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<siraben> How do I work with home-manager when I'm installing NixOS?
<siraben> Before home manager I used to put all my packages in configuration.nix
<Ke> readme has an entry for adding a hm channel, otherwise use the home manager tool
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<siraben> So I switched to using programs.zsh.enable = true, but now I've lost the ability to run nix commands?
<siraben> On darwin, BTW
<siraben> My $PATH has become /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin
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<devalot> siraben: Are you manually setting PATH in one of your zsh config files?
<siraben> devalot: nope
<siraben> Oh there's a .profile, hm.
<devalot> I guess I haven't tried on darwin yet, but it works on NixOS and Android.
<siraben> Something's wrong with my PATH somehow
<siraben> devalot: what could be wrong?
<siraben> it was working before
<siraben> Sourcing /Users/siraben/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/nix.sh works
<devalot> Are you using home-manager exclusively to control zsh, or do you also have manual config?
<siraben> exclusively, it's my .zshrc
<siraben> it generated by .zshrc*
<devalot> I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm currently doing both, and I always make sure I add to PATH/path and never set it outright. Have you looked at the generated zsh config to see if anything looks wrong?
<siraben> Nothing looks wrong but I can't tell where it would be able to find nix
<NobbZ[m]> Which zsh is actually started by your Darwin? Is it the system one, or the HM managed? If it is the former, does it actually try to find the zshrc in ".config" or does it search at "~/.zshrc" only?
<devalot> At the top of your ~/.zshrc you should see home-manager pulling in nix profiles.
<siraben> Oh I found my .zprofile
<siraben> Nope, renaming it didn't fix. Hm.
<siraben> NobbZ: I think it's the system one
<siraben> So my shell needs to change, right?
<devalot> That assumes your zsh config is in ~/.config. I don't know if hm does that or not. Mine is directly in ~/
<siraben> my zsh config is also in ~/
<devalot> Do you set the gm `dotDir` setting? If so it might go in ~/.config
<siraben> devalot: Nope, dotDir is not set
<devalot> So, the main file it generates then is ~/.zshrc
<devalot> And at the very top of that file is loads profiles.
<siraben> Yes.
<devalot> What happens if you manually source that file?
<siraben> zshrc:source:36: no such file or directory: /oh-my-zsh.sh
<siraben> Oh, $ZSH is null, so when it does
<siraben> source $ZSH/oh-my-zsh.sh
<siraben> it fails
<siraben> Ok so disabling oh-my-zsh fixed that
<siraben> but source ~/.zshrc still doesn't make nix appear on the path
<siraben> hmm
<siraben> devalot: If ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/nix.sh is sourced then all is good
<siraben> as it used to be in my old config
<devalot> I haven't tried this on darwin yet, so I don't know anything else.
<siraben> Ok. I guess I'll reinstall oh-my-zsh and source manually
<siraben> devalot: Wait, if after I source nix.sh, and run zsh -l, then I have nix again
<siraben> I might need to chsh then
<{^_^}> #1226 (by wittjosiah, 15 weeks ago, closed): Issues setting zsh as default shell on macOS with Nix-Darwin
<siraben> Oh wow, they used nix-darwin though. Not sure I want to go there yet.
<siraben> devalot: I'll use programs.zsh.initExtra to source it
<Ke> are there no mutt options to use integrated imap/smtp support, even as extraConfig?
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