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<thefloweringash> scrollback relevant to my interests!
<thefloweringash> I found an unused Pine A64(+) (not the lts one), tried to boot 4.20-rc2 on it. I didn't get either hdmi or ethernet going.
<samueldr> hi o/
<thefloweringash> hello \o
<samueldr> I *think* the repository I used would work with the Pine A64 (not lts)
<samueldr> especially considering it's in the A64(+) section of their forums that I found information about it
<samueldr> (too bad if 4.20 doesn't yet fix our woes)
<samueldr> you may be interested in the SPI Flash shenanigans
<samueldr> not 100% sure if that board supports it too
<thefloweringash> I haven't given up on 4.20 yet. I found some post on the internet that suggested enabling the kernel option `SUN8I_DE2_CCU` might help, but haven't had a chance to try it
<thefloweringash> Oh, that's even in the Downstream kernel section in the wiki
<samueldr> oh, figured that was a custom thing in the linux-sunxi fork
<samueldr> looks ilke it's upstream too
<samueldr> now I feel... dumb lol
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<samueldr> shamelessly advertising #51397 here as related to many people present's interests :)
<{^_^}> (by samueldr, 47 seconds ago, open): installer: Adds AArch64 UEFI installer support.
<gchristensen> way cool, samueldr!
<gchristensen> samueldr: mind adding buzz-words EBBR, SBBR to the title?
<makefu> Brussels Airport?
<samueldr> no, but it's hogging part of the google search results :)
<samueldr> it's like SBBR, but for E instead of S
<samueldr> (the worst kind of answer, technically valid, but unhelpful)
<gchristensen> and where BBR is obviously obvious
<samueldr> base boot requirements
<samueldr> it seems the ARM world is moving towards EBBR for SBCs
<samueldr> if your board supports mainline u-boot, it's AFAIUI generally compliant to EBBR
<samueldr> well, can be made to be compliant
<gchristensen> stellar work
<samueldr> it helped that I had worked in the iso-image.nix file for the bootloader sprucing up
<samueldr> there are two major things in my wishlist to do: (1) GPT sd-image-aarch64.img, which is tricky due to the space required to embed bootloaders
<samueldr> (2) loading mainline kernel device trees from UEFI
<samueldr> for (2) I have leads, and two major ideas. (2.1) is to make grub aware of it, (2.2) is to use an intermediary EFI program which's only use is to load the right DTB and then continue booting whatever is wanted
<samueldr> (2) isn't needed for proper EBBR and SBBR, but for boards able to boot UEFI, but not having the right device trees loaded by the bootloader, it may be
<gchristensen> do you feel like you would benefit from being in a community of not-just-nixos arm hackers?
<samueldr> possibly
<samueldr> there's a lot I learn along the way though :)
<gchristensen> #worksonarm is a bridge to's WorksOnArm Slack channel, also's slack has the official worksonarm group
<gchristensen> I've been thinking about doing
<samueldr> :/ seems extremely low-level, it's good, but looks like it wouldn't be dealing with higher level abstractions like device trees
<gchristensen> oh hehe definitely not
<gchristensen> more belonging of -chat than #aarch64
<samueldr> hm, (only) enabling SUN8I_DE2_CCU on 4.19 is not enough :/
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