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<cole-h> Does hm have a way to get the uid of the user?
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<cole-h> Different question: is there any way to make `home.file.*.source` and `xdg.configFile.*.source` link to a local dir without adding it to the store? using `toString` on the path doesn't seem to work.
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<cole-h> One more question for the road: why is it that only one of my activation scripts that is `dag.entryAfter [ "writeBoundary" ]` is directly after the writeBoundary, and the rest of my scripts after the writeBoundary are at the very end (after `reloadSystemD`)?
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<rycee> cole-h: About the uid. Not during evaluation and building the derivation, in the activation script you should be able to access it through the `$UID` variable.
<rycee> cole-h: About the file options, no. It used to be possible by accident but we removed that possibility. If you want to link outside the Nix store then the typical recommendation is to add your own activation block that creates the link.
<rycee> cole-h: And about the placing of the activation blocks, the result would depend on the evaluation order, the topological sorting is only guaranteeing the order w.r.t the blocks that are marked as `before` and `after`.
<cole-h> I see -- so because I have my activation scripts spread out in different files, they will appear in whatever order they get evaluated
<cole-h> Thanks. I just thought it was weird that only 1 of my (currently) 3 scripts directly followed the writeBoundary, while the rest were at the end
<rycee> Yeah, order across files is quite unpredictable :-)
<cole-h> rycee++ (I wonder if that works here)
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<cole-h> Question answered