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<la-jesystani> howdy, im having trouble getting bspwm to work with home-manager
<la-jesystani> im setting xsession.enable = true; and xsession.windowManager.bspwm.whatever as per he man page, but im getting an error saying xsession.windowManager.bspwm isnt an option
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<la-jesystani> do i need to enable something else for that option to be avaliable? my man page says it exists so im kinda confused
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<la-jesystani> if im offline could someone email if they know? many thanks
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<maxsc> Hi all, I can't launch firefox anymore, that I've installed in my system through home-manager:
<maxsc> Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/2.11/fonts.conf", line 5: invalid attribute 'domain'
<maxsc> Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/2.11/fonts.conf", line 5: unknown element "description"
<maxsc> $ firefox
<maxsc> ...
<immae> maxsc: your OS uses an incompatible version of "fontconfig" than the one compiled in firefox
<immae> if it is NixOS you’d have to align the versions of nixpkgs
<maxsc> thank you for your quick response!
<immae> Otherwise (or if you cannot align) you can play with environment variables to make it load the correct config files
<immae> (although I keep forgetting the environment variable name)
<maxsc> How would I go about aligning the versions of nixpkgs?
<immae> by aligning I meant using the same value used in the "configuration.nix" and in your home-manager
<maxsc> I'm subsribed to the nixos-unstable channel
<immae> It depends on how how it is configured but they may be different
<maxsc> Not sure different version of nixpkgs are the problem here: I have `nixpkgs=/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/nixos` in my NIX_PATH and use home manager as a NixOS module...
<maxsc> Do you mean the FONTCONFIG_FILE env variable and setting it to `${pkgs.fontconfig.out}/etc/fonts/fonts.conf` as in
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<immae> maxsc: yes that’s what I thought of
<immae> but it’s strange that you have incompatibilities for the same version of nixpkgs...
<maxsc> It may be that I have `fonts.fontconfig.enable = true;` in my configuration.nix and also `fonts.fontconfig.enable = true;` in home.nix?
<maxsc> My font configuration actually looks like this:
<maxsc> But I'm not sure if installing fonts system wide and for the user is really needed here
<immae> I usually have this issue on my laptop which has archlinux and a completely different version... I t never happened before with nix on nixos with same version
<immae> (I don’t see anything wrong in your configuration)
<maxsc> Btw, this is not my configuration, I just kind of copied it from there :-)
<immae> yes I got that, but it seems fine still :p
<immae> And about your question about fonts.fontconfig.enable in configuration.nix and home.nix I don’t see anything wrong in there either
<immae> It’s just a system-wide versus local configuration, and they should get along correctly
<immae> (note that I’m no expert in font configuration, I just happened to have issues with them some times and found some workarounds)
<maxsc> The other thing that may be relevant is that I don't have a desktop manager installed and use this solution: to just use the window manager I have installed through home manager
<immae> Oh hmm so the real issue would be there and fontconfig errors would be harmless?
<immae> (I don’t think that’s it though)
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<maxsc> Yeah, it isn't. I just double checked and installed xfce as desktop manager and still got the same issue.
<maxsc> Really weird that this just is an issue for me with Firefox, all the other applications seem to work fine with fontconfig.
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<Jezhehim[m]> Hey, I'm new to home-manager (which seems really cool, thanks!) and nix as a whole and I have a question which probably has an obvious answer that I'm missing...
<Jezhehim[m]> How do I upgrade the versions of packages specified in home.nix? Assuming I've done `nix-channel --update`, will the next `home-manager switch` pick up any updates? Or will `nix-env --upgrade` do it? Or something else?
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<nicolas[m]1> `nix-channel --update` is enough with `home-manager switch`
<nicolas[m]1> `nix-env --upgrade` will upgrade packages you have manually installed in your environment with `nix-env`
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