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<ryantm> supersandro2000: On Android, I haven't noticed a lot of battery usage, but I also have all notifications except mentions off
<supersandro2000> ryantm: I only let it sync on wifi
<supersandro2000> otherwise it is very bad
<hexa-> supersandro2000: google services?
<colemickens> Does anyone use Element with
<colemickens> I have a hard time separating client quality from current-server-load sometimes
<hexa-> I do
<hexa-> it is somewhat sluggish, like what you would expect from a http call against python, that needs to hit a postgresql database
<hexa-> but alot better than the experience
<__red__> yes
<__red__> I run my own matrix server
<__red__> and my own matrix<->irc bridge
<gchristensen> qyliss: d'you have an expr for virtboard?
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<__red__> ^^ that
<_d0t> hey guys! Could someone fully review and maybe merge my PR? I'd hate for it to get stuck.
<{^_^}> #101689 (by greydot, 1 week ago, open): whalebird: init at 4.3.0
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<qyliss> gchristensen: nope
<gchristensen> do you find it works nicely?
<qyliss> gchristensen: hmm? I don't know what it is
<qyliss> I currently have no touch screen typing solution
<gchristensen> hrm...
<qyliss> and have to get my keyboard out every time I need to
<qyliss> there's an open PR that does all the librem stuff though
<qyliss> I haven't tried it
<{^_^}> #88767 (by masipcat, 23 weeks ago, open): Librem 5 phone packages
<gchristensen> ah. fwiw I pinged you from seeing you in #sway's logs :) 2020-05-07 16:58:25 qyliss Oh! Purism's virtboard seems to work!
<qyliss> oh lol
<qyliss> yeah IIRC that very quickly turned out not to work
<qyliss> I don't remember why
<gchristensen> dang
<qyliss> I thought it was called something other than virtboard
<qyliss> hence thinking I hadn't used it
<supersandro2000> hexa-: Why does that matter?
<supersandro2000> colemickens: in the first version after the name switch the login was borked
<supersandro2000> worked after the 12 try or so
<hexa-> supersandro2000: because not having google services will create an additional push channel
<qyliss> Encouraging people to use Matrix is probably a good idea
<supersandro2000> I have gplay and I think I got it from playstore
<qyliss> Maybe we could do that on the website
<supersandro2000> Matrix is not that great tbh
<supersandro2000> it works but it is rough around the edges
<supersandro2000> and the performance is not that great
<qyliss> Because the bridge is pretty unpleasant to interact with, and encouraging a proprietary platform notwithstanding, it also means moderation is fragmented and people can't PM each other.
<supersandro2000> I just use matterbridge
<supersandro2000> it is also pretty flawed but it is okay
<supersandro2000> tbh nothing is great
<supersandro2000> everything is pretty bad
<supersandro2000> nix is also not that great. Why do I need to rebuild 5000+ packages for a change that does not effect any of them?
<qyliss> intensional store is coming :)
<hexa-> github is also not that great. any proposals? :P
<supersandro2000> gimme the GUI of GitHub, the features of GitLab and the speed of SourceHut
<qyliss> every time the github conversation comes up I end up wanting to /part lol
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<qyliss> lmao
<hexa-> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<hexa-> he'll be back
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<qyliss> supersandro2000: I assume that answered your question? :P
<supersandro2000> writing random IRC commands isn't that smart
<qyliss> double slash :)
<qyliss> /part
<supersandro2000> at least GitHubs GUI does not feel as Alpha as GitLab
<supersandro2000> when I first saw their review UI I thought I accidentally updated to an alpha release
<qyliss> GitLab without JS is especially horrible
<qyliss> GitHub works fine
<qyliss> GitLab can't render the file tree or the README
<supersandro2000> that is also why I don't like it
<supersandro2000> the UI is slow
<supersandro2000> getting bitbucket vibes
<hexa-> s/at least/
<hexa-> so zoneminder assume it is the default host on nginx by default then? :<
<supersandro2000> php and nginx is always great
<hexa-> services.zoneminder.port defaults to 8095
<hexa-> and the role then inherits that from withing nginx
<hexa-> I don't even
<hexa-> that nginx integration is so flawed ._.
<gchristensen> that is fascinating
<__red__> anyone familiar enough with teh github api
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<__red__> I'm trying to locate in the api where the "This was referenced 2 days ago" data is in the API on an issue/pr
<__red__> long shot I know
<gchristensen> I don't think it really is but maybe look at the event api
<infinisil> __red__: Got an example?
<__red__> Sure
<{^_^}> #90746 (by ckauhaus, 20 weeks ago, open): Vulnerability roundup 85: ant-1.9.6: 1 advisory [6.3]
<__red__> Look in the timeline, you'll see it report that it was referenced by PRs
<__red__> comments only contain comments
<__red__> events only contain renames, labels, assigns
<__red__> so kinda stuck as to how to get it
<__red__> (and I'd rather not parse all the \#\d+ (but I will if I need to)
<__red__> I have about 700 issues to work though, I'd like to make the presentation a little easier to get through
<infinisil> Enter this in :)
<__red__> ah, v4
<__red__> I'm on v3, that would be why I couildn't find it
<infinisil> Doesn't have to be, I think both v3 and v4 are supported, but v3 is REST, v4 is graphql
<infinisil> If possible, I think the graphql one is much nicer
<infinisil> The explorer is very neat
<__red__> but that is very cool
<__red__> thank you - I shall play with thta
<__red__> I'
<__red__> I've been writing a cli client to help me churn through many of the vuln reports - been pretty effective thus far
<infinisil> Nice
<__red__> it finds curious stuff like this:
<__red__> where packages have gone backwards from 20.09 to master
<__red__> hmm,
<__red__> brb
<__red__> tanks supersandro2000
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<__red__> okay - that's weird
<__red__> So maybe I'm wrong
<__red__> because when I parse it, I get libX11 as 1.6.8
<hexa-> nixos-unstable ≠ HEAD of master
<hexa-> it needs to go through hydra first, pass the tested set and then maybe advances to a channel
<__red__> is the channel really 23 days behind?
<__red__> at least
<__red__> hmm, I guess I need to build my own packages.json for master for me to make sure I'm truely up to date so I don't waste my time
<gchristensen> you might want nix-env -q --json
<__red__> if hydra shows it as last nuilding 3 days ago
<__red__> why am I showing a package thhat old
<__red__> weird
<gchristensen> how did you determine 23 days?
<__red__> Date: Thu Oct 15 07:55:16 2020 +0200
<__red__> Merge #99158: xorg.libX11: 1.6.8 -> 1.6.12 (security)
<{^_^}> (by TredwellGit, 5 weeks ago, merged): xorg.libX11: 1.6.8 -> 1.6.12 (CVE-2020-14363, CVE-2020-14344)
<__red__> I think I found the answer
<gchristensen> what do you think the answer is? :)
<__red__> I think it's this commit:
<__red__> "Recover the complicated situation after my bad merge"
<__red__> """
<__red__> I made a mistake merge. Reverting it in c778945 undid the state
<__red__> and other commits from `staging-next..staging`, it got the
<__red__> As the merge contained a mix of commits from `master..staging-next`
<__red__> on master, but now I realize it crippled the git merge mechanism.
<__red__> `staging-next` branch into a state that was difficult to recover.
<__red__> """
<gchristensen> really it is the staging merge process. that PR got staged for a bit before staging was merged to master
<__red__> doesn't explain why the packages.json for still shows as 1.8.8 though
<__red__> 1.6.8 even
<__red__> sorry
<gchristensen> staging only merged on Wed Nov 4 10:48:08 2020 +0100
<gchristensen> and it can take a few days
<__red__> I must be misreading this merge then I guess. Doesn't matter I guess
<__red__> Still - like I said
<__red__> it lets me find oddities in packaging versions like that :-P
<__red__> apparently at least four days after it would have been useful, but still ;-)
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<__red__> is there a way to determine the hash that the packages.json was generated from?
<__red__> ,locate nixos-version
<{^_^}> Found in packages: nix-bash-completions
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<eyJhb> Anybode up to merge this?
<{^_^}> #94074 (by jshholland, 14 weeks ago, open): Add as-tree
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<stigo> eyJhb: done
<eyJhb> stigo: thanks :)
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