{^_^}> hydra#825 (by samueldr, 19 hours ago, open): Fix unhelpful error messages in aggregate jobs.
<samueldr> there is two open "TODOs" on it, but I'm also interested in feedback from Hydra maintainers and contributors before I tackle them, in case I tackle them wrong, or need to change a lot
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<worldofpeace> +1 to that samueldr anyone with knowledge in those domains would be appreciated
<samueldr> note that I don't pretend it's _the_ solution, but there are two problems that have been targeted and possibly resolved
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<gchristensen> hmmm... per-machine sshPublicHostKey support was ported from hydra to nix, but not actually the implementation
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<{^_^}> nix#4190 (by grahamc, 12 seconds ago, open): sshPublicHostKey support was added to Nix's machine parser, from Hydra, but left unimplemneted
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<gchristensen> https://gsc.io/content-addressed/a0dec13bd6b98f6486b43ee14651d5dec5de240e6f4d5b3283bb0d695cf20d60.nix using consul and vault to discover remote Nix builders
<samueldr> gchristensen++
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 356
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<dhess> Anyone have a working example of how to use the GithubPulls.pm plugin with the new Hydra declarative job spec syntax?
<worldofpeace> is it chaotic neutral that I love how peti moved the haskell docs to his own website in markdown? gchristensen I think it may be time soon to make docbook.sucks but it's the same content as docbook.rocks
<clever> dhess: yes
<dhess> clever: oh I figured you wouldn't as you're not using a new-ish Hydra, when the new syntax was introduced.
<dhess> sometime last month I think
<clever> dhess: was it changed in the last month?
<clever> dhess: does this look like its still compatible? https://github.com/cleverca22/hydra-configs/blob/master/nixos-configs/spec.json
<dhess> clever: it's like the old Nix-generated bit but now you can make a JSON dictionary
<clever> oh, but that example doesnt use pulls
<dhess> clever: now you can do something like this: https://gist.github.com/dhess/9127503c367a65ff577ec4dd73662584
<dhess> with multiple keys
<clever> the default.nix in not-os/ generates that
<dhess> clever: yeah all of our old stuff is based on your configs like that one, but in the last month or so, it no longer works for new projects. (Projects that have existed in our Hydra since before whatever changed still work fine with PRs.)
<dhess> If I define a new project now, it ignores PRs.
<dhess> clever: yep all of our stuff is based on that config (and the similar IOHK configs)
<dhess> but it doesn't work anymore since some recent Hydra update. Not sure what changed and it's difficult to test.
<dhess> So I tried switching to the new spec.json format hoping it would fix things, but I still can't get it to work.
<dhess> clever: FYI here's the commit that updated the declarative job spec: https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/commit/e707990e2d6afab203c7ef1d769d49c564eff151
<dhess> it's just a minor change but it means you don't need to generate the JSON files using Nix anymore. (Unless you want to filter or things like that.)
<clever> i think the new stuff, isnt dynamic in any way
<clever> its just exactly whats in the json, and nothing more
<clever> and i think its the exact same format my default.nix outputs
<clever> it just skips the generation step
<dhess> it is
<clever> so you can still run my default.nix, and commit the output
<clever> but its static, so it cant dynamically change when PR's get made
<dhess> well the docs for the GithubRefs.pm plugin, which is based on the GithubPulls.pm plugin, implies that you can just define an input in the spec.json file: https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/blob/be709d450b98a384374228db51c14dc958a3a72a/src/lib/Hydra/Plugin/GithubRefs.pm#L31
<clever> dhess: that would pass you a list of all PR's, as a json file
<clever> and the default.nix then has to parse it, and convert it into a list of jobsets
<dhess> ahh I was hoping that part had been added to the new declarative job spec code.
<dhess> well, in any case, as I said, your method of generating the jobsets for pull requests doesnt work anymore, so something is broken.
<clever> can you link a hydra where its not working?
<dhess> it *does* work for old Hydra jobsets, just not new ones. This is since... maybe early September? So around the time that declarative jobspec commit was made. (I'm not saying that commit is the cause for the breakage)
<dhess> Unfortunately not, it's private.
<dhess> @cle
<clever> can you post a censored error msg?
<dhess> clever: so we use the same "fake PR" trick to seed the database for a new project, that started failing
<dhess> yeah hold on
<dhess> that hackworthltd:vonnegut-pr-42 job is the initial fake PR
<dhess> and it just fails and fails and fails
<dhess> whereas I think it used to fail once and then disappeared, and then subsequent real PRs would work
<cole-h> worldofpeace: I labeled https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/101784 as "release process" -- is this OK?
<{^_^}> #101784 (by jonringer, 5 hours ago, open): [20.09] Add contributor information to release notes
<cole-h> (I guess I should have checked before I did it... oops x) )
<dhess> clever: our Hydra jobset config is effectively exactly the same as IOHK's, just with different repos, of course: https://github.com/input-output-hk/ci-ops/blob/69de8a0f1cd16609339fcae1ee73e1247429b5b4/jobsets/default.nix
<dhess> worked fine for a year or more, until a few weeks ago.
<worldofpeace> cole-h: yep, looks good
<worldofpeace> lol, anything with "release"
<cole-h> worldofpeace: Phew. Also tagging #100111 with it
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/100111 (by worldofpeace, 2 weeks ago, open): Mark failing to build packages in 20.09 as broken