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<cole-h> Just as a test: could you try putting all your packages into home.packages directly, instead of through the other lists?
<cole-h> Ah wait
<cole-h> It appears to be an issue with your iosevka override -- could you try commenting that out?
<cole-h> >unexpected argument 'design', at ....
<schmittlauch[m]> Ah, you're correct. I didn't see that in the pile of trace
<cole-h> Last line :P
<schmittlauch[m]> w00t
<cole-h> To make that work, it should be: `(iosevka.override { privateBuildPlan = { design = [ "slab" "term" ]; }; set = "serif"; })`
<schmittlauch[m]> damn eyes failed to pattern match properly >.<
<schmittlauch[m]> Yeah, the derivation apparently changed
<cole-h> :)
<schmittlauch[m]> Thanks a lot
<cole-h> No problem, enjoy
<schmittlauch[m]> The irony: The commit causing the breakage is named "Simplify custom build process"
<schmittlauch[m]> cole-h: As you're one of the contributors: Do you use the font as well, if yes as the serif or sans serif design?
<cole-h> I use a custom design, actually. Here's my overlay: https://gist.github.com/cole-h/cdedeb2a8af636cf12559d724e62f98b
<schmittlauch[m]> Interesting. I'm considering adding a serif version directly as a top-level attribute to nixpkgs, but would only do so if I find other users.
<cole-h> Getting tired of rebuilding it all the time? :P
<schmittlauch[m]> Damn, you got me =D But honestly, the serif design is the main selling point for me. I like serif monospace fonts.
<cole-h> I'm with you. I'm trying out JetBrains Mono at the moment, and it's not bad.
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