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<clever> sandboxing?
<drakonis> was following these steps
<drakonis> big oof because it is arch wiki and it is frequently usable, except for this.
<gchristensen> eh
<clever> was nix built by nix, or the host package manager?
<drakonis> i think was through the host
<drakonis> with aur?
<clever> that breaks a number of things with sandboxing
<drakonis> they patched ldflags lol
<clever> so you must turn the sandbox off
<drakonis> wht the fuck
<drakonis> excuse me
<drakonis> why.
<drakonis> the definition
<drakonis> this is some powerless complaining, but there we go
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<yorick> should the security roundup that is only against nixos-18.09 (and maybe 19.03) be closed?
<yorick> basically, all duplicate roundups at this point
<{^_^}> #58270 (by ckauhaus, 35 weeks ago, open): Vulnerability roundup 64: python-2.7.15: 2 advisories
<yorick> I have some scripting to tell you which ones they are :)
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<jonringer> can anyone review it's to fix stable PRs and the linux_5_4 build
<{^_^}> #74823 (by jonringer, 5 minutes ago, open): [19.09] lib/versions: expose splitVersion
<yorick> ^merged by now, to save you a click
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<disasm> what's needed to get 19.09 AMI's for a new region? sa-east-1?
<gchristensen> looks like we already have AMIs for sa-east-1
<gchristensen> ehh
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<xwvvvvwx> Does anyone know how to make a derivation that builds with a 32bit gcc on a 64bit system?
<clever> xwvvvvwx: pkgs.pkgsi686Linux.stdenv
<adisbladis> Or more generically: (import <nixpkgs> { system = "i686-linux"; }).hello
<clever> yep, both work
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<xwvvvvwx> thanks :)
<gchristensen> maybe we should move a bunch of the nixos modules in to home-manager and adopt home-manager officially
<xwvvvvwx> why was home-manager not built into nixos in the first place?
<gchristensen> not every experiment can go in to core in the first place
<gchristensen> for every successful home-manager project there are probably dozens of experiments which don't go as well
<xwvvvvwx> I really like home-manager and would support adopting it officially fwiw
<simpson> xwvvvvwx: There is still a big warning about experimental status and stability on home-manager's page. Also, in terms of history, there have been several attempts to do this sort of thing (nixUP comes to mind) where intending for something to get into nixpkgs is not sufficient.
<infinisil> niksnut: Ping for the doodle for RFC 42:
<Ericson2314> nh2: there are some hacks for c++ includes in that subdirectory that I don't really like
<niksnut> infinisil: done
<Ericson2314> niksnut: Is the game plan merging more things because unstable feature blocks their usage basically?
<infinisil> Cool, so looks like everybody has time this thursday from 17:00 to 21:00 UTC
<infinisil> Let's make this 18:00 to 19:00 UTC then
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<Profpatsch> Request for final Review: runCommandLocal
<{^_^}> #74642 (by Profpatsch, 3 days ago, open): pkgs/build-support/trivial-builders: add runCommandLocal
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<samueldr> Profpatsch: running on a system A, building for another builder of system B, would this fail the build since it can't run locally?
<samueldr> e.g. x86_64-linux, building aarch64-linux with the appropriate machine configuration
<clever> samueldr: preferLocalBuild is ignored if the local isnt capable of building
<samueldr> and allowSubstitutes = false;, clever?
<clever> samueldr: it will never try to look on the binary cache, and always use the aarch64 builder to make a new copy
<Profpatsch> That disallows substitutes, so you need a builder configured to build it.
<samueldr> alright then, no issues then
<Profpatsch> Which means that if you want to set a different `system` for one runCommandLocal drv, you could not substitute it. Which is rather esoteric if you ask me.
<samueldr> unless it starts being (mis?)used inside of nixpkgs
<samueldr> but I agree that for leafy packages, especially personal use, the issue is unlikely to be a problem
<Profpatsch> If you rely on only having a substituter, that’s a problem I guess. But as you say, leafy packages.
<clever> Profpatsch: ive seen problems before when people wanted to go gentoo on nixos, and just turn off the binary cache
<Profpatsch> (this is nothing that you couldn’t already have when you do `allowSubstitutes = false`
<clever> for example, /bin/sh (which is leaked into the sandbox) depends on glibc.lib
<clever> but glibc.doc can be GC'd
<clever> and then something needs glibc.doc, so nix builds it
<clever> and glibc.lib cant be in the sandbox, because its building
<Profpatsch> lol
<clever> so, the libc used by /bin/sh is omited from the sandbox
<clever> and the build fails
<Profpatsch> nixpkgs is what I call “theoretically reproducible” :P
<samueldr> sure it's nothing you couldn't already have been doing, though my concern is if it starts being peppered inside of Nixpkgs, then I _don't know_ how problematic it could become
<clever> you can fully reproduce it, if /bin/sh doesnt depend on the nixpkgs your building
<samueldr> it might get used since it's low friction to add "Local" to your runCommand to go faster
<Profpatsch> samueldr: I’m fairly certain nobody’s gonna know it’s there in the first place. :P
<Profpatsch> samueldr: do you think we should add a disclaimer to the docstring?
<Profpatsch> Maybe we should add the disclaimer to the `allowSubstitutes` docstring insead
<samueldr> probably both, since someone reading the doc for *Local probably won't look at allowSubstitutes
<Profpatsch> Sure
<samueldr> though, only if my concerns of this being used in Nixpkgs are grounded in truth
<clever> i only discovered runCommandCC because nix-shell broke everywhere
<Profpatsch> If somebody notices, it’s easy to revert to `runCommand`, though the note in the manual should be there.
<samueldr> yeah, if there's no note, there's no way the final user could have known
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