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<sondr3> and yes, I see the xmonad command in my $HOME/.hm-xsession
<sondr3> followed by systemctl --user stop graphical-session.target and a few more lines
<sondr3> I had no luck in the beginning at all but I found an answer from you on the forums, so I created a displaymanager.session set that sets `start = ""`
<rycee> What did the display manager logs say?
<rycee> And what actually happens when you log in?
<sondr3> oh wait, maybe I simply forgot to login to that session? I just entered my password and pressed enter
<sondr3> I get a NixOS wallpaper and an 80x80 terminal in one of the corners
<sondr3> okay, hang on, I'll log out and check
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<sondr3> yep, turns out I logged into the xterm session and not the home-manager one
<sondr3> now I started up in xmonad straight up
<sondr3> whops
<rycee> Yeah, that would do it :-)
<rycee> I'm heading to bed. Cya.
<sondr3> rycee: alright, cya, thanks for home-manager
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