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<kenshinCH> hey all. I'm trying to use home-manager as a module. After creating the `profile` folder manually, because the service was not starting, it worked, but since I put `programs.feh.enable = true` I was expecting to be able to lauch feh
<kenshinCH> I do see the config file in `.config`, but the executable is not in path. Is that expected?
<immae> kenshinCH: it should be in ~/.nix-profile/bin/feh, do you have that in your PATH ?
<immae> (sorry: by "that" I mean ~/.nix-profile/bin, is this directory in your PATH ?)
<kenshinCH> it's in the path, but that directory only has `hello`
<kenshinCH> (which I installed with the command I found in a ticket for the missing directory)
<kenshinCH> but something must be screwed up, because I see stuff from my main user in the PATH
<kenshinCH> (I'm working on a test user, to be safe, ATM)
<kenshinCH> trying with a fresh user
<immae> when you switch user, you should do `su -`, otherwise you may keep some variables from the old user
<immae> (However I don’t expect that it explains your initial issue)
<kenshinCH> so, `/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/test1` nop such file or directory. I can just create it manually?
<immae> kenshinCH: if you truly login into test1 user it should be created automatically
<immae> (via su - or ssh or graphical)
<immae> In this case, I think the /etc/profile didn’t run an thus the "nix initialisation" was skipped for user1
<kenshinCH> hmm I did `su -` on the fresh, new `test1` account, after `switch` failed because of missing directory
<kenshinCH> and PATH is just `/bin /usr/bin`
<kenshinCH> if the module fails, why should `/etc/profile` be created?
<{^_^}> #1050 (by NicolasGuilloux, 1 week ago, open): User folder in /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user not created
<{^_^}> #948 (by deliciouslytyped, 12 weeks ago, open): home-manager-$USER service failing to start
<immae> /etc/profile is not disableable, every bash shell will run it no matter what
<immae> It may happen that it doesn’t contain proper nix initialisation though
<kenshinCH> ah sorry I thought you meant the specific one for the user
<kenshinCH> checking
<kenshinCH> you mean `/nix/store/...set-environment`?
<immae> kenshinCH: in my case, ...set-environment contains "export NIX_USER_PROFILE_DIR="/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/$USER"", and then /etc/profile does mkdir -m 0755 -p "$NIX_USER_PROFILE_DIR"
<immae> So if you start a login shell as test1, it should either create the directory or fail with an error message
<kenshinCH> :/ I have no `mkdir` in /etc/profile
<immae> ok
<immae> Let me look
<immae> are you on nixos ?
<kenshinCH> yep
<kenshinCH> 19.09
<immae> Did you happen to modify environment.shellInit ?
<kenshinCH> hmm not that I can see.
<kenshinCH> maybe it's because I set `fish` as default shell?
<immae> Ah, possibly
<immae> Can you look in /etc/fish/config.fish then?
<kenshinCH> doesn't exist
<immae> (also, it could be worth enabling bash for test1, just to figure out where we are)
<immae> Ok
<immae> Do you have programs.fish.enable (in system nixos configuration) then?
<kenshinCH> trying that
<kenshinCH> still lauches fish
<kenshinCH> let me change the global shell
<immae> If you add programs.fish.enable = true to your configuration it should set the equivalent of /etc/profile in /etc/fish/config.fish
<immae> (As far as I see from the code)
<immae> And then it should work (at least, create the missing directory)
<kenshinCH> that was already set from the start (if you mean in the user's home-manager)
<immae> no, I meant in the system nixos configuration
<kenshinCH> ah no i never added that. I thought setting `defaultshell` would be enough. Let me try
<immae> `programs.fish.enable = true` in /etc/nix/configuration.nix => /etc/fish/config.fish should then exist => /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/ should eb created
<immae> (note that I didn’t test it, I’m only reading code, so bear with me if I’m wrong)
<kenshinCH> wow that's rebuilding a lot of stuff
<immae> mainly /etc files
<kenshinCH> and completions :)
<immae> right :p
<kenshinCH> still not created :/
<immae> did you re-logged in after that?
<kenshinCH> yep
<immae> (and is the /etc/fish/config.fish there now?)
<kenshinCH> ❯ grep mkdir /etc/fish/config.fish
<kenshinCH> nothing
<immae> Can you post the content of this file somewhere? (there should be no sensitive values, but check just in case)
<immae> Right, so I indeed misread the code... /etc/fish/foreign-env/shellInit should contain the mkdir
<kenshinCH> empty
<immae> totallyempty?
<kenshinCH> yep
<kenshinCH> who should fill it? normal nix, or home-manager?
<immae> no, there is nothing from home-manager yet
<kenshinCH> (I only set `promptInit`)
<immae> I guess there is some change somewhere but I cannot see what, sorry...
<kenshinCH> no problem. Anyway, this can just be fixed by creating that by hand, right?
<immae> it should probably yes, but in my system it does many other things along this mkidr
<kenshinCH> that's wierd :/ are you on unstable?
<kenshinCH> I'll have a look in another couple of machine I have around
<immae> No, 19.03
<immae> If you give me a bit of time before doing it by hand, I‘ll try to find out what changed in that regards
<kenshinCH> only one question then: is this module option not very mature yet? I kinda want to use that, and I'm in no rush, so I can wait no problem for it to stabilize, if that's the case
<kenshinCH> sure, thanks! But let me try those other machines first. They should all be 19.09, one freshly installed, so now I'm curious
<immae> I think home-manager is quite stable, but it is very dependent on having a correctly initialized nix configuration
<immae> In particular (I think) this /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/ folder
<kenshinCH> oh I'm sure it's stable wrt the usual `home-manager` executable. I was wondering about the module, because I saw a few tickets on it
<kenshinCH> and it's not mentioned in the README.md on github
<immae> In all cases it’s important that you use the same home-manager branch as your system
<immae> (Maybe I should have started there)
<kenshinCH> I am :)
<immae> ok
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<kenshinCH> anyway, thank you for going through this. I'll pop back in if I can't solve anything :)
<kenshinCH> actually, another question.
<kenshinCH> Suppose you have all this in a repo somewhere
<kenshinCH> what is the best practice to include it in `configuration.nix`?
<immae> So you have your home configuration, and you want to load it in configuration.nix?
<kenshinCH> clone it... where? In your home? in /etc?
<kenshinCH> yes, that's what I meant by module. Is that not the right term?
<immae> (out of subject: I have the answer for the disappearance of NIX_USER_PROFILE_DIR: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/commit/1c3ccba0f5e658fa5d593ddef8aaaf6728f945a5 it’s not used anymore, but I don’t know by what it was replaced)
<kenshinCH> oh cool
<immae> Right, I would clone it in /home/my_user/home-manager and then in /etc/nix/configuration I would load /home/my_user/home-manager, but I don’t use it as a module so I don’t know how feasible / dangerous it is
<kenshinCH> makes sense. Thanks :)
<immae> (in particular, if it is possible to have distinct home configuration per user)
<immae> Other people may be of better adivce than me there
<immae> And... this is the explanation: https://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2019/10/09/4 so I’m clearly outdated
<immae> (Vulnerability associated to this mkdir)
<kenshinCH> can I ask why you are still on 19.03? I thought most people were actually on unstable :)
<immae> Because it ’s a huge machine and I’m lazy
<immae> (it’s single user though so I’m only theoretically concerned with this issue)
<kenshinCH> perfectly good reason
<__monty__> For NixOS I'm pretty sure latest is far more popular than unstable.
<immae> And I made a bad choice the first time I installed nix (It was still brand new to me), that I’m paying now until I switch to unstable and break every program on my machine :p
<kenshinCH> ok now I created manually that directory and the GC root, then deleted everything in those two, and now seems to work
<immae> Oh, so you have feh in your path?
<immae> __monty__: well, having a huge gap when you switch version is a little hard for me
<immae> (that’s why I had a rolling release before, I prefer small breaking at each step rather than everything breaking at once)
<__monty__> Not a value judgement about tracking master. I just don't agree with the assessment that most people are tracking unstable.
<__monty__> Advanced users, sure.
<immae> Ah right
<immae> Sorry I misread
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