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<FRidh2> hi. Could someone please fix https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/68244#issuecomment-529081051 on staging-next
<sphalerite> FRidh2: having a look at it
<sphalerite> FRidh2: fix pushed
<FRidh2> sphalerite: thank you. I made the wrong choice when fixing the merge conflict it seems :)
<sphalerite> seems to be what happens when a feature branch gets a year old :p
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<Acou_Bass> hey everyone, im struggling to get my nix config to boot on a raspberry pi 3, it just hangs at Starting kernel ... I've tried unplugging HDMI/USB keyboard and don't have anything else plugged in aside from ethernet but it still doesn't wanna go past there.. is there anyone who's got this working and could assist? :D
<ToxicFrog> Acou_Bass: you need an extra kernel module, hang on
<Acou_Bass> ooh
<ToxicFrog> Acou_Bass: boot.initrd.kernelModules = [ "vc4" ];
<ToxicFrog> At least, I was having exactly the same problem, and that fixed it
<Acou_Bass> sweeet, thanks a lot
<Acou_Bass> I'll have to re-image my SD card as i cant even roll back to the installation hehe so i'll report back once that's done/tested
<ToxicFrog> Yeah I ended up reimaging like eight times to get this working, testing various fixes
<ToxicFrog> Don't do what I did and forget to add a user account
<Acou_Bass> hehe ive got all that
<Acou_Bass> i ran nixos on this thing years ago so i've still got my old configuration.nix saved so i just copied it over more or less
<Acou_Bass> one last check - do i need pkgs.linuxPackages_latest or shall i remove that line for now?
<ToxicFrog> Acou_Bass: IIRC I didn't use linuxPackages_latest, but I don't have the configuration.nix handy right now to double check
<Acou_Bass> no worries
<Acou_Bass> ill try both, cant hurt eh
<sphalerite> Acou_Bass: latest worked for me, non-latest didn't, iirc
<Acou_Bass> alright thanks :P just finished the imaging so its time to reinstall :D
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<Acou_Bass> hmmm nope its still stuck on starting kernel... can someone check over my config and tell me where I've gone wrong? XD
<Acou_Bass> I've commented out the znc.nix addition for now
<clever> Acou_Bass: if you use '' instead of ", you can indent the xml to match the nearby nix, which makes it more readable
<clever> but nothing stands out as wrong
<Acou_Bass> fair enough, like i said I've commented that entire file out for now as that config hasnt worked for a long time anyway so I'm probably nuke 'n paving that section anyway :P
<Acou_Bass> right now im struggling to even get the OS to boot let alone fire up ZNC
<clever> if the vc4 driver isnt setup right, the video wont work, but the os will still boot
<clever> check if ssh is working when its done booting
<Acou_Bass> yeah cant SSH in =\ i tried with the HDMI unplugged too
<clever> and try to read the logs from the SD card, journalctl --root=/mnt/
<Acou_Bass> would the logs have anything useful if it didnt even fail to start the kernel? I'll try
<clever> if the video drivers are absent, the kernel will be starting, but the last message you will get is "starting kernel..."
<Acou_Bass> the journal only seems to have logs from the first (installation step) boot rather than the new boots into my own configuration
<clever> do you have the option to rollback in the bootloader?
<Acou_Bass> ooh yes... i've only got the one other option though which i assume would be the first installation boot though
<Acou_Bass> because this is a fresh install ive not got any older generations or anything
<clever> Acou_Bass: not sure what else it could be, my only thought is to try and get serial console up, but then you need a serial adapter
<Acou_Bass> well i managed to get into the first generation for installation at least so I'll fiddle with it from there, how hard can it be? :P thanks for the help though :D
<Acou_Bass> to be honesti also havent yet considered the possibility that my SD card is toast... its just a random one i found in my collection so it could be that
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<Acou_Bass> oddly when i boot into this installation generation it fails to find /boot (but still boots...)
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<samueldr> ooh, neat https://github.com/bkerler/edl
<samueldr> I wonder, for xiaomi phones mainly, if there wouldn't be a way to use EDL mode to force the unlock
<samueldr> instead of waiting on their servers
<samueldr> (it's been something that I had in mind for a small while)
<samueldr> they generally release the files required to send to the phone in EDL mode
<samueldr> sadly, oneplus, but still fun
<samueldr> hmm, I should be on the lookout for a xiaomi device which can be put in EDL mode easily
<adisbladis> samueldr: I think I have one that can do that (the A1)
<samueldr> but
<samueldr> it's useless!
<samueldr> yours is easy to unlock!
<samueldr> The A* series of xiaomi phones don't have the timed bootloader unlock via spooky mothership calls
<samueldr> adisbladis: in other words: your phone is easier to bootloader unlock compared to the "real" xiaomi phones
<samueldr> that's because of Android One
<samueldr> though I'm not sure if the A1 is old enough to have the easier EDL mode activation
<samueldr> (still reading on the subject)
<sphalerite> adisbladis: whooo phone buddy high-five!
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<omnipotententity> potentially stupid question, I'm trying to install a gui on my rpi, but when I just install (for instance) xfce, I get a derivation error saying that one of the depencencies of xorg is not supported
<omnipotententity> Is this an issue that I can fix easily by simply specifying a different version?
<samueldr> "it depends"
<samueldr> what is the exact error?
<omnipotententity> error: Package 'xf86-video-vmware-13.3.0' in /nix/store/hash-nixos-19.03.stuff/nixos/pkgs/servers/x11/xorg/default.nix:2305 is not supported on 'aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu', refusing to evaluate
<omnipotententity> Then it gives some suggestions like overriding it using allowUnsupportedSystem
<samueldr> right, that's what I thought you would have
<samueldr> give me a se
<samueldr> sec*
<samueldr> https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#services.xserver.videodrivers
<samueldr> Default value: [ "ati" "cirrus" "vesa" "vmware" "modesetting" ]
<samueldr> services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ "modesetting" ];
<omnipotententity> oh duh, I remember seeing that from before
<samueldr> that will remove the impossible to use bits on aarch64
<omnipotententity> thanks
<sphalerite> grah, just wrote the sd image to an sd card, and u-boot isn't able to talk to the sd card apparently…
<sphalerite> Scanning mmc 0:1... // Card did not respond to voltage select!
<sphalerite> any ideas? :(
<sphalerite> this sd card _isn't_ broken, because clearly u-boot is getting loaded from it!
<sphalerite> wait, what? `ls mmc 0` works as well
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> is that u-boot revision aware of the A+?
<samueldr> sphalerite: which version does it ship with already?
<sphalerite> should be, it's either the same or newer than the one that was previously working on here
<samueldr> oh, right package search lists packages for unstable now :)
<samueldr> yeah, it should have been aware
<samueldr> power cycle the device?
<sphalerite> yep, tried it
<samueldr> maybe it got unlucky and got a race condition?
<sphalerite> the weird thing is, I can `ls mmc 0:1` just fine
<samueldr> yeah, which is why I though about something racey
<omnipotententity> You think it might be a power thing? The power draw during boot is higher because the CPU is running a bit more than when you're idling in the shell
<sphalerite> nah, the power supply is good enough
<sphalerite> sysboot mmc 0:2 any 0x0240000 /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf => success!
<sphalerite> oooh a non-root shell!
<samueldr> that way you can't get hacked
<samueldr> /s
<Acou_Bass> omnipotententity: woo using that kernel suggestion worked well :P booting successfully \o/
<Acou_Bass> cheers
<samueldr> btw, linuxPackages (without _latest, or anything) will use the latest LTS, which is 4.19, and should work fine on the 3B
<samueldr> that's what i'm using
<Acou_Bass> hmm
<samueldr> though I don't know what issues you were having (both of you)
<omnipotententity> Acou_Bass, no worries
<Acou_Bass> well it turns out mine was due to a duff SD card it seems
<omnipotententity> samueldr, I'll try that, there is a high up google result with a sample rpi configuration that has linuxPackages_latest
<Acou_Bass> so either kernel would probably do the trick xD
<omnipotententity> which is what I had been using
<samueldr> what is the issue with linuxPackages_latest?
<omnipotententity> But 4.19 was what was booting the original installer, so yeah, it'll probably work, thanks for letting me know how to get it again :D
<omnipotententity> samueldr, it just hangs at the Starting Kernel... screen
<samueldr> yeah, nixos will default to "LTS at the time of the release" for the kernel
<samueldr> right, though I thought it was affecting only 3B+ on u-boot 2018.11... maybe it has issues with the 3B too?
* samueldr tries
<omnipotententity> It's entirely possible that my rpi is a 3B+ and I just am stupid?
<omnipotententity> It says Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v 1.2
<omnipotententity> 2015 model
<omnipotententity> or copyright 2015 at least
<omnipotententity> 4.19 works, and has a better VGA mode, so, I like it
<samueldr> if it's not written "+" on the board, it's not a +
* samueldr is downloading
<omnipotententity> ok neat, after all of that, I'm back at the original problem I was having. Failed to allocate from CMA
<samueldr> add cma=32M to your cmdline
<omnipotententity> My CmaTotal is already 32 in /proc/meminfo
<samueldr> then 64M
<omnipotententity> got farther \o/ going to go up more
<samueldr> weird though, I thought I had 32M running on a 1680x1050 display
<samueldr> oh, maybe not... thinking back I might have increased it for X11
<omnipotententity> it works fine with 128M (on 1920x1080)
<omnipotententity> probably could test it on 96M or whatever
<omnipotententity> oh, haha, it was just shy at 64M
<omnipotententity> my CmaFree is 64808 kB
<samueldr> omnipotententity: I seem to recall upping it in the end
<samueldr> I think I just never pushed the changes on the repo
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<samueldr> (19.03 burning)
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<sphalerite> samueldr: any idea how to get a serial console from linux on the pi 3a+? It's working with u-boot, but none of /dev/ttyS* seems to be connected to the UART GPIO pins
<samueldr> not if it's different from the 3B
<sphalerite> I think it should be the same as on the 3B+
<clever> sphalerite: what about ttyAMA0?
<sphalerite> doesn't exist
<clever> sphalerite: maybe that kernel doesnt support it? or you have the wrong dtb?
<clever> the uart is behind a mux, and you have to set the pins to connect to it, the dtb and start.elf usually do that
<sphalerite> the device tree is the right one, at least it has the right model name
<clever> there are multiple overlays, to choose which serial port goes on which pins
<sphalerite> oooh istr reading something about it needing a device tree overlay or something…
<sphalerite> and iirc we don't really have any support for that in nixos yet?
<clever> i dont think we do
<clever> you can also use a cli util at runtime, to remap things
<clever> it might be the `gpio` thing, but i dont remember exactly
<sphalerite> eh, it should be fine anyway I guess
<Acou_Bass> hehe yep stop kernel works fine (not _rpi or _latest)
<Acou_Bass> guess it really was my SD card screwing me up
<samueldr> sphalerite: we do with unstable
<samueldr> in a way
<sphalerite> oh?
<{^_^}> #60422 (by kwohlfahrt, 18 weeks ago, merged): nixos/hardware.deviceTree: new module
<clever> i suspect its complicated, by needing start.elf to do some things for us
<clever> and the dtb part just tells linux where the device is, after start.elf has configured it
<samueldr> yeah, if it's that, then that won't help
<sphalerite> can I get u-boot to shut up about "Timeout poll on interrupt endpoint"?
<sphalerite> it's making typing on it hard :p
<clever> this is a table of every pin, and what alt functions each has
<samueldr> welp, the keyboard was upside down
<samueldr> that explains why it typed all screwey
<clever> TXD0 can be mapped to GPIO14 (alt0), GPIO36(alt2) or GPIO32(alt3)
<clever> so you need to pick a pin, and then set that pin to the right alt mode
<clever> the docs say GPIO14 is the TXD pin, so if you want to match the pinout guides, you have to set GPIO14 to ALT0 mode
<clever> and GPIO15 to ALT0 as well
<clever> but for extra fun, TXD1/RXD1 can also be mapped to GPIO 14/15!
<clever> so, you have to decide which uart you want to use, map it to those pins, and then use it from linux
<clever> ALT5 sets those pins to TXD1/RXD1
<sphalerite> `setenv bootcmd sysboot mmc 0:2 any \${scriptaddr} /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf`
<sphalerite> will saveenv'ing that make anything go horribly wrong?
<samueldr> sphalerite: you tell us :)
<sphalerite> lol
<samueldr> I *think* it should be a .txt file at the root of the FAT32 partition
<samueldr> so you can always rm it out of band if it breaks horribly
<samueldr> the pi is currently building the system with 5.2.13, I'll soon know
<samueldr> bleh, the zfs support in the default config doesn't build for 5.2 yet
<samueldr> 5.2 booted fine here on the 3B (not +)
<samueldr> from a fresh 19.03 image
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<Acou_Bass> is there any particular reason the default .img comes with ZFS enabled?
<sphalerite> samueldr: the pi is refusing to boot without a monitor connected via HDMI… do you know anything I can do about that?
<samueldr> Acou_Bass: because all installer images comes with zfs enabled
<samueldr> sphalerite: get a fake HDMI dongle
<sphalerite> but it was working in the previous installation :/
<Acou_Bass> weird but OK
<samueldr> ooh, neat, aliexpress changed their site and now ordering by price is broken :/
<sphalerite> (thought you meant "ordering" as in "commander" at first. Was confused.)
<samueldr> yeah, sorting
<samueldr> tbf, those *can* be useful in contrived situations
<samueldr> e.g. a headless macOS device that can be vnc'd to
<sphalerite> yeah, heard about that one
<sphalerite> silly though!
<samueldr> or in my case my workstation machine in another room has one plugged in for vnc access
<samueldr> otherwise the nvidia driver would fail in unfun ways
<sphalerite> oh lol nvidia
<samueldr> (or was it nouveau?)
<clever> samueldr: if you dont care about gpu accel, use Xvnc
<samueldr> ah, nvidia, because nouveau would just peg the fan to 100%
<samueldr> clever: I care about gpu accel
<clever> it lets you get vnc, with a set resolution, and just ignore the gpu entirely
<samueldr> because yeah
<samueldr> or even without a set resolution
<samueldr> which scales
<samueldr> anyways, I have some hdmi dummy edid things in my toolkit for such uses :)
<samueldr> and it wasn't a true solution to your issue sphalerite
<samueldr> I *guess* try a newer u-boot
<samueldr> I haven't updated it to the latest
<samueldr> especially since I think there may be "regressions" in the latest, IIRC they've been deprecating some parts and I don't know if some of our targets will lose functionality
<sphalerite> well
<sphalerite> for now I need to sleep.
<sphalerite> gnight!
<samueldr> hmm, pretty much confirmed that EDL / firehose allows to unlock at will
<samueldr> though with newer xiaomi phones the issue is that EDL mode can only be entered by touching testing points on the motherboard, so it means partial (physical) disassembly of the device
<samueldr> so not *that* useful