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<LambdaDuck> How do I make the nix stuff come before the os stuff in PATH? For example, I want to use the nix version of vim and not the one that comes with macos.
<LnL> that should happen by default AFAIK
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<LambdaDuck> This is my path: /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin /Users/anka/.nix-profile/bin /run/current-system/sw/bin /nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin
<LambdaDuck> Oh, right. It works in zsh, but not in fish.
<LambdaDuck> Zsh path: /Users/anka/.nix-profile/bin:/run/current-system/sw/bin:/nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin
<LnL> that definitively looks like something is prepending that after all the nix setup
<LambdaDuck> I just have the files that darwin-nix generates in /etc/fish. I get the same result if I move away my ~/.config/fish directory
<LambdaDuck> But it works for other users, so it's obviously a problem for my user directory. I'll keep digging in my homedir
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<LambdaDuck> Oh, it works for non-login shells as well, even for fish. I'm not sure if other users was relevant
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<LambdaDuck> Yep. `sudo su anka` gives a correct PATH, but `sudo su -l anka` gives the wrong path.
<clever> LambdaDuck: why are you using sudo and su at the same time?
<clever> LambdaDuck: its like using a hammer between the nail and another hammer!
<clever> `sudo -u anka -i` should be a replacement
<clever> or `sudo -u anka bash` if you want a non-login shell
<LambdaDuck> To not need a root password for su. Maybe that's not neccessary. It's a habit I learnt long ago
<clever> sudo doesnt use the root pw, and can do the same thing
<LambdaDuck> I didn't know that
<LambdaDuck> It has needed root password on linux, so I didn't know that mac was different
<clever> which password it needs is up to the distro and /etc/sudoers file
<clever> the usuall setup is for sudo to ask for your current users pw
<clever> and `sudo su` still runs sudo first, so its sudo that decides which pw, not su
<LambdaDuck> Oh, I misread your message. Yes, sudo doesn't need root, which is why I run that first. su needs root, which is why it comes after sudo. I'm not entirely sure about the subtle differences in behaviour between the two.
<clever> sudo runs things as root by default (`-u foo` changes who to run it as)
<clever> `sudo -i` opens an interactive shell as the target user
<clever> and by default, sudo will ask for your own pw, not root's
<clever> su asks for the root pw instead
<clever> but if either sudo or su is ran as root, it wont ask for a pw
<LambdaDuck> Anyways, do you have any clue why login-shells are broken?
<clever> not fully, but you can try `opensnoop` and `execsnoop` to see what programs are doing behind the scenes
<clever> ive also found that the bash darwin ships with, doesnt support a global /etc/bashrc, so you must setup ~/.bashrc for every single user
<LnL> that's only the case for non login (or interactive?) shells
<LnL> like ssh host vs ssh host -- env
<clever> LnL: which is when nix needs it most, for remote builders
<LnL> yeah, I wish environment.d was just a thing
<LnL> alltho we could probably use paths.d to get at least that for every case
<LambdaDuck> clever: Here's a rundown of the differences between the variants of sudo -i/sudo su/etc.
<LnL> FYI if you don't know where it's coming from this might help
<LambdaDuck> Thanks! I'll try that
<__monty__> LambdaDuck: I think I have the same issue with my path. Haven't really looked into it yet. fish_trace is proving very unfruitful.
<LambdaDuck> Yes, it's a whole lot of spam from fenv and difficult to find the actual source
<__monty__> I'm finding it just inherits PATH from the environment I start it in.
<LambdaDuck> But why does it work in non-login shells? And where does the starting environment come from?
<__monty__> non-login or non-interactive? Cause my shells are all non-login.
<LambdaDuck> Oh, I might be using the wrong term. Which is which?
<LambdaDuck> What works for me is if I run fish in fish
<__monty__> Login shells are like the ones in linux consoles, where you have to provide login details (which a terminal could provide for you though I think).
<__monty__> You get the proper path with fish in fish?
<__monty__> That's different from my case then.
<LambdaDuck> No, I said wrong. I get the correct path when I run `sudo -u anka fish` in fish
<LambdaDuck> I think that all terminals on mac behave like login-shells, but I may be mistaken. What is non-interactive?
<__monty__> Ah, yep, that works for me as well. I think that clears the environment the shell is started in?
<LambdaDuck> Makes sense.
<LambdaDuck> However a login shell "sudo -u anka -l fish" does not work
<__monty__> Non-interactive shells are the ones not connected to a tty I think. So `fish -c blah` would run a non-interactive shell. Most commonly GUI terminals run non-login interactive shells.
<LambdaDuck> Ah, it seems like that doesn't clear the environment. I thought it was the opposite.
<__monty__> Not sure what does though, I use kitty.
<LambdaDuck> Scratch my last comment. The flag for making a login shell with sudo is -i and not -l.
<LambdaDuck> If I have a correct PATH variable and then run sudo -iu anka fish I will get back an incorrect variable
<LambdaDuck> * incorrect PATH.
<__monty__> Ah, you're right that on OSX shells are usually login interactive. On linux they're usually non-login because X11 makes .profile available so individual shells don't need to load that again.
<LambdaDuck> Yes. Something definetely goes wrong when making a login interactive shell with fish.
<__monty__> Ok, one of the paths prepended to my path comes from /etc/paths.d
<__monty__> Aha, check /etc/paths, LambdaDuck.
<LambdaDuck> Yes, I see that. What can I do about it?
<LambdaDuck> Or, rather, what about /etc/paths?
<LnL> that's normal, every shell looks at that AFIAK but that all happens _before_ the system config, etc.
<LnL> unless you run path_helper yourself somewhere
<__monty__> /usr/libexec/path_helper is run from /etc/profile.
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<__monty__> And I guess fish respects that if it's run as a login shell?
<LambdaDuck> Ah, right. That's probably the problem
<LnL> I hate how complicated and inconsistent this stuff is
<LnL> where's that graph at again...
<LambdaDuck> I agree
<LambdaDuck> It doesn't seem like fish is sourcing /etc/profile
<__monty__> Please correct me if I'm wrong. fish is started as a login interactive shell, reads /etc/profile, PATH=blah, reads /etc/fish/ (not sure whether .config/fish/ overrides or is loaded in addition), and fenv is used to source some environment files and... now I can't find where NIX_LINK is added to the path >.<
<__monty__> Hmm, in the set-environment I guess?
<LnL> so what I'd expect is that any shell either inherits paths.d from the terminal application or loads profile before it's own stuff
<LambdaDuck> __monty__: I tried adding echo to /etc/profile and nothing is printed, so no. That part is ignored.
<LnL> shell specific files (when configured) will load the darwin environent through set-environment ignoring anything before
<LambdaDuck> Unless it does it sneakily.
<__monty__> Try adding a path in /etc/paths.d instead?
<LambdaDuck> That doesn't say anything about /etc/profile though.
<__monty__> I'm not finding whether the set-environment is sourced anymore.
<LnL> what happens afterwards is what can prepend (or even overwrite) PATH
<__monty__> Well /etc/profile is the only place that could've run /usr/libexec/path_helper for me.
<LambdaDuck> I also tried commenting out the line and got the same result.
<LambdaDuck> Who reads
<LnL> grep -r path_helper /nix/store/qingw75aajws050g7azcv0gg1hzjzms1-fish-3.1.2
<__monty__> I think fenv spawns a bash to get the environment? I think that may be reading /etc/profile?
<__monty__> Ah, so fish calls path_helper.
<__monty__> LnL: What would you consider the best way to change the order of the PATH? Ideally, I wouldn't touch /etc/paths so other shells will still work as expected. But I would like .nix-profile/bin prepended, rather than appended.
<LnL> no idea
<LambdaDuck> I think the problem might be that nixos-env-preinit is sourced too early
<LambdaDuck> running "export /nix/store/g4asvx243r1an8mw6dm0faglb25b9s6c-set-environment" works fine in the final shell, but in the context it causes errors. But maybe I misinterpreted the situation. Wait a minute.
<LnL> I would like to use paths.d instead for everything but I don't think that can prepend before /usr/local/bin
<__monty__> I think you're right. /etc/paths +
<__monty__> /etc/paths.d/*, in that order it seems.
<LambdaDuck> Oh, yes "This happens before $__fish_datadir/ sets fish_function_path" that's why export is not in scope. And probably why the path_helper is run later.
<LambdaDuck> The solution is probably to make that thing run later, but I'm not sure how.
<__monty__> LambdaDuck: But the path_helper is run by fish, nothing nix does.
<LambdaDuck> Yes
<LambdaDuck> As "grep -r path_helper /nix/store/qingw75aajws050g7azcv0gg1hzjzms1-fish-3.1.2" shows
<LambdaDuck> but "cat /etc/fish/" says that that thing is run before /nix/store/qingw75aajws050g7azcv0gg1hzjzms1-fish-3.1.2/share/fish/, which is the problem, since that contains the call to path_helper.
<LambdaDuck> Anyways, got to go. We'll have to keep investigating later.
<__monty__> So this is where /etc/paths things end up prepended: set -a result $existing_entry
<__monty__> I'm not sure there's a good solution tbh. Guess I'll have to explicitly prepend.
<__monty__> Apple *really* wanted these things to come first. Modifying /etc/paths would affect non nix-installed shells. Patching the behavior in fish for all nix-darwin users could mess up some people expecting the regular behavior so I think only explicit prepending is left?
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<LnL> meh, they put /usr/local/bin at the front
<LnL> that said I do really like the idea of making shells that don't use /etc at all
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