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<pbb> Any idea how I can make HDMI audio output work on a RPi3?
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<kunstruktur> hey all
<kunstruktur> how to netboot nixos on raspi 3b+?
<kunstruktur> already have one running as a tftp/nfs server and having the other one booting raspbian off it
<kunstruktur> but trying to boot nixos gets stuck on "Starting kernel..."
<kunstruktur> I assume I need to bake some networking drivers into the initrd but not sure ... anyone got pointers?
<samueldr> it *may* not be stuck on "Starting kernel..." but later
<kunstruktur> samueldr: how do i tell
<samueldr> you'll have to get serial output to figure it out
<kunstruktur> shit ;<
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<samueldr> the thing is the mainline kernel that's used by default on aarch64 uses the vc4 modesetting driver for the consoles, and in our setup it needs to be loaded to then start showing the console
<samueldr> starting with 19.09 (so it's in unstable too) the default initrd has the modules so if the initrd is served right, it may show more early boot messages
<samueldr> though I couldn't say more about netbooting, never done it :/
<kunstruktur> hmmm
<kunstruktur> thanks, it's a start
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<kunstruktur> samueldr: i don't have a usb<->serial cable but i think i got some of those tiny patch wires laying around
<kunstruktur> think i can connect the two raspberries with them to get a serial console?
<samueldr> I think there should be a way, but I'm not sure of the details
<MichaelEden[m]> that sounds likely, if you swap the tx/rx pins
<samueldr> it may need RX->TX TX->RX GND->GND or something along the way, but maybe search online first
<kunstruktur> yep looks possible
<kunstruktur> damn i should've thought of that earlier
<kunstruktur> serial debugging, here i come
<MichaelEden[m]> and you have to kill the tty that's on that uart,
<samueldr> hopefully it'll be more trivial once serial debugging is on :)
<samueldr> in the meantime, get at least one known good quality serial interface for the next hiccup
<samueldr> (and once you have a good one, a couple clones can be useful as semi-permanent attached serial interfaces)
<samueldr> (make sure you identify the good one if you order clones that look the same!)
<kunstruktur> ok i've got them hooked up and running minicom
<kunstruktur> ran systemctl stop serial-getty@ttyS0.service
<kunstruktur> minicom says "Offline" in the status bar
<kunstruktur> the receiving one's receiving - accidentally connected one of the wires to the clock pin and got periodic gibberish in the uboot menu
<kunstruktur> not sure if i need to do anything else?
<samueldr> I wouldn't know for sure, but just checking, your TXs and RXs are crossed, right?
<samueldr> RX to TX and TX to RX
<kunstruktur> yep
<kunstruktur> yeah it's working ^^
<kunstruktur> had to run on ttyS1, not S0
<samueldr> oh
<kunstruktur> awesome
<kunstruktur> and it looks like uboot supports nfs so i can get rid of the tftp server in the future
<kunstruktur> double awesome
<kunstruktur> or it says so anyway
<kunstruktur> let's debug
<kunstruktur> no output besides "Starting kernel ..."
<kunstruktur> anything I should be looking for?
<samueldr> does your target have "console=ttyS1,115200n8" in its kernel parameters?
<kunstruktur> hmm lets see
<kunstruktur> added it, rebooting
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<kunstruktur> nothing seems to be happening ... did i fry the fucker
<kunstruktur> nah it's alive
<kunstruktur> not sure what was up with that
<kunstruktur> whoo, kernel boots all the way to crng init done
<kunstruktur> looks like it's waiting for the sd card which it doesn't have
<kunstruktur> gotta remove it from the fstab
<kunstruktur> still waiting for it, looks like it aint the sd card guv
<kunstruktur> *the fstab
<kunstruktur> ok so what I see after hitting *<Enter> to tell it to continue is
<kunstruktur> the usage info for busybox switch_root
<kunstruktur> and a kernel panic :D
<samueldr> the panic is likely from init quitting
<samueldr> considering the previous error
<samueldr> usage info is likely from a missing parameter
<kunstruktur> okaaaay
<kunstruktur> my cmdline currently doesnt have systemConfig= or init=
<kunstruktur> just ip=::::::dhcp and nfsroot=...
<kunstruktur> but at this stage it wouldnt be able to see /nix/store would it
<kunstruktur> let's readd them and see what happens anyway
<kunstruktur> also for some reason it doesn't boot if minicom is running
<kunstruktur> idk maybe the expected root path is baked into the initrd?
<kunstruktur> that would suck
<samueldr> it's nixos you're trying to boot, right?
<kunstruktur> yes
<samueldr> initrd has some bakedness in it
<samueldr> to netboot it, it'd have to come from a build that has been configured to netboot, I think, though I'm not sure
<kunstruktur> so how do i build a custom initrd
<samueldr> it's part of a nixos system build, stage-1, https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tree/master/nixos/modules/system/boot
<kunstruktur> hmmm
<samueldr> there must be ways to build it from outside in a useful manner
<kunstruktur> and how do i invoke it without it screwing with the running system
<kunstruktur> there ought to be a way but i'm not good enough at nixos language workflow yet
<kunstruktur> i think for now i'll use the serial console to debug another distro i'm netbooting
<kunstruktur> (or trying to anyway... it can't find the usb controller)
<kunstruktur> and get back to this a bit later
<kunstruktur> thanks for your help folks, i appreciate it ;)
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