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<clever> samueldr: testing the v6 image now...
<clever> dd: writing to '/dev/sde': Input/output error
<clever> 561934336 bytes (562 MB, 536 MiB) copied, 240.451 s, 2.3 MB/s
<clever> fails mid way thru writing the image
<clever> 2 cards failing
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<thefloweringash> 4.20-rc2 with SUN8I_DE2_CCU gives me a working HDMI console!
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<tilpner> thefloweringash - Which device is that?
<thefloweringash> Pine64(+) 2GB
<thefloweringash> PineA64*
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<samueldr> thefloweringash: tilpner, same, but no Ethernet
<samueldr> (pine a64 lts)
<thefloweringash> is there any wisdom on the ethernet side? the upstreaming wiki says it was supported as of 4.15, but I always get `mdio_bus stmmac-0: MDIO device at address 1 is missing.` and `dwmac-sun8i 1c30000.ethernet eth0: stmmac_open: Cannot attach to PHY (error: -19)`
<samueldr> thefloweringash: not AFAICT
<samueldr> it's been asked twice on their IRC with the same issue, where the device is missing from the /sys/ tree
<thefloweringash> oh, I didn't realise there was a channel for that. I should join
<samueldr> though I feel reassured that on a non-lts the issue is similar, if not exactly the same
<samueldr> ethernet worked one time!
<samueldr> but silly me rebooted without dumping dmesg
<samueldr> to see if ethetnet would be working after a reboot
<thefloweringash> do you happen to know which module supports the wireless module they sell?
<samueldr> seems to be stmmac
<samueldr> tried embedding them in the kernel
<samueldr> with = y
<samueldr> with the AXP things
<thefloweringash> for the wireless?
<samueldr> it was in the linked conversations, in the linked log
<samueldr> one thought that it was the AXP PMIC not being enabling correctly
<samueldr> and then I tried building MDIO think in the kernel, in case something was racing
<thefloweringash> Guess I'll leave that for another day
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<samrose> samueldr: I noticed in the file extlinux/extlinux.conf in sd-aarch64 image that there is a line "# Generated file, all changes will be lost on nixos-rebuild!"
<samrose> do you know the proper long term place to add to this file when it's generated?
<samueldr> yes
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<jabranham> Can anyone get mono to build on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+?
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<samrose> samueldr: do you have any clues about how I might take a crack at having nixos load module vfe_v4l2 ?
<samrose> is it in /etc/modules-load.d/nixos.conf ?
<samrose> or maybe it is in firmware in modprobe.d/nixos.conf
<samrose> actually it seems that vfe_v4l2 us related to using a camera and all I am trying to do is get text console out on hdmi
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> try 4.20-rc4, enabling SUN8I_DE2_CCU
<samueldr> I and thefloweringash had success on our devices with it
<samueldr> (though with failing ethernet)
<samrose> samueldr: thanks somehow I got ethernet working
<samrose> not yet on 4.20-rc4
<samrose> (but will try)
<samrose> samueldr: how did you enable SUN8I_DE2_CCU ?
<samrose> samueldr: so you set SUN8I_DE2_CCU = yes somewhere in there? under 'video'?
<samrose> or maybe 'media'?
<samueldr> it's not important where
<samueldr> well, for testing it isn't
<samrose> ah, ok
<samrose> samueldr: I guess this would otherwise go in an overlay, and would be = option yes intead of just = yes ?
<samueldr> not sure yet, it all depends on whether it's something that can be safely enabled for all aarch64 kernels or not
<samrose> ah just testing ok
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