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<eon`> rycee: would it be possible to add the 'tab center redux' firefox extension to your nur repo ?
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<eon`> hmm looks like the sideloading method used by home-manager will be discontinued, it currently doesn't work with nightly
<__monty__> As I read it the workaround isn't hard.
<__monty__> Just put them in a different location basically.
<eon`> directly in the profile ?
<__monty__> Could be a per-profile location. Don't remember the details.
<__monty__> That could be it yeah, cause people can uninstall those through the interface but they couldn't in the other location because that's shared.
<eon`> Yep, looks like it's working
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<rycee> eon`: Did you try the new addon installation location? I haven't looked at it and am unlikely to for some time.
<eon`> rycee: cool thanks!
<eon`> rycee: just tried `cp .mozilla/extensions/\{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384\}/* .mozilla/firefox/default-nightly/extensions/`
<eon`> restarted firefox nightly and the extensions where there
<rycee> Great, thanks. I'll see if I can make the firefox module place them there directly.
<{^_^}> #1090 (by rycee, 12 seconds ago, open): firefox: prepare for sideloading in recent Firefox
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<rycee> Merged it to master now.
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<cole-h> rycee: Thanks for padding my GH boxes by adding me as co-authored-by :P
<rycee> Heh, no worries.
<rycee> Linguistic improvements are always welcome. I'm not an English native speaker so I make mistakes occasionally :-p
<cole-h> Great! That's what most of my suggestions are :D (c.f. 99% of my reviews @ Alacritty)
<mmatthieu> rycee: Me neither, but if you need some french translations elsewhere, ping me !
<mmatthieu> __monty__: I like your pseudo ! ^^
<cole-h> re #1086: pgrep does make it a lot easier. I'll have to find a good method for it though, because I don't think `pgrep -x sway` will find a `sway --debug` session, e.g.
<{^_^}> https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/1086 (by cole-h, 2 days ago, open): sway: fix onChange when defunct sockets exist
<cole-h> Oh, I guess it does. Sweet.
<rycee> MmeQuignon: I might do that at some point ;-) I've been meaning to add some l18n to the home-manager tool.
<mmatthieu> Nice idea ^^
<rycee> It would also be cool to figure out some way to have localized option descriptions but it would require some work on the module system library in Nixpkgs.
<rycee> For example, instead of just `description = "…"` one could have an attribute set `description = { en = "…", fr = "…; }`
<rycee> Then https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html could be generated in multiple languages.
<mmatthieu> I can do things, but as a beginner, I would eventually need some guidance
<rycee> A lot of stuff to translate, though :-)
<mmatthieu> (I mean, for nix things)
<rycee> Yeah, the changes needed in Nixpkgs would require pretty deep knowledge about the NixOS innards and the documentation generation tooling.
<rycee> I'd like to work on it but it is difficult to find the time :-(
<cole-h> Documentation generation tooling for Nix(OS)...
* cole-h shivers
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<__monty__> mmatthieu: Hmm 🤔, does that mean you like python?
<mmatthieu> Yup
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<__monty__> mmatthieu: : o You're one of a very small elite who get the reference in my nick.
<mmatthieu> \o/
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<judson_> There's a way to do interpreter substitution _during_ build, isn't there?
<judson_> This go program does a `generate` with a node program, and the shebang is #!/usr/bin/env node which I'd normally thank them for...
<cole-h> patchShebangs I think?
<judson_> That sounds right, thanks cole-h
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