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<hexa-> cole-h: thx
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<gchristensen> if anyone has opinions on postgresql upgrades:
<{^_^}> nixos-org-configurations#141 (by grahamc, 3 minutes ago, open): Scheduled downtime: Postgres 11 to 12
<cole-h> gchristensen++ thanks for the detailed writeup
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 434
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<siraben> Dunno how I feel about #114449, lots of orthogonal changes beyond just bumping package version
<{^_^}> (by fare, 1 week ago, open): Update Gambit, Gerbil, Glow
<siraben> Including something that IMO should be moved into an RFC
<cole-h> at the very least, things touching lib/ should go in a separate PR...
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<infinisil> siraben: That user has been pointed to making an RFC for this thing before already. Just making a PR that includes that but labeling it as a package update feels like a sneaky way to try to get around an RFC..
<Taneb> supersandro2000: can you give package maintainers a chance to look at PRs before you merge them, please
<supersandro2000> Taneb: you mean
<{^_^}> #115533 (by siraben, 47 minutes ago, merged): metamath: fix cross-compilation and update license
<Taneb> supersandro2000: yeah, you merged it before I had a chance to check it
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<supersandro2000> Taneb: siraben is doing a lots of cross compiling fixes lately and most of the time they are just moving build inputs around or setting some cc flag to buildPackages. I don't really wait for maintainers on them.
<Taneb> I've got a responsibility to make sure that it continues to work. The derivation changed, and although it's unlikely to break, it seems like no-one even checked that the executable still executed before it was merged.
<supersandro2000> buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs make not difference when not cross compiling or using strictDeps
<supersandro2000> that change could have also been part of a treewide change to move autoreconfHook into nativeBuildInputs
<Taneb> Tree-wide changes have more scrutiny. This was a PR that only touched a package which I maintain. I should be given the opportunity to see it before it's merged.
<siraben> Taneb: I checked that it ran
<Taneb> siraben: you didn't check the box that said you checked it ran
<siraben> Didn't try running a proof through it though
<siraben> Ah forgot to
<Taneb> Which meant that I couldn't assume you had, even though you're generally trustworthy
<sterni> I agree with Taneb here, no matter and I think this is also about what role maintainers play in general
<sterni> if maintainers aren't given the chance to give feedback on any PR on package they maintain within a reasonable amount of time what's the point of having a maintainers field
<sterni> also in this case, this is not really a pressing matter and it's not like there aren't enough PRs by maintainers which sit around unmerged for weeks
<siraben> Perhaps 24 hrs is a good time
<sterni> I wouldn't say a strict time rule is the solution really
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<andi-> 24h really doesn't work if you can't dedicate hours every day to nixpkgs.
<andi-> You just have to make your PR super interesting and fancy and the a bunch of people - that never touched that package - will wave it through ;-)
<gchristensen> hehe
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<andi-> If it is fancy enough none of those will even test your PR locally as long as it compiles.
<gchristensen> I don't suppose there is a handy nixos option for "just don't stop the network during shutdown"? my iscsi-backed VM stops the network before unmounting / and then it gets stuck
<andi-> gchristensen: add _netdev to the mount options
<andi-> see systemd.mount(5)
<gchristensen> incredible
<gchristensen> thanks!
<gchristensen> hmm that didn't do it, but I'll research that
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<gchristensen> you know what, I sort of bet this is just fixed if I use networkd instead of scripted
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<gchristensen> it'd be great if the nixos test framework allowed for reconfiguring / rebuilding members of a network
<gchristensen> lol yes, yes it did
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<supersandro2000> sterni: you have an example PR which got forgotten?
<siraben> Is "PROFILE=release" redundant for Rust packages?
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<tazjin> reading the conversation above, I think it's becoming more and more of an issue that every committer can commit to every thing in the tree
<tazjin> I think it might be time to think about an ownership structure for directories, and to enforce that ownership through a check on the PR. I think treewide permissions should only be granted to a small list of people who are known to be qualified for that sort of thing
<gchristensen> I suppose if I wanted to patch one of these units, I'd have to suffer a mass rebuild -- yeah?
<andi-> gchristensen: you should be able to set additional properties just like normal:
<andi-> gchristensen: if that doesn't work you can always set systemd.package = pkgs.systemd.overrideAttrs ( ....
<gchristensen> ehh I'll just suffer the MR for the sake of the PR
<gchristensen> my ryzen needs some exercise anyway
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<andi-> periodic ping regarding aarch64 channels: what is required to make this happen?
<{^_^}> #83049 (by akirakyle, 50 weeks ago, open): Suggestion: add an aarch64 channel
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<andi-> For 20.09 this seems to be all that is required:
<{^_^}> nixos-org-configurations#142 (by andir, 18 seconds ago, open): Add AARCH64 channels for NixOS 20.09
<gchristensen> do release notes include setting up that channel?
<andi-> No idea where the release stuff currently is. I only remember that it moved *somewhere*
<gchristensen> oofta
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<andi-> gchristensen: looking at I think it is covered as we already have multiple release channels and they seem to be mostly copied from previous releases.
<gchristensen> neat, 40 minutes from start to a passing test on rebuilding systemd
<andi-> Yeah, terrible :-)
<andi-> I have some changes that trim it down to like 18 or so but it isn't great
<gchristensen> it really wasn't as bad as I expected, but ... :)
<gchristensen> it would have sucked a lot more if the test failed
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<siraben> supersandro2000: anything else I should do for #115242?
<{^_^}> (by dotlambda, 3 days ago, merged): libsForQt5.mauikit: init at 1.2.1
<siraben> Oops
<siraben> #115424
<{^_^}> (by siraben, 1 day ago, open): treewide (darwin): fix or enable darwin build for many packages (3)
<siraben> (never type PR numbers by hand heh)
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<ekleog_> is it me or is r13y basically gaining new un-reproducibility at the same rate as we're eradicating stuff out? and if it's not me, is it because we are adding things to detect more issues or just because more issues pop up?
<supersandro2000> ekleog_: the minimal iso is still at 3
<supersandro2000> you mean 3 different?
<ekleog_> well, at some point we were down to 2 iirc
<ekleog_> (python and gcc, isl appeared since last I looked afair)
<supersandro2000> maybe an update broke something. This will probably happen from time to time
<andi-> Reading RFC46 yet again makes me wonder if we should downgrade x86_64-darwin to Tier3 as there is no ambition to reach Tier1 any time soon. Especially with no future for the platform once Apple pulls the plug. I also question the ambition to reach Tier1 coverage of packages.
<supersandro2000> tazjin: I really don't miss the days that something broke eval, no one to merge is around and reviewing PRs kinda stops
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<supersandro2000> andi-: is it 2 right now?
<andi-> supersandro2000: yeah
<supersandro2000> I think aarch64 fails more often for strange reasons than darwin
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<andi-> I am not arguing for aarch64 here just reading through the RFC as I totally forgot it existed.
<ekleog_> I wonder if it'd make sense to evaluate each PR in terms of regression in reproducibility, so people at least know when they're making something previously reproducible non-reproducible
<ekleog_> probably quite a lot of dev & infra needed to do that though I guess :/
<supersandro2000> I think darwin is the second most popular platform and moving it behind aarch64 makes no sense
<supersandro2000> When reviewing I don't even look at aarch64 because it segfaults or crashes for strange reasons
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<rmcgibbo[m]> (To be fair, I think a lot of the aarch64 crashes on the r-rmcgibbo comments are probably my fault.)
<supersandro2000> its also ofborg
<supersandro2000> probably less than I make it look right now
<supersandro2000> ekleog_: that would make sense to do for packages which where reproducible before
<rmcgibbo[m]> ekleog_: Do you have any idea what it would take to evaluate PRs for reproducibility regressions? Like just building the PR on two machines with clocks set differently or something? What are the mechanics?
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<rmcgibbo[m]> Is it usually sufficient to simply re-build the package twice on the same box, or do you need to randomize the environment more than that?
<gchristensen> rmcgibbo[m]: has some information
<gchristensen> check the text at the bottom
<gchristensen> note that reproducibility issues coming up in a PR don't necessarily reflect that PR breaking reproducibility, it could have been a long-existing problem only just now exercised. For example, the changing of the month or year.
<rmcgibbo[m]> yeah, for sure. i noticed some builds that failed on January 1st :P. I'm just thinking through the mechanics of whether it would be feasible (and whether it would be helpful) to have my bot build every package twice.
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<supersandro2000> the varnish on just gave me some 503
<gchristensen> hopefully fastly fixes it soon
<supersandro2000> "no healthy backend"
<gchristensen> alternatively, hopefully AWS fixes it soon
<supersandro2000> making aarch64 a channel blocker is probably a bad idea until the core packages can't be cross compiled to it.
* supersandro2000 Looking at you systemd
<gchristensen> not sure why cross compilation should be a blocker when cross builds aren't tier-1
<supersandro2000> people can't test it
<supersandro2000> it is pretty safe to assume everyone as amd64 but there are not many aarch64 boxes to build out there
<gchristensen> people on aarch64 machines have equal testing ability for x86, with the availability of very cheap aarch64 VMs and also
<supersandro2000> yeah but when I change something in systemd that breaks aarch64 it will block the channel for everyone
<supersandro2000> which I can't test
<das_j> aarch64 emulation with qemu-user works pretty great actually and isn't as slow as one would expect
<samueldr> >> until the core packages can't be cross compiled to it.
<supersandro2000> compiling cryptography to aarch64 usually takes a long time on my machine
<samueldr> cross-compilation and native compilation are different enough with Nix and Nixpkgs that it wouldn't matter
<samueldr> note that using qemu-user (through binfmt) is not cross-compilation, it's native compilation with extra steps
<samueldr> aarch64 is already a channel blocker, partially
<samueldr> unless someone removed the artifacts from the tested set
<gchristensen> I'm ready for aarch64 to be tier-1
<rmcgibbo[m]> everyone chip in and we'll ship sandro one of these:
<gchristensen> hehehe
<samueldr> many aarch64 developers don't have anything better than a cheap aarch64 SBC
<samueldr> contributors/maintainers to Nixpkgs
<gchristensen> rmcgibbo[m]: no need :)
<supersandro2000> I know the story of the pi 4 in my space
<supersandro2000> freezes everytime it tries to eval nixpkgs
<supersandro2000> I can't convince my remote builders from nix to use binfmt?
<supersandro2000> without actually setting it up on the machine
<samueldr> binfmt is a mechanism that happens at `exec` in the kernel
<samueldr> to work, it needs to be configured on the system
<das_j> and nix needs to know the cpu "supports" it
<das_j> extra-platforms = aarch64-linux i686-linux
<supersandro2000> maybe I can convert my builders to binfmt
<supersandro2000> as long as it would be fast enough
<supersandro2000> still I think a separate channel would be a better idea to not block amd64
<gchristensen> it isn't sufficient when you're deploying to a heterogeneous environment
<supersandro2000> but better than nothing if channels are blocked for an arch you don't have at hand I suppose
<samueldr> channels block on things I don't care about often
<samueldr> maybe we should have separate channels for those things?
<gchristensen> Note also that nixos-unstable already blocks on aarch64-linux.
<samueldr> gchristensen: but it does not attempt to build the aarch64 package set AFAICT
<samueldr> the builds for aarch64 only happens through nixpkgs-unstable
<gchristensen> sounds like an easy fix :)
<gchristensen> /!\ I'm beginning the scheduled maintenance to upgrade Hydra's postgres from 11 to 12 as described here: /!\
<{^_^}> nixos-org-configurations#141 (by grahamc, 16 hours ago, open): Scheduled downtime: Postgres 11 to 12
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<gchristensen> anyone available to help research a missing point in my instructions?
<das_j> huh?
<gchristensen> I need to find the options to pass initdb to match how the hydra schema was first initialized
<ehmry> I've been using an aarch64 laptop since last august and worse part is kernel support
<das_j> gchristensen: That's only collate and encoding, right?
<gchristensen> I think so, yeah, das_j
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'SHOW' at (string):489:1
<tazjin> supersandro2000: that's why you build such mechanisms with breakglass facilities
<tazjin> these are all well explored areas in software engineering
<das_j> gchristensen: locale should not matter because `--locale` Sets the default locale for the database cluster
<das_j> since the DB already exists, the encoding should be stored in the db afaik
<gchristensen> cool
<gchristensen> then we can probably continue with just `initdb` and not pass arguments
<gchristensen> agree?
<das_j> oh
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<das_j> you can `show lc_collate`
<das_j> for me (somewhat default installation iirc) my encoding is UTF8, and the collate is en_US.UTF-8
<gchristensen> cool, same
<das_j> nice, the rest of the lc_ variables is either C or en_US.UTF-8
<das_j> so you should be good to go (but verify the snapshot is in place before :D)
<das_j> mv ./* old || true
<das_j> doesn't that move old into itself?
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<das_j> ah that's why you || true it, right…
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<gchristensen> das_j: lgty? "$newpg/bin/initdb" -U root --locale=en_US.UTF-8 --encoding UTF8 ./new
<gchristensen> btw I'm not feeling rushed or scrambling here: still compiling Nix on the dry activation deploy :)
<das_j> not 100% sure because --locale sets all lc_ variables and some of mine were set to "C"
<gchristensen> I don't feel super weird about changing that, should I?
<das_j> nah, hydra does probably not encode money as money :D
<das_j> I guess the only really relevant lc_ variable is the collate variable
<gchristensen> hydra 2.0 will have pay-per-build
<gchristensen> I ran the migration with that command in my experimental environment and it proceeded okay, I'm going to carry on
<das_j> are you brave enough to implement pay-per-build in perl? :P
<gchristensen> LOL
<gchristensen> actually, I'll wait until the dry activation finishes in case someone perks up
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<ekleog_> (just saw the answers wrt. evaluating reproducibility and notifying on regression: thank you for the answers :))
<gchristensen> hold on to your butts ...
<gchristensen> -- seems to be migrated
<das_j> that was quick
<gchristensen> I'm seeing the web interface is very slow, I wonder if it is a disk cache issue, or the tables being unanalyzed issue
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<gchristensen> thanks for the help, das_j !
<das_j> no problem
<gchristensen> The migration in is complete /!\
<{^_^}> nixos-org-configurations#141 (by grahamc, 17 hours ago, closed): Scheduled downtime: Postgres 11 to 12
<gchristensen> well that wasn't so bad, glad to know how to do it for 12 -> 13
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<samueldr> the more I think about it, the more I think this aarch64 RFC is already confusing things up
<gchristensen> oh?
<samueldr> since we already have a base aarch64-linux system in the hot path, we've been exercising for 2+ years keeping the CI green
<samueldr> really what we need is to *add the rest of the owl*
<gchristensen> right
<gchristensen> does that mean aarch64 was in a partial tier-1 this whole time, and now we're finishing the job?
<samueldr> I guess so
<samueldr> >> Show there are enough resources and commitment to keep it green for half a year to a year
<samueldr> well, if my maths are correct, we're 2 years 2 months in showing aarch64-linux won't drag down the channels from being green
<gchristensen> sounds about right
<samueldr> a confusion that could happen is: people mistaking "channels are slow to bump" with "channel is blocked from bumping"
<samueldr> the main problem I see here is that it *could* make channels slower to bump if the scheduling in Hydra is being all weird, or the build power isn't there
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<gchristensen> sure it could
<gchristensen> I think that is addressed in the RFC though with hydra-provisioner
<samueldr> yes, sorry, I'm not saying it's not addressed
<samueldr> I'm saying that people might conflate both when thinking about the problem
<gchristensen> yeah, I think that is good clarification to include
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