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<coco> After enabling zsh with `programs.zsh.enable = true;`, how do i make zsh the default shell?
<makefu> coco: there is users.defaultUserShell
<makefu> users.defaultUserShell = pkgs.zsh;
<maralorn> But that's a system option, right?
<makefu> yep, for home-manager you may need to set it via /etc/passwd (or chsh)
<coco> makefu: thanks, that works for me
<coco> I have a small shell script that I want to get into my path. What would be an idiomatic way to achieve this using home-manager?
<makefu> does the shell script have dependencies (openssl, bc or anything not POSIX)?
<maralorn> coco: home.packages = [ (pkgs.writeShellScriptBin "script-name" "script-code") ];
<makefu> yep exactly
<coco> maralorn: thanks
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<makefu> if the script already resides in your config folder, then you can use (builtins.readFile ./path-to-script) instead of "script-code"
<coco> it does have dependencies: convert from imagemagick, scanimage from sane-backends and ps2pdf which i have from texlive.combined.scheme-full. i have those listed in packages. it would be more elegant to have them as dependencies for that script rather than installing them out-of-band, but i'm just getting started with nix and don't know how to do that
<coco> makefu: thanks, (builtins.readFile ./path-to-script) indeed works better for me
<makefu> an easy way would be to inline the script and add the following line to the top (after #!/bin/sh): PATH=${pkgs.makeBinPath [ pkgs.tool1 pkgs.tool2]}
<makefu> the next step would be using mkDerivation to patch your shellscript like this: https://git.shackspace.de/rz/stockholm/blob/master/krebs/5pkgs/simple/htgen/default.nix . however, if your stuff works right now you can always make it "better" later on
<maralorn> makefu: coco: writeShellScriptBin inserts the #!/bin/sh for you.
<makefu> ah, it was mkScriptBin which does not
<makefu> s/mk/write/
<maralorn> coco: I write inline in my scripts "${pkgs.imagemagick}/bin/convert" instead of convert.
<coco> I get "scanimage: no SANE devices found". Do I need to restart sth after installing sane-backend?
<coco> s/sane-backend/sane-backends/
<coco> Ah, I need hardware.sane.enable = true; in the system config and myself in the "scanner" group i guess. will restart later to see whether that works
<makefu> coco: good luck with scanners, i never managed to get mine working (via network) ...
<makefu> https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Scanners < also check out the wiki page
<makefu> 'Note
<makefu> The detection of installed backends by SANE depends on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, which is set at login. You will need to logout and login again for backend changes to take effect after nixos-rebuild switch.'
<coco> makefu: I haven't made one running under NixOS yet, but on Arch, it was really simple
<makefu> coco: the main issue is not the "default supported devices" but all the proprietary stuff
<coco> I'm syncing a lot of emails, but when that's done, I'll re-login to see whether I made it happen
<coco> makefu: Do you have scanner(s) that require a lot of proprietary stuff? Mine works fine with SANE
<makefu> I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you
<makefu> i have one scanner which should work via network (in theory)
<coco> Ah, well, I connect mine via USB, so I never tried to access it via network
<DamienCassou> hi
<DamienCassou> is there a reason why there is no module for ~/.config/nix/nix.conf ?
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<portal_narlish> Hi - I'm trying to get started using home-manager and had some questions. Specifically what is the difference between `home.packages` and `programs`?
<portal_narlish> It seems `programs` is a module of some hand-picked programs with higher level orchestration of things one would accomplish with dotfiles and plugins. Is that right?
<portal_narlish> Whereas `home.pkgs` seems to be a list of stuff I can pick out of nixpkgs?
<NobbZ[m]> Yes, exactly like that.
<portal_narlish> Thanks. So if I wanted to override stuff in nixpkgs derivations, I could just do the overrides as nix code and plug them into the same list?
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<NobbZ[m]> Overrides are not related to modules
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<joesventek> I'm trying to switch to home-manager on NixOS. Doing "xsession.enable = true;" and providing a window manager command basically works, but my $PATH contains nothing but ~/.nix-profile/bin in an X session. Is there anything I'm missing to get a sane $PATH?
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<energizer> joesventek: usually the stuff that i want in my session is in ~/.nix-profile/bin. what else do you want on your path?
<kenran> I'm having a look at https://github.com/srid/nix-config/blob/master/nix/home.nix, but I don't understand the `imports` attribute. Is it a special one that pulls in all the attributes in the imported set?
<energizer> kenran: yes
<kenran> I'm currently trying to more cleanly separate my config for my macOS and my NixOS system, hence I'm especially interested in how the home.packages attribute is handled. The code suggests I can just specify it in many of these imports and they will be merged?
<energizer> yes
<kenran> Yay, perfect! Thanks energizer
<kenran> So happy with home-manager so far! A couple of my colleagues are currently taking the step from "dotfiles not in source control" to at least having some sort of repo, but HM is just infinitely nicer.
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