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<gchristensen> the NixOS Foundation has applied for a transition ki
<gchristensen> t
<thefloweringash> oooh that sounds like fun
<gchristensen> we'll need to figure out the best way to broker access to it
<LnL> oh, I was wondering if that would be a good idea
<gchristensen> I hope you think it is :)
<LnL> would be good to take a look at what's needed sooner rather then later
<gchristensen> how about we get you a VNC session straight away? :)
<LnL> and I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing so not exactly jumping to spend money on a dev kit just for that
<gchristensen> yea
<LnL> what's the plan for access, etc?
<gchristensen> not sure
<LnL> (also hoping I won't be the only one working on it)
<gchristensen> agreed
<LnL> but to get started I'm pretty curious about rozetta
<LnL> the way it's described kind of sounds like it's only for application bundles
<gchristensen> yeah :(
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<LnL> slightly related (but not really)
<LnL> what are your thoughts on changing the store prefix?
<gchristensen> oof
<gchristensen> I *really* don't like the idea
<LnL> I don't really want to change it if it's only darwin, but on the other hand this would be the least impactful point to do it
<LnL> in what way?
<evelyn> are they locking down macOS further with big sur or can you still install programs outside the app store?
<Mic92> I don't think they are that crazy yet to kill homebrew etc.
<Mic92> However they might lock down the bootloader
<gchristensen> they're waiting for us to kill homebrew (heyo)
<Mic92> Right now homebrew is still less hassle to install...
<Mic92> To be honest
<gchristensen> yeah they're still waiting
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<thefloweringash> My friend installed the Big Sur beta and nix on it. The volume creation script didn’t quite work, and the linker didn’t seem to work building hello with —check, but pre-built neovim ran
<gchristensen> hm
<gchristensen> pretty good
<LnL> oh boy, that sound fun
<LnL> sounds*
<LnL> if that's permanent and not just for the beta we might not be able to isolate Libsystem symbols anymore
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<abathur> I think the change to add curl -L to installer instructions didn't get propagated down to the macOS instructions,
<abathur> I stumbled on the thread where he's discussing it with the collaborator on accident while I was trying to track down people who griped about nix+travis-ci breaks in public to let them know it was working; the commands discussed just have bare curl; don't have time to dig deeper or PR atm
<LnL> I haven't really been following that, has there been a new nix release since?
<LnL> manual might just not have been updated yet
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<abathur> I'm not really in the loop either, I gather at some point the install url turned into a redirect but all references from docs and cli-help/-error haven't been ferreted out and updated
<abathur> I saw it float by when it happened, but I haven't done an install in the past several days so I didn't realize macOS/darwin instructions were dangling
<abathur> wonder how hard it would be to have a cron job test that pulls down homepage/docs from the live site and tries to follow the install instructions (plus a trivial build that might flush out misconfig?) on a slate of supposedly-supported environments
<abathur> or if that already happens, but newest macOS just isn't included so it doesn't squeak
<Mic92> abathur: every github action does this more or less
<abathur> ?
<abathur> Mic92 I get that everything that works is using `curl -L`, but I don't have much perspective on how/when it became necessary (I see that install-nix-action adopted this 3 months ago) nor exactly how/why references in the docs fell through the cracks
<abathur> not that others don't, just that it's not in my bucket of knowledge
<abathur> in any case, not a statement about CI as much as about making sure the installer is installable from all of the human-facing documentation the project is in direct control of at least (ignoring the blog posts and bootstraps and such out there)
<abathur> so that we aren't slowly burning goodwill by repeately letting people's first attempt to use Nix be marred by install failures again and again
<Mic92> abathur: i meant testing the isntaller
<abathur> mic92 nod
<Mic92> abathur: I will fix the manual though
<abathur> there may also be some references in command feedback
<abathur> I don't mind PRing something later in any case; just still on the clock for a while longer
<{^_^}> nix#3739 (by Mic92, 31 seconds ago, open): docs/installer: add correct curl flags
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<abathur> <3 Mic92
<{^_^}> Mic92's karma got increased!
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<evelyn> I actually reverted to Mojave since Catalina had so many problems on my laptop and I sort of depended on it for work.
<evelyn> I'm cautiously optimistic big sur will be slightly more bareable.
<evelyn> I also sort of remember that apfsctl thing mentioned in one of the issues. Did they ever release that?
<evelyn> (Or rather does anybody know if it's in the Big Sur preview?)
<johnw> LnL: does latest unstable build for you? I'm seeing lots of new failures: libxml2, texlive-core-big, and more.
<evelyn> johnw: texlive fails for me too btw
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