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<Ashy> hmm interesting, this rockpro64 sd-image i managed to build boots on the sdcard but not on the emmc
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<samueldr> something I think I've seen lopsided98 say
<Ashy> yeah it seems familiar
<Ashy> i'm planning on dropping the sd-image-aarch64-rockpro64.nix on to the wiki page anyway
<lopsided98> it might work if you try it a few times
<lopsided98> mine usually takes 5-10 tries before the eMMC initializes correctly
<Ashy> ah nice i'll try a few reboots
<Ashy> does the reboot button work for that or you need to pull the dc plug repeatedly?
<lopsided98> I'm not sure, I have a remote control power strip that I use
<gchristensen> lopsided98: what do you have?
<lopsided98> gchristensen: Tonbux PowerStrip02, running espurna
<gchristensen> oh cool
<lopsided98> Ashy: also, even when it works, it hangs for about a minute before the card initializes
<Ashy> ah ok
<Ashy> lopsided98: this is what i hacked your rockpro64 config into to build an sd-image: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/compare/master...AshyIsMe:rockpro64
<Ashy> had to use your 4.20 branch because the 5.3 branch was failing to build due to zfs being broken currently
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<Ashy> and i couldn't work out how to drop zfs out of the nixos config when building it
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<samueldr> or similar
<Ashy> yeah that didn't seem to work for me, maybe the lists were being merged and zfs was being re-included
<lopsided98> Ashy: I keep the rock64-4.19.y LTS branch up-to-date (because I use it on the Rock64 w/ ZFS), but I don't know how well it works on the RockPro64
<lopsided98> I normally build SD images without including base.nix and installation-device.nix and just use the actual config for the particular device
<lopsided98> that way it boots already configured for its use-case
<lopsided98> in fact, some of my devices (RPi 0) never get rebuilt, they just new images every few months
<lopsided98> *get new images
<Ashy> ah ok
<Ashy> samueldr: ah your cross-system repo looks nice, i might add a config for the rockpro64 there using lopsided98's kernels and then add a note to the wiki page linking to that
<samueldr> current nixos-unstable doesn't build, but a fix is in staging
<samueldr> I try and cross compile the installer images from time to time to check against regressions
<samueldr> the main use of those I think would be to bootstrap yourself on an unsupported architecture, maybe a board
<samueldr> in a more trustful manner, as long as cache.nixos.org and your nix/nixpkgs are deemed trustworthy :)
<lopsided98> samueldr: are the cross-compiled images a lot bigger than the native ones?
<Ashy> yeah using kernel forks isnt really safe, but i think it'd be nice to have a simple way to build images for boards that aren't working with upstream uboot/kernel just yet
<samueldr> lopsided98: not sure
<samueldr> 2.4G for the armv6l image
<samueldr> though a big inconvenience is that it's not compatible with native builds
<samueldr> so, the first rebuild will kil
<samueldr> kill*
<lopsided98> I want to get enough packages cross-compiling that I can use cross-compiling for more than just bootstrapping
<samueldr> I would like that too
<lopsided98> then my remote x86_64 builders would do all the work
<samueldr> right now up to X11 it's a mixed bag
<samueldr> up to and excluding*
<samueldr> but it's not that bad
<lopsided98> One of the issues with cross right now is that there are a ton of unintended native references
<lopsided98> which is why I was asking about image size
<Ashy> oh yeah i had to disable x11 on the rockpro64 config to a full install to work, xf86-video-vmware was failing to build
<samueldr> it looks like it's for about 2~400MiB
<Ashy> sway worked though
<samueldr> unrelated, that's something else to fix, X11 will work with a native build on aarch64
<samueldr> it's because of the defaults in the option
<samueldr> I really need to remember about that when I have time to write a fix
<samueldr> right now UGH, trying to finalize the work on that new device bringup
<samueldr> I really should be investing time into getting visual output on the device's screen ASAP, I think it will pay off for devices where there is no logging
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<samueldr> amazing, got that new device working, though X11 with fbdev doesn't work yet, but ssh into stage-2 works to inspect
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<Ashy> nice, which device?
<samueldr> remi note 7
<samueldr> redmi*
<Ashy> ah yeap sweet
<Ashy> i'm pretty keen to pick up a pinephone when they launch finally
<samueldr> and got X11 working (a bit earlier)
<samueldr> through a gnarly hack, but I think it should be fine to enable as a "quirk"
<samueldr> or better yet, figure out a solution
<samueldr> other than the R and B color channels being switched, which I need to write a patch as usual, it seems to be mostly at parity with the z00t :D
<samueldr> now I need to clean the mess up
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<Ashy> hmm interesting, the nixos 19.03 sd-image doesnt boot with lopsided98's 4.20.y kernel whereas the 20.03git does
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<Ashy> ok confirmed working when built from nixos-unstable on an aarch64 machine: https://github.com/AshyIsMe/nixos-installer-rockpro64
<Ashy> i added the "Custom Nixos Installer" section to the rockpro64 page on the wiki: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM/PINE64_ROCKPro64
<Ashy> i guess my next step is to modify it to build with the 5.3 kernel and with zfs disabled as samueldr mentioned earlier
<Ashy> and then eventually figure out how we get ayufan's (working) patches upstreamed
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<samueldr> it's quite weird using a phone with cutouts
<samueldr> rounded corners, and a "u" type notch
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<samueldr> ^ someone up for collaborating on a nixos on arm one? not sure I would know what to talk about alone
<samueldr> though, I say this, this is more about brainstorming the possibility of a talk :)
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