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<MichaelEden[m]> Ashy: thanks!
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<Ashy> hmm, latest image and uboot still won't boot the rockpro64
<Ashy> i don't quite understand why ayufan's patches to uboot and the kernel still haven't been mainlined yet
<samueldr> I'd say the same for the pinebook (a64)
<samueldr> for the kernel*
<samueldr> at least u-boot seems fine
<Ashy> have you ever got any patches into mainline kernel?
<samueldr> haven't written anything yet
<Ashy> it's something i've had on my bucketlist for a while hehe
<samueldr> one day I figure I will, with the way things are going :)
<samueldr> though I did almost, but chickened out, and someone else did a better fix anyway
<samueldr> years ago, for the touchpad of my then-new laptop
<Ashy> last time i was playing with nixos on the rockpro64 (a few months back) i did actually get it running but only by starting with ayufan's ubuntu image and then dd'ing over the nixos root partition so it was still ayufan's uboot and kernel
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<samueldr> we do have a u-boot build now
<Ashy> it should be possible to write an sd-image.nix definition that does all that and builds a rockpro64 specific image right?
<samueldr> according to this page at least, hydra should be building a u-boot for it
<Ashy> yeah i just tried that on the sdcard though and didnt get any hdmi output
<samueldr> I believe that if you delete the FAT32 partition of a 19.09 or unstable sd-image, and then `dd` as described it should work
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<Ashy> oh, delete the first partition?
<samueldr> (deleting the partition is mostly so stuff isn't confused by the garbage that'll get written there)
<samueldr> "garbage"
<samueldr> rockchip firmware files... judge like you want :)
<Ashy> yeah blobs are blech... market slowly seems to be coming around to that though
<Ashy> so what exactly should i do with this uboot image?
<samueldr> sudo dd if=idbloader.img of=/dev/mmcblkX bs=512 seek=64
<samueldr> it sounds like :)
<samueldr> (I don't have rock* hardware)
<Ashy> yeah but delete the first mmc partition first?
<samueldr> well, rock*64, from pine
<Ashy> ah ok
<samueldr> you should delete the first partition, yeah
<samueldr> it should boot with it still
<samueldr> but some software may barf when seeing what seems like random garbage
<samueldr> I think that idbloader is bigger than the gap in front
<Ashy> mount it and use rm or fully delete it from the partition table?
<samueldr> only from the partition table
<samueldr> though, even if I don't have their hardware, I think I know enough about the boot chain to help
<Ashy> is there an example sd-image.nix somewhere that includes specifying a specific uboot configuration/fork and a specific kernel fork?
<samueldr> u-boot (for now) is handled out-of-band
<samueldr> e.g. dd on your device
<samueldr> not sure about a good example for the rockpro64 and configuring the kernel
<Ashy> hmm, yeah still no hdmi output after deleting the fat32 partition and dd'ing the uboot image again
<samueldr> lopsided98: you can also cc me on generic base nixos-on-arm stuff, if you want
<samueldr> they're likely to affect me somehow at some point :)
<Ashy> yeah that prebuilt uboot for the rockpro64 does not seem to want to boot
<Ashy> or possibly it is but hdmi isnt working
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<mishach> greetings;
<mishach> If there is someone who can help, here is my problem. I am just looking for some pointers on how to proceed.
<mishach> I am trying to compile a hello world program that includes glib and pkgconfig as nativeBuildInputs
<mishach> when i entered nix-shell, PKG_CONFIG_PATH was not set, so i fixed that
<mishach> but when i try to compile hellow world program i run into this error
<mishach> it is identical to erro described here
<mishach> and my default.nix file
<mishach> Note, hellow world runs in standard environment
<mishach> it just in cross-compiled it throws an error
<mishach> any times or pointers would be greatly appretiated
<mishach> so my guess is
<mishach> derivation is incorrect, but how to debug it
<clever> mishach: if you add pkgconfig to the nativeBuildInputs, it will manage PKG_CONFIG_PATH for you
<clever> glib likely has to be in buildInputs
<mishach> ohh
<mishach> however, i added pkgconfig to nativeBuildInputs
<mishach> that just worked
<mishach> !!!!
<mishach> i just had to place library into
<mishach> buildInputs
<mishach> Thank You!
<mishach> so I am getting something wrong about nativeBuildInputs vs buildInputs dependencies
<mishach> so libraries that we will be used by the program when it is run on the host go to buildInputs
<clever> mishach: yes
<mishach> wow, that was a huge learning experience for me.
<mishach> Thank You!!
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<SaboteurCZ> Hi samueldr. Just wanted to ask what is the current state (or progress) of work on NixOS on PinePhone :)
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<lopsided98> 5.3 doesn't boot on my RockPro64...
<lopsided98> samueldr: I'm getting similar errors as your chromebook
<lopsided98> mmc1: mmc_select_hs400es failed, error -110
<samueldr> ooh
<samueldr> then you may be in a better position to bisect than I am
<samueldr> the chromebook I have simply doesn't go far back enough
<samueldr> I'd have to backport way too much changes to get it compiling under mainline for older than 5.0
<samueldr> lopsided98: is it pretty consistent?
<samueldr> do you know the model number of the eMMC?
<lopsided98> I have been unable to boot 5.3 at all, previously I was running 5.2.10 with ~50 of ayufan's patches (https://github.com/lopsided98/linux/commits/rock64-5.2.y)
<lopsided98> Those patches actually limit the speed to hs200 (https://github.com/lopsided98/linux/commit/e4abb4c92b7fb41b51116f9ca375c0bed0fdbe8e), but it still fails
<samueldr> it's not FORESEE though
<lopsided98> The error I posted above was from unpatched mainline
<samueldr> ah!
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> I figure limiting to hs200 is what made it work
<samueldr> I am doing the same, but in a much less clean way
<lopsided98> No, I tested 5.3 with that patch and it still fails
<samueldr> try this one
<samueldr> it's my much less clean way :)
<samueldr> hs400es just won't exist
<lopsided98> I'm not sure what the model is, I don't have physical access to it right now
<samueldr> if you have the dmesg output of a working boot, it should be in there somewhere
<lopsided98> Wait, it just booted when I went to test the patched kernel again
<samueldr> I have suspicions that mainline is doing something just out of tolerence for some cards
<samueldr> or that some some eMMCs are just out of tolerance
<lopsided98> Yeah, it has never been very reliable but it would usually work after 2 or 3 tries
<lopsided98> I can't find anything about the model number in dmesg
<samueldr> dmesg | grep -i mmc
<samueldr> it will not say "this is the model number"
<samueldr> but it should be in there
<samueldr> at least it was in my experience
<lopsided98> mmcblk2: mmc2:0001 DG4032 29.1 GiB
<samueldr> that's it
<samueldr> this *may* be WD
<samueldr> right
<samueldr> it's SanDisk
<samueldr> like mine
<samueldr> and like
<samueldr> (sandisk is a brand of WD now)
<samueldr> I say it's sandisk, found it listed here http://www.szhcheng.com/EMMC%20.pdf
<samueldr> so AFAICT it really looks like a big regression for sandisk and hs400es :/
<lopsided98> That seems right, this is where I bought it: https://ameridroid.com/products/emmc-5-1-module-blank?variant=7427627122722
<lopsided98> you can read sandisk in the image
<samueldr> the model number alone is pretty much confirmation :)
<samueldr> >> High quality storage from SanDisk
<samueldr> under key features
<samueldr> right, so another confirmation for my hunch
<samueldr> now, I think the next best thing is to gather the data I have and scream in the void^W^W^W send to the right mailing list about that subsystem
<lopsided98> I might try enabling dynamic debugging for the mmc subsystem, which should show all commands that are sent to the emmc and their responses
<samueldr> (not saying you shouldn't)
<samueldr> I tried
<samueldr> I didn't grok enough of it all
<samueldr> something around CMD30 IIRC
<samueldr> reaching timeout IIRC
<lopsided98> I was able to figure out this bug that way: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93201#c20
<samueldr> though even adding some sleeps to maybe help some stuff settle that didn't change anything (unsurprisingly)
<samueldr> though you're probably right that this will help figure out the right issue
<samueldr> I kinda side-stepped the issue for now, since I can get hs200 working most of the time
<samueldr> (it sometimes fails, like 1/10 or 1/20 times)
<lopsided98> Mine never works after a reboot, I have to fully power cycle it, usually a few times
<lopsided98> Even when it does work, it hangs for around a minute before the emmc is detected
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