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<Mic92> domenkozar[m]: I got one for your anti-pattern list. Install pkg-config, make, gcc into your profile instead of using a nix-shell.
<LnL> does that even work?
<Mic92> LnL: no. but people are doing it anyway
<Mic92> And they even recommend it to other new comer
<Mic92> It might work for simple cases if you for example need a compiler for rustc.
<LnL> ah right, stdc++ is part of gcc
<LnL> clang and libc++ are separate packages so a clang installed like that won't find any headers
<Mic92> Interesting. Is libc++ than always added via stdenv?
<LnL> by the cc wrapper, but yeah
<LnL> clang-wrapper-7.1.0/nix-support/propagated-target-target-deps
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<angerman> Is there a way to prevent nix from injecting the -macos version stuff into NIX_LDFLAGS?
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<domenkozar[m]> Mic92: thanks!
<angerman> So I see this
<angerman> NIX_LDFLAGS= -macosx_version_min 10.12 -sdk_version 10.12 -no_uuid --compress-debug-sections=zlib
<angerman> and that completely breaks cross compilation.
<angerman> Hmm... so targetPlatform.isMacOS is true for pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.buildPackages.binutils 🤔
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<Mic92> angerman: that sounds wrong to me too.
<angerman> Yea.
<angerman> it's guarded by stdenv.targetPlatform.isMacOS
<angerman> Something is off.
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<LnL> angerman: that was fixed for cross compilation
<LnL> but wasn't merged that long ago so maybe you don't have it yet in the revision you're using?
<angerman> Yea, I guess my local nixpkgs is too old. I’m building with master right now. Haven’t seen it yet happen again.
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<stondo> hey guys, I installed on a clean Catalina OSX nix and nix-darwin, but something's wrong
<stondo> I ran: sh <(curl --daemon --darwin-use-unencrypted-nix-store-volume
<stondo> and then: nix-build -A installer
<stondo> ./result/bin/darwin-installer
<stondo> and now I'm getting this: error: file 'darwin' was not found in the Nix search path (add it using $NIX_PATH or -I)
<stondo> if I try darwin-rebuild switch
<__monty__> stondo: Sounds like it's missing a location for a <darwin> reference. I'm not sure whether the nix-darwin installer adds the necessary PATHS to your rc files. Maybe try sourcing .nix-profile/etc/profile.d/
<stondo> I have no .nix-profile dire other than under /nix/store
<stondo> is this normal?
<stondo> I'm thinking about removing everything and reinstalling without --daemon
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<__monty__> It's possible, maybe even probable if you don't use nix-env/home-manager.
<__monty__> Single-user install won't make this easier.
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<__monty__> If you find that sourcing it should take care of the problem. Or you just need to add a darwin channel using sudo.
<LnL> is this during installation or afterwards?
<stondo> afterward
<stondo> the installation didn't throw any error
<LnL> what's the output of NIX_PATH?
<LnL> and this is in a new shell right
<stondo> well, too late, I tried again removing everything and installing without --daemon
<stondo> yeah, it was a new shell
<stondo> but I had issues with new shell as well
<stondo> I mean I could only launch a new shell with /bin/zsh
<stondo> I remember I could reference something in /run/current-system before
<stondo> well I still have problem, even without --daemon
<LnL> did you set programs.zsh.enable?
<stondo> NIX_PATH -> /Users/stondo/.nix-defexpr/channels
<LnL> don't think that's on by default for catalina yet
<stondo> nope it wasn't, but I enabled it
<stondo> which darwin-rebuild -> darwin-rebuild not found
<stondo> that makes no sense
<LnL> did the installation complete without warnings?
<stondo> and if I do: sudo find / -name "darwin-rebuild" 2>/dev/null
<stondo> yeah again no warnings
<stondo> nope sorry
<stondo> warning: not linking environment.etc."zprofile" because /etc/zprofile exists, skipping...
<stondo> warning: not linking environment.etc."zshrc" because /etc/zshrc exists, skipping...
<LnL> that's the problem
<stondo> so let me clean up everything again and re install with --daemon
<stondo> but what should I do to fix this?
<stondo> just remove /etc/zprofile
<stondo> and /etc/zshrc
<LnL> move it out of the way or source manually
<stondo> hmm I think I did the first time, but not the second
<stondo> and that can explain my current status
<stondo> but not the previous one
<stondo> well, I;
<stondo> well, I'm going to remove everything again and try with --daemon enabled
<stondo> thx
<LnL> FYI you don't have to restart from scratch every time darwin-install can be rerun multiple times
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<stondo> LnL: I wanted to install nixos with both --daemon and --darwin-use-unencrypted-nix-store-volume
<LnL> yeah there's no nice way to do that without jumping through a few hoops
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<stondo> this is a nightmare
<stondo> I have to manually remove lots of things manually to really clean the system
<stondo> otherwise no nix reinstall is possible
<domenkozar[m]> LnL: I think we should really merge my PR for linking + backuping
<stondo> I should also re-read what I type before hitting return :D
<stondo> and the nightmare is not over: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) (77)
<stondo> when I try: nix-shell -p nix-info --run "nix-info -m" to test the newly completed installation
<stondo> but I know how to fix this one
<stondo> it's again the group of the /nix/store which is wrong
<stondo> well, even if I change it manually, it get set again to the wrong value: drwxrwxr-t 596 root nixbld 19072 Jun 17 16:51 store
<stondo> as soo as I re run: nix-shell -p nix-info --run "nix-info -m"
<LnL> the ssl issue is probably because you ran the install while having NIX_SSL_CERT_FILE in your environment
<LnL> (which really shouldn't matter)
<LnL> as for the permissions that looks normal
<stondo> OK I'll clean everything again, and I'll make sure I open a new shell after the reboot needed to get rid of /nix
<stondo> before reinstalling everything
<__monty__> Yeah, I think I've said this before, admin is the wrong group for the store on a multi-user install.
<LnL> domenkozar[m]: with all the volume stuff, etc. I'm a bit more inclined to avoid touching existing paths instead
<stondo> __monty__ then I don't understand the error
<domenkozar[m]> LnL: how does volume stuff effect that?
<LnL> the fact that the symlinks will point to non existing locations during boot
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<domenkozar[m]> ok, but now users have no idea what is going on
<stondo> this is amazing... everytime I reinstall, I get a different error: error: could not set permissions on '/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user' to 755: Operation not permitted
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<stondo> ok cleaned everything again and removed --daemon
<stondo> Would you like to manage <darwin> with nix-channel? [y/n] <- what should I answer and why?
<stondo> I'd go with a yes there, but just to be sure :D
<stondo> error: the store is not owned by this user, but /nix/var/nix/db is writable
<stondo> I'm about to cry
<LnL> that's one of the sanity checks, doesn't that also include instructions on how to fix it?
<stondo> I know how to fix it, but why I cannot reproduce how to get it from a clean install
<stondo> sometimes it happens, some time it doesn't
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<stondo> is there a suggested way to get all of the installed pkgs to show up in Spotlight? For example iTerm2...
<__monty__> I assume they were smart and added a .metadata_never_index to the store location or something.
<__monty__> I'm not sure you want to be indexing the store with spotlight, you might get the wrong hit, if you have two versions of iTerm in the store for example.
<__monty__> I know there's a way to have nix-darwin link apps in /applications though, at least I'm pretty sure.
<stondo> let me see if Google helps... thx
<stondo> I found this but it's not clear what they did to make things show up
<{^_^}> LnL7/nix-darwin#11 (by sellout, 3 years ago, closed): Add Applications to Launchpad
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<rycee> Hey, could somebody verify that packages that are installed through the nix-darwin option `users.users.<name>.packages` end up in `"/etc/profiles/per-user/$USER"`?
<rycee> But figured it's best to make it 100% 😉
<LnL> yeah, it should
<LnL> command -v hello # /etc/profiles/per-user/lnl/bin/hello
<rycee> Great, I'm planning to refer to this directory in Home Manager for people using the nixos or nix-darwin modules.
<rycee> Since the way the modules are set up today causes infinite recursion for some users.
<rycee> Thanks for the help :-)
<LnL> I think it was added (or requested) for home-manager
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<rycee> Yeah, I also have some memory of that. Internally HM doesn't refer directly to that directory, though. It refers directly to the profile in the Nix store. The profile in /etc is mainly so that the applications show up in PATH, XDG_DATA_DIRS, and so on.
<rycee> Anyway, some people are referring to their profile directory in their configuration, which doesn't work very well when the profile directory path is a result of evaluating the configuration 😬
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