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<Ashy> i was trying to build sd-image-new-kernel on a packet arm instance the other night and it was failing to build
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<samueldr> yeah, new_kernel variants often fail early in their cycles due to zfs not being compatible yet :/
<samueldr> not ARM specific
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<Ashy> i wasnt expecting zfs to build by default but yeah makes sense
<Ashy> samueldr: do you know anyone else in here that has a rockpro64?
<samueldr> lopsided/98 I beleve, and theflowering/ash IIRC
<samueldr> (not pinging them uselessly)
<Ashy> ah yeap cool
<Ashy> im curious if pkgs/misc/uboot/rockpro64.nix actually does successfully boot the board for them
<samueldr> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/69234 at least rock64 does
<{^_^}> #69234 (by lopsided98, 1 day ago, merged): dtc: fix Python support
<Ashy> and then next step i guess is i'd like to build an sd-image-aarch64 with ayufan's kernel built in
<{^_^}> #53170 (by lopsided98, 37 weeks ago, merged): uboot: add RockPro64 support, fix Rock64 build, misc related changes
<samueldr> I think it should work
<Ashy> yeah it certainly sounds like it works base on the comments there
<samueldr> are you booting from emmc or sd? I may be wrong, or partially wrong, but I think there may be issues with emmc and boot
<samueldr> though no source for that assumption
<Ashy> sdcard though i've also tried emmc
<Ashy> the only way to test i've got is hdmi output though, i remember seeing something about hdmi output being broken in mainline kernel for the rockpro64 at some point so maybe that's why i get no output at all
<samueldr> right, getting a serial dongle is probably a good idea
<Ashy> i guess the bit about "im using this fork of the kernel" is what i don't quite get, that makes it sound like nixos-rebuild wouldnt work on that install right?
<samueldr> I know I'd kill for one for my dang phone
<samueldr> yeah, I think you still need an ayufan flavoured kernel
<samueldr> I say "I think", but just yesterday, or was it two days ago, lopsided/98 said it still seemed required, since mainline didn't boot
<Ashy> ah yeap, wonder if jaycar has a serial console dongle
<Ashy> that's probably my next step, i'll have to go grab one after work
<Ashy> cheers
<samueldr> and part of your opsec maybe has beeb blown :)
<samueldr> been*
<samueldr> (geographically speaking :))
<Ashy> hehe yeap
<Ashy> what's that saying, if you've got nothing to hide, something something fascism...?
<samueldr> some people like the air of mystery
<lopsided98> I get pinged any time someone mentions the rockpro64 :)
<lopsided98> I'm currently using this kernel, but I've never tested HDMI: https://github.com/lopsided98/linux/tree/rock64-5.3.y
<samueldr> good to know it's an unknown
<Ashy> lopsided98: what's your build/deploy process for the rockpro64?
<lopsided98> 'crossPackages' is my custom way of forcing a package to be cross-compiled on x86_64 for the native architecture
<lopsided98> If you configure a custom kernel, Nix will just automatically build it when you switch configurations/build an SD image