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<MichaelEden[m]> I think plasma mobile uses Wayland, does this mean NixOS Mobile (and NixOS in general) will eventually have to support Wayland ?
<MichaelEden[m]> Also, as I understand it, NixOS isn't targeted for casual users who just want to use a computer, but will Mobile NixOS be? The difference is that on a mobile platform editing text becomes much harder so there will probably be more GUI nix stuff.
<MichaelEden[m]> Anyway I'm on a plane soon but it was on my mind what the target market is
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<sphalerite> MichaelEden[m]: nixos does already to some extent support wayland, I know a few people are using sway regularly
<sphalerite> MichaelEden[m]: but yes, nixos's wayland support does need to improve and become first-class. It is the future of the linux desktop after all
<sphalerite> samueldr: using the raspberrypifw from 19.03 fixed the boot issue!
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<k0ral> Hello
<k0ral> I need to apply the device tree overlay for Hifiberry Dac+, I am not used to fiddle with these details, is that known to work with nixos aarch64 ?
<k0ral> I found the hardware.deviceTree.overlays option in NixOS, is that the right place to do that ?
<k0ral> I've just tried it and it "Failed to apply /nix/store/kc4h2gcv7m0r5n7wisn3kp7q97alr2d4-raspberrypi-firmware-1.20190620+1/share/raspberrypi/boot/overlays/hifiberry-dacplus.dtbo (-1)"
<k0ral> (file really exists, FYI)
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<sphalerite> marek: did you fix your rpi boot stuff? Using older firmware fixed it for me
<sphalerite> marek: so mkdir /firmware ; mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /firmware ; nix build -f channel:nixos-19.03 raspberrypifw ; cp result/share/raspberrypi/boot/{bootcode.bin,fixup*,start*} /firmware
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<k0ral> using fdtoverlay manually results in the same error (-1)
<k0ral> using dtmerge manually also fails
<k0ral> could this be related to the recent issue https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/3198 ?
<k0ral> which is part of dtc 1.5.1
<k0ral> which is not on nixos-unstable yet (1.5.0 instead)
<samueldr> it depends, are you using linux_rpi? if not, then it's less likely the isse in the raspberrypi/linux repo applies
<samueldr> AFAIK, the mainline kernel (the default with NixOS) and the raspberry pi foundation's fork differ enough to matter when working with device trees
<samueldr> (though have no actual experience with it yet)
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<DigitalKiwi> t184256: i have a new phone now that is aarch64
<t184256> DigitalKiwi: cool! I'd love to see new users
<t184256> added custom bootstrap URL support today, now one only needs Nix and a HTTP server to try a customized version
<t184256> also (clearly a wrong channel, but) if somebody has i686 android/chromeos, would be really cool if you tested i686
<DigitalKiwi> unboiled is so slow ;_;
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<samueldr> cr-48 (mario), samsung series 5 chrombook (alex) or acer ac700 (ZGB) are 32 bit x86
<samueldr> though they don't have the android thing
<samueldr> t184256: I assume it's for the nix on android termux thing?
<t184256> yes
<samueldr> I assume users of those devices would likely use stock nixos instead or crouton or something
<samueldr> DigitalKiwi: which phone? :)
<DigitalKiwi> blackberry keyone
<DigitalKiwi> it has an fm radio
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<samueldr> aw, blackberry has (had, not sure since TCL) completely non-unlockable bootloaders
<DigitalKiwi> yeah that is a let down
<DigitalKiwi> but other than that it's nice
<DigitalKiwi> and it was free
<DigitalKiwi> i'm thinking about getting a pixel or something to play with
<samueldr> yeah, I'm conflicted because they do look like great devices, but the completely anti-consumer practices of locking the software boot chain must stop :(
<DigitalKiwi> It'S a FeAtUrE
<DigitalKiwi> ^ some blackberry exec, probably
<samueldr> I think you mean: "it's expensive landfill material"
<DigitalKiwi> any recommendations for something good to play with
<samueldr> I'm not asking for much in the world, (1) secure user-controllable boot chain on all devices (2) replaceable, standardized, and available batteries
<DigitalKiwi> where good is mostly cheap
<samueldr> none yet, but anything that runs lineageos is a good candidate for shenanigans
<samueldr> for (2) the "available" bit is important
<samueldr> I have that asus zenfone 2 laser, which has user-serviceable battery behind a plastic backing
<DigitalKiwi> someone said the samsung S..6 I think is a good option ~60USD on ebay
<samueldr> but no way to get batteries from the manufacturer!
<DigitalKiwi> but a pixel isn't much more
<DigitalKiwi> i have a lot of samsung SIII >.>
<samueldr> (well, false, asus told me they could get a battery to me, 80$ +40$ shipping IIRC)
<DigitalKiwi> and 5 batteries
* samueldr digs for e-mail
<samueldr> right, I was mistaken, 38$USD for the battery, and at least 15$USD shipping
<samueldr> though it was likely I had to add the half-illegal added customs fees from UPS, plus the completely legit and understandable taxes from customs
<DigitalKiwi> that's a lot for a battery D:
<samueldr> (UPS tacks a bunch of convenience fees to manage paying the duties, the fees themselves adding 300% compared to the duties only)
<samueldr> yeah non
<samueldr> yeah no*
<samueldr> never buy ebay, amazon, big anonymous marketplace batteries
<samueldr> at best they're a scam
<samueldr> I bought from a non-faceless canadian business, which at least makes them accountable
<samueldr> ~30$CAD in the end
<samueldr> you see, it's possible they are outsourced at the same third-party battery maker, but at least if something happens, or if it's as simple as being a scam, at least they're not a faceless random seller on a giant marketplace
<samueldr> and it's quite worrying that they sell the battery with tools to open a cellphone
<samueldr> considering they are user-replaceable
<samueldr> it shows that they just flip random batteries :/
<samueldr> oh oof
<samueldr> "Registration No. xxxxxxxxxxxx"
<DigitalKiwi> but for 10 dollars you can buy 4 of them for the price which is good odds ;p
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<DigitalKiwi> they sent the wrong color case on ebay and they're not even making me send the wrong one back and they're sending me the one i meant to order too >.>
<DigitalKiwi> i had black/clear in cart but then i did buy it now instead and forgot to switch it from clear...and then i got teal :|
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<samueldr> yeah, non-battery stuff I don't have much qualm about buyin from random faceless sellers
<samueldr> but the angry pixies in the chemicals getting all puffed up and wanting to blow up is a real possibility
<samueldr> and then there's the more likely possibility that it's cheap trash
<samueldr> that won't live for more than a couple weeks, at best
<samueldr> or, otherwise callsd, cheap landfill :/
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