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<aterius> Is there anything special that has to be done for neovim plugins?
<aterius> For some reason with the above, onedark fails to load on initialization (lots of missing variable errors from neovim), but `colorscheme ondark` works fine after start
<aterius> * For some reason with the above, onedark fails to load on initialization (lots of missing variable errors from neovim), but `colorscheme onedark` works fine after start
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<W1lkins> what's the best practice for managing $PATH? I'm using `programs.go = { enable = true; goPath = "go"; goBin = "go/bin"; }` but my $PATH doesn't include `$HOME/go/bin` - what am I missing? I've tried using PATH="${builtins.getEnv ("PATH"):${builtins.getEnv ("HOME")}/go/bin" but that seems wrong to me and seems to clutter $PATH with a bunch of
<W1lkins> unnecessary stuff
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<c0c0> In my home.nix, I'm importing some other files. In those, I declare some often-used variables with let... in. How can I define them globally in home.nix, and then use them in the imported files? I'm pretty new to Nix...
<NobbZ[m]> "c0c0" (https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_c0c0:matrix.org) take a look into how to write modules
<NobbZ[m]> "W1lkins" (https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_W1lkins:matrix.org) "PATH = "$PATH:${config.programs.go.goBin}"" might do.
<NobbZ[m]> * "W1lkins" (https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_W1lkins:matrix.org) "PATH = "$PATH:$HOME/${config.programs.go.goBin}"" might do.
<NobbZ[m]> The way you did is problematic, as it will cause an exploding path with each rebuild of the config
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<ja0nz> W1lkins: Not best practice but I have mine at home.sessionVariables
<ja0nz> = { PATH = "/home/user/.yarn/bin:$PATH"; }; A sane setup would probably involve ~/.nix-profile/bin
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<dsal> Does anyone have a simple example of running a custom service?
<Ke> do you mean as a user or as system service?
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<Ke> freedesktop has autorun specification maybe home-manager supports that
<Ke> if not adding support should not be that hard
<dsal> I just want to run a service as a user.
<dsal> It looks like modules support this, but it doesn't seem obvious that there's a way to add a module (that nobody else would ever want to run)
<Ke> maybe look at the other modules
<dsal> Yeah, I looked in a module, but I don't think I understand the nix language well enough. The module received config, and then mostly just assigned a service definition to that config parameter. That doesn't seem appropriate in my toplevel config. e.g. https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/blob/master/modules/services/blueman-applet.nix#blob-path
<Ke> dsal: ok I can follow that, can you try to formulate a question based on that example?
<Ke> dsal: if you put things in your toplevel config nix will make you put your stuff inside config, just everything like before but inside config
<Ke> maybe to avoid collisions in namespaces
<Ke> or you can just put it in separate file and then just imports = [./otherfile];
<Ke> if you don't want to make the service optional you can probably just put systemd.user.services.<name> in your toplevel config
<Ke> ie. omit the config prefix
<Ke> I haven't used home-manager at all, but I assume it works like nixos system builds
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<dsal> Ke: systemd.user.services was the clue. It's still a different form than the one in my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix, but I somewhat got it going.
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