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<joesventek> Any of you manager your Emacs configuration using HM? I'm looking for some inspiration on how to approach this.
<NobbZ[m]> Its already somewhat shuffled around in modules and my organisation is probably not the best.
<joesventek> Thanks, NobbZ[m]. I'll have a look :)
<NobbZ[m]> Most of emacs related stuff happens in https://gitlab.com/NobbZ/nix-home-manager-dotfiles/-/tree/master/modules/emacs. What happens there mostly appies for all machines I have.
<NobbZ[m]> Also, there is https://gitlab.com/NobbZ/nix-home-manager-dotfiles/-/tree/master/modules/languages, which add some additional language related config, if I enable that language for a given host.
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<joesventek> Interesting. Structurally reminds me of how I manage my config without nix atm.
<joesventek> I might borrow some of your code ;)
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<siraben> Ditto
<siraben> How difficult would it be to move my Emacs Lisp config to Nix?
<siraben> And would it still work on systems without Nix if I do?
<alexarice[m]> siraben: you can quite quickly just paste it in, but it takes a bit of work to actually get it generated by nix
<siraben> Hm, I see.
<siraben> it's split across many different modules, might take a bit to tie together
<alexarice[m]> There's a thing in the emacs overlay that reads through your elisp and installs the correct nix packages, maybe that would be more useful?
<siraben> Hm, would it work with use-package?
<alexarice[m]> it only works with use-package I believe
<alexarice[m]> siraben: I've never used it though, might be better to ask in #nixos-emacs
<siraben> alexarice: Thanks!
<NobbZ[m]> My config does not use `use-package`. Instead I install all packages from nix, and also treat my configs actual packages.
<NobbZ[m]> In my opinion, using `use-package` to pull from (M)ELPA feels wrong and irreproducible.
<alexarice[m]> NobbZ: I like specifying the packages as well but it might be easier to switch over a configuration using the automatic thing
<NobbZ[m]> There is already `programs.emacs.extraPackages`, which installs the packages from nix. In my case I use the emacs-overlay, to get updates recent software and to not have to rely on nixpkgs itself keeping up to date with (M)ELPA, also I'm using emacsGcc (native-comp branch) from that overlay. As this option already exists, I'm not sure why one would want to still use a `use-pacakge` that does not constraint the
<NobbZ[m]> installed version in any way and therefore makes the configuration unreproducible.
<NobbZ[m]> I'm using the config over three different computers, and before I used home-manager to manage all (well, most) aspects, I often had problems because versions on those computers weren't the same but slightly different. I do not have this troubles anymore now.
<alexarice[m]> NobbZ: I'm talking about the thing in emacs-overlay which reads your config, looks for `use-package` and then gets the packages from nixpkgs instead of melpa
<alexarice[m]> which I assume is reproducible
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<NobbZ[m]> Ah, wasn't aware of such a thing.
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<vdemeester> alexarice[m] can you point me to the `use-package` thingy on emacs-overlay ? (so far I've written a small elisp code to do that but it's.. not really that good..)
<vdemeester> thx alexarice[m] :)
<vdemeester> (oh looking at the code it may be able to read multiple file, very interesting)
<eyJhb> vdemeester: how widespread is Nix in the Docker dev community? (offtopic)
<vdemeester> eyJhb: define "docker dev community" ? :P (not working at docker anymore :D and I was the only user of nix in there at the time)
<vdemeester> but I don't think it is that widespread (if we look at the community and not the company), which is.. a bit a shame :)
<eyJhb> Ohh, I thought you still worked there. I remember your name from my credentials helper PR! :p - Yeah, it kinda is :(
<eyJhb> May I ask what you moved on to?
<vdemeester> eyJhb: moved to Red Hat almost 2 years ago — still a bit active in the docker community, but now mainly on the Tekton community :)
<eyJhb> Sounds nice! Hope you are happy at Red Hat then! Never used that before, but I am somewhat vanilla regarding docker. - My biggest issue atm. is I have waited since April to get a PR merged. Suddenly the devs no longer replies ...
<vdemeester> eyJhb: arf, sad to hear that :(
<eyJhb> Especially when it is a compliance PR for the Distribution software :p But yeah, lets see if I can ping them back to life!
<eyJhb> Anyways, just noticed your nick in the Nix community! Thought it was nice ;) Thanks for the much faster merge back then! :D
<vdemeester> eyJhb: :) (link me the PR, I'll try to bother some of my former colleague on it :))
<eyJhb> vdemeester: https://github.com/docker/distribution/pull/3143 is basically it, closely followed by https://github.com/docker/distribution/pull/3145 - fixes the same bug in two APIs :) But the first one is the main ;) It is really appreciated
<{^_^}> docker/distribution#3143 (by eyJhb, 18 weeks ago, open): Add pagination on `/v2/<name>/tags/list`
<{^_^}> docker/distribution#3145 (by eyJhb, 18 weeks ago, open): Fix `last` bug and optimise catalog function
<eyJhb> Thanks vdemeester , I can see there has been some extra ping :D Lets get this merged!
<vdemeester> :D
<eyJhb> I need some pull in the Docker community! :p I have a bug I would like fixed as well, but I can't get any comments from the devs on it sadly :p But I don't have time for it now anyways :p
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