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<samueldr> cool, sphalerite had the same issue
<sphalerite> craige: yeah, it's hacky but we fixed it by adding zImage to the beginning of installTargets
<samueldr> wasn't it "Image.gz" ?
<samueldr> like installTargets = [ "Image.gz" "zinstall" "Image.gz-dtb" "something else" ]; ?
<sphalerite> uuh yes that I think
<sphalerite> currently battling an unrelated issue where I don't have DNS because no addresses on the loopback interface…
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<craige[m]> At the hub getting an early start sphalerite samueldr :-)
<sphalerite> alright! I'll join soon probably
<sphalerite> still in bed but already fiddling with stuff :)
* craige reads back and tries to get his morning brain into gear.
<craige> I'll give that a crack, sphalerite samueldr
<samueldr> I'll be leaving soon too
<craige> I'm (naively?) expecting this current build to succeed.
<samueldr> it might build
<samueldr> it migjt not boot :D
<craige> :-)
<samueldr> but yeah, likely to succeed if it failed during those last few steps
<craige> It built \o/
<samueldr> yay!
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<craige> This: https://hydra.mcwhirter.io/build/1881#tabs-buildsteps should succeed (it succeeded outside of Hydra)
<sphalerite> samueldr: so I have /dev/mmcblk0p49: LABEL="NIXOS_SYSTEM" UUID="44444444-4444-4444-8888-888888888888" TYPE="ext4"… and when I mount it, I see a bunch of androidy-looking directories?
<sphalerite> is that normal?
<craige> This ia a new error for me, sphalerite clever samueldr - FAILED (remote: 'Partition should be erased in fastbootd'
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<clever> samueldr: /wi41
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<clever> Bus 001 Device 027: ID 0451:d010 Texas Instruments, Inc.
<clever> it showed this while holding usb boot
<clever> but it went away on its own
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<craige> https://hydra.mcwhirter.io/build/1882/nixlog/1/tail <- it failed samueldr :-)
<clever> fbdev msm is conflicting with DRM_MSM
<clever> FB_MSM vs DRM_MSM
<craige> https://hydra.mcwhirter.io/build/1883/nixlog/1/tail <- new failure. Also around MSM like the last failure.
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<Acou_Bass> you know how mobile-nixos is building a GNU/ Linux distro for mobile using nix... I wonder if it'd be possible to build an android system using nix instead? like a nixos-android distro
<Acou_Bass> this isn't a 'can you please do this', more of a 'I just thought of this after browsing the mobile-nixos info' :D
<craige> It certainly is Acou_Bass - you could use Nix/NixOS/Hydra to build anything. Unless i'm issing the premise.
<craige> If I was bulding Android images, I would certainly do it that way.
<Acou_Bass> well i don't wanna just build images, i want the OS itself to be nix managed (just like normal nixos, except it installs android packages/system components etc)
<craige> Fair enough :-)
<craige> I think that's why mobile-nixos exists :-)
<Acou_Bass> well mobile nixos builds a normal Linux distro with normal Linux software, i wanna build an android system with android software :D
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<samueldr> Acou_Bass: someone is already doing that
<samueldr> building a custom android based on AOSP using nix
<samueldr> don't remember who
<samueldr> but the OS is not nix managed
<samueldr> and I don't know that it would be something that works without a bunch of hacks
<Acou_Bass> samueldr: fair enough, it was more of curiosity than an actual plan
<craige> :-)
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<craige> sphalerite: nix-build $NIXPKGS -A call
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<snicket> has anyone managed to get built-in audio running on Raspberry Pi with NixOS?
<snicket> 19.03, 4.18.7, tried all common tricks 'dtparam=audio=on' but 'modprobe snd_bcm2835' doesn't seem to see the card
<snicket> wondering if I'm doing something wrong or maybe it is a problem which nobody has solved yet?
<snicket> all I can see is the 'vc4-hdmi' card, but no built-in card which controls the jack output
<snicket> (Raspberry Pi 3B+)
<sphalerite> samueldr: Acou_Bass: it's ajs124 — https://github.com/ajs124/NixDroid
<samueldr> thanks! I haven't got the chance to figure out who it was yet
<Acou_Bass> thats an interesting project in and of itself :D
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<sphalerite> craige: can't get calls to work currently, it complains about not having a carrier
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<craige[m]> Change the version to the latest commit. sphalerite ?
<sphalerite> yeah, done that, still the same problem. I think I need to persuade modemmanager to allow roaming
<craige> ah, that would make sense :-)
<craige> heya samueldr - I think clever has found a nifty way to get the kernel models for the Pixel 3 - we just need tp get it back into Android :-)
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<craige> ah, Android: "serving: '../image-blueline-qp1a.191005.007.zip' (~0%) adb: failed to read command: Success"
<craige> "fastboot too old; please download the latest version at https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.htm" <- samueldr
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