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<LnL> neat
<domenkozar[m]> (shared on discord)
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<LnL> so that looks like the idea I have for the nix-installer except only using whatever is relevant for the nix installation itself
<LnL> and also supporting systemd on linux similar to what the multi user installation does now
<LnL> services.nix-daemon, nix.conf, as well as perhaps channels/inputs
<domenkozar[m]> that would really make darwin first class citizen :)
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<LnL> the same problem exists using linux distro + nix
<LnL> just a smaller audience since many people make the plunge after spending some time with nix
<domenkozar[m]> yeah but it's harder to fix there :)
<LnL> howso?
<domenkozar[m]> what would be in charge of the systemd unit?
<LnL> the nix-installer just like it would be on darwin
<Joestar79> Package ‘helm-0.9.0’ in /nix/store/ic7krivbdz2x66v471x3x7qydywg8j5y-nixpkgs-20.09pre228453.dcb64ea42e6/nixpkgs/pkgs/applications/audio/helm/default.nix:38 is not supported on ‘x86_64-darwin’, refusing to evaluate.
<Joestar79> can I install it anyway somehow?
<clever> Joestar79: there is a config.nix flag to allow unsupported systems
<Joestar79> ah ok, thanks
<LnL> yeah nixpkgs.config.allowUnsupportedSystem = true; IIRC
<LnL> alltho if it works we should enable it :)
<Joestar79> in darwin-configuration.nix?
<LnL> note that this might not be the helm you want
<Joestar79> yeah, there
<LnL> (it's under audio)
<Joestar79> ouch
<Joestar79> it's probably kubernetes-helm the one I want?
<Joestar79> btw even setting allowUnsopportedSystem I can't install pkgs.helm, so it's really not supported :)
<LnL> oh, I made a typo
<LnL> s/sop/sup/
<LnL> nixpkgs.config options are opaque so they are not validated
<Joestar79> how can I see what's being installed after I add pkgs.kubernetes-helm?
<Joestar79> what and where if possible
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<Joestar79> ERROR: Dependency "gtk+-x11-3.0" not found, tried pkgconfig and framework
<Joestar79> any clue please?
<Joestar79> pkgs.pinentry that's the package giving the problem
<__monty__> Joestar79: If you have a store path, `nix-store --query --requisites` will give you the closure.
<Joestar79> __monty__: I get no output for that command
<__monty__> Joestar79: Well you have to pass it a store path.
<Joestar79> nix-store --query ruby --requisites /nix/store ?
<Joestar79> ops
<Joestar79> no ruby
<Joestar79> error: path '/nix/store' is not in the Nix store
<__monty__> Drop the ruby and "store path" means a full path to something in the store.
<Joestar79> ok I got it, thx
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<Joestar79> I'm trying to override kubernetes-helm version but I'm getting an error. Can anyone take a look please and help me find the problem?
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<FRidh> Could any of you using Nix on Darwin test whether python and python3 build?
<{^_^}> #90174 (by FRidh, 2 hours ago, open): python: don't use optimizations on Darwin
<FRidh> It's a staging-next blocker
<__monty__> Do you have a one-liner? Don't have much compute to offer but I'm willing to pitch in.
<domenkozar[m]> oh man that should be the Nix pitch
<domenkozar[m]> Do you have a one-liner to reproduce this?
<{^_^}> domenkozar/ (by domenkozar, 10 seconds ago, open): Do you have a one-liner to reproduce this?
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<LnL> FRidh: no issues upstream? kind of reminds me of
<{^_^}> #84785 (by mikesperber, 9 weeks ago, merged): emacs: Unbreak on macOS
<FRidh> well the reason for the PR is because apparently enabling optimizations on darwin wasn't trivial, so I need to undo that change. But ofborg is a bit slow/unreliable at times.
<LnL> I can reproduce that on another machine
<LnL> the python.exe binar doesn't even get to the point of loading libararie
<FRidh> aside from using autoreconfHook no additional changes have been introduced as far as I can tell
<FRidh> and additional tests, which I suppose are failing now
<FRidh> python2 passes now, it's just python 3 that fails
<LnL> yeah python2 succeeded
<FRidh> enable-optimizations has been turned off now
<LnL> python3.override { autoreconfHook = null; } succeeds
<LnL> so that's causing a borked bootstrap python.exe for some reason
<FRidh> so our build depends on a autconf run done by upstream?
<FRidh> good to know, thanks
<LnL> aparently
<LnL> the autoconf isn't very pure either, tries to execute /usr/bin/gcc, /usr/bin/arch, etc.
<FRidh> are these paths permitted through in the darwin sandbox?
<LnL> no but the sandbox is still off by default
<FRidh> oh ok
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<FRidh> LnL: could you run the following again? $ nix build -f python python3
<LnL> that's going to rebuild everything, looks good tho
<domenkozar[m]> I wish we had a better way than using LnL as remote mac builder :D
<domenkozar[m]> did anyone try that docker macos thing?
<cransom> my mac is churning on it currently.
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<LnL> heh :)
<LnL> kind of forgot about the webhook
<FRidh> remote building over irc protocol?
<gchristensen> shipit
<Mic92> domenkozar[m]: the kvm-osx repos is quite usuable these days
<Mic92> I recommend
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<FRidh> LnL: oh tmate is neat. Build failed though, but somewhere else.
<FRidh> oh you started it again
<LnL> hmm, did something else change since?
<FRidh> this python change is on top of the current staging-next
<{^_^}> #90058 (by vcunat, 2 days ago, open): Staging next
<LnL> yeah but so was the previous thing right?
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<FRidh> I don't know what previous thing you mean. What is your reference?
<FRidh> bison changed, but that in previous staging-next if I am correct
<LnL> the previous commit I built using .override
<FRidh> oh right, yes, that's the same
<LnL> guess I'll have to build on my machine, maybe catalina or something else specific to github actions related
<FRidh> same error with sandbox
<FRidh> or at least same pkg
<domenkozar[m]> Mic92: I mean
<domenkozar[m]> that's much easier to setup
<Mic92> domenkozar[m]: I have seen this, but I wanted to remove the layer of abstractions in particular I don't want to forward x11
<gchristensen> osx-kvm is the basis on which the foundation's macs run
<domenkozar[m]> I want something simple I can recommend to folks
<domenkozar[m]> OSX-KVM seems harder to get started than Docker-OSX
<gchristensen> yeah probably so
<Mic92> domenkozar[m]: I guess I have to build nixos-shell-plus eventually
<domenkozar[m]> ;D
<Mic92> I think docker-osx might be easier to setup but harder to debug.
<Mic92> It's not just video, also audio forwarding is a night mare.
<Mic92> pulseaudio in a container is just not fun.
<LnL> I think the "give me a mac session" bot wouldn't be that difficult tho
<Mic92> An osx-kvm with a reset button?
<Mic92> Maybe even qemu copy-on-write images.
<LnL> would just need to put the tmate url in the annotations so it can be retrieved
<gchristensen> that is pretty much how the foundation macs run already :P
<gchristensen> could easily extend the cloudinit-style to parameterize a tmate thing
<cransom> and 2 hours later, the darwin build of python2 and 3 finished.
<LnL> right, but then you need hardware again
<gchristensen> what do you mean?
<LnL> the link I posed is a github builder
<gchristensen> oh!
<gchristensen> cool
<LnL> which I can trigger with a webhook request
<gchristensen> that is super hot
<FRidh> cransom: logs or it didn't happen :P
<FRidh> but good, thanks! It was successfull, right?
<cransom> but yeah, it finished.
<FRidh> Good, then I can submit it and let hydra go build the same thing again
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<FRidh> nix-darwin users may want to fix certain builds
<__monty__> Hmm, that 404s for me.
<FRidh> try again, hydra isn't always responsive
<cransom> nadda for me either.
<LnL> s/job/jobset
<LnL> or that :)
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<abathur> I know nothing here, but I tried the reproduce script and it blew up :/
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